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Gray Tasmania, Australia
Lost 26.5 pounds 
On the 27th of August 2001 I began a 30 day juice fast. I didnt actually plan to do 30 days, it seemed impossible to even think of. I just began and thought Id see where it went.

The fast was trouble free and relatively easy so I just kept going.  On day 27 of the fast my family decided to climb a local mountain, I thought it would be a challenge and to my joy I made it to the top and down, a task previously impossible, there was some pain but not as much as expected.  The knees were being healed as never before!

By the end of the fast I was feeling a new man and had lost 26.5 lbs.  Following a suggestion on the (author's) site I followed up with 30 days of raw food. Before that was up my pain was gone, I was feeling 10 years younger and really enjoying a healthier diet, so I decided to stay with it.


Fasting Testimonies 4

(test 1)

20 Day Fast by Steph from Midwest City, OK,
When I entered into this fast, I did so out of obedience to the Holy Spirit. It started out as mainly a healing fast because the Lord told me that this healing would only come through fasting. I really had no idea how long this would be and actually felt that the Lord had released me from the fast after the water portion of it which would have been day 13, but I felt strongly that I wanted to continue. The short story about my healing is that when I started this fast I was taking about 20 pills a day, 4 different prescriptions. Now, after completing a 20 day fast, I am on no prescription medications. I have lost 25 pounds. And I have no swelling in my face, ankles or feet as before. The short story about the self-discipline and spiritual aspects of this fast, is that I lost interest in wasting time in front of the television, I have become much more productive in getting things done that need to be done in other words not procrastinating, I've been a procrastinator all my life. No desire to overeat. I have broken my fast, and have reached the point where food is palatable, but not lusted for. I'm eating very small amounts of fruits and vegetables for the next 5 days. I know my physical healing is not complete, but God has assured me that it is in progress and He has heard my cry. Yesterday, the day I broke my fast, I came to work and on my desk I have a little box of scriptures and I pull a different one out everyday. When I pulled out the card for the day, it gave these two verses. "But I will restore health to you and heal your wounds," declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17 "I am the Lord that Healeth thee. Exodus 15:26.

I praise God for the experience of this fast and am looking forward to making fasting a regular part of my life. I plan to keep checking in to be an encouragement to others and also I will let you know when I have my full testimony posted. Thanks for all the support and prayers I've received over the past 3 weeks. I love you and am praying for you all.

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