Fasting's inward path leads to a rebirth of dreams and goals, healing, and 
                               weight loss but greatest of all, a deepened intimacy with God.


   Fasting & The Body
    Juice Fasting
    Water Fasting
    Reactions To Fasting
Nightmare Juicer
    Supplements & Fasting
    Cleansing The Colon
    Cancer & Fasting

    Fasting Concerns
Length Of Fast

    Protein And Fasting
    Making Fresh Juice
Juice Recipes
    How to Break a Fast

    Fasting vs. Starvation

    Healing Through Fasting  

Fasting Testimonies   
Tom McGregor
    Gray's  Testimony

    Sharon's Testimony

    Testimonies 1
    Testimonies 2
    Testimonies 3

   Testimonies 4

Spiritual Fasting

   Spiritual Fasting

Four Fasting Weapons
   Fasting Scriptures 

Fasting Audios  
   Why Fast 
   How To Fast  
   Fasting For Intercession  
   Tom's Testimony


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   Prayer and Fasting

Fasting & the Body
Discover how fasting works within the body.

Fasting Concerns
What to consider before you fast.

Protein and Fasting
Fasting will not damage the body though loss of protein. 

Water Fasting
The deeper journey.

Juice Fasting
A gentle, safe fast to nourish every cell.

Reactions to Fasting
Physical reactions of fasting like detoxification.

Cancer And Juice Fasting
Juice and water fasting are powerful tools for cleansing carcinogens, metabolizing diseased tissues and cancer cells. 

Length of Fast?
 How to decide the length of your fast. 

Ten Tips For a Successful Fast
Practical tips to help you stay on a fast when the going gets tough.

Cleansing the Colon

How to use the enema and replace beneficial bacteria.

Juice Recipes
Blend the perfect juice mixtures for health and flavor.

Nightmare Juice Machine
A true story to make you smile


Spiritual Fasting

The spiritual significance of fasting.

Intercession & Fasting
Moving God's hand through prayer and fasting.

Challenges of Breaking a Fast.

Dealing with old addictions and ways of thinking during breaking a fast.

Four Fasting Weapons

Disciplines for spiritual growth during the fast. Facing fear, worry, doubt and low self-esteem.


Fasting's inward path leads to a rebirth of dreams and goals but greatest of all, a deepened intimacy with God.

It is the goal of Freedomyou Fasting Center to provide all the necessary tools that you need to effectively fast.  Whether water fasting or juice fasting, the physical reactions of fasting are laid out so there are no unpleasant surprises.  Important questions will be answered like, "will I become protein deficient during the fast.  Is it safe to fast 30 days on juices for my first fast?" 

We speak much about the spiritual dynamics of fasting. How does fasting effect you on the inside where your decision making, goals and dreams lie?  And why does fasting have such impact on our relationship  with God, deepening prayer and strengthening intercession
We highly recommend the Freedomyou Bulletin Board where you can gain the support of others. This is a community of wonderful people like yourself seeking to better their lives, supporting each other on their personal journeys towards physical and spiritual health. 

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Tom McGregor's Fasting Testimony
Drug addiction and pain to freedom and health.

Ron Lagerquist's Fasting Testimony
Ron's story of breaking free from food addiction

Fasting Testimonies 2
Amazing stories about people fasting.

Christian Fasting Testimonies
Amazing testimonials of Christians who have fasted.


Personalized Support  Fasting

An unique opportunity to receive guidance and counseling on fasting, compulsive eating and addiction issues from co-author Tom McGregor.

Fasting Bulletin Board

Discussing issues from overeating, depression, loss of loved one, to the joy of personal success or share whatever is on you heart.  It's completely free.

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