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Bobby Gained Spiritual Freedom

Bobby Gained Spiritual Freedom

Fasting Testimony (Christian): Water Fasting: 3 days Location: Oshawa ON, Can I haven't been a Christian for a year yet, but some how it seems to be much longer. I had a lot of bondage due to a traumatic past which included a

Claudine: 17-day juice fast, w .:.

Claudine: 17-day juice fast,  weight loss 21 lb. Healed arm, spiritual renewal.

Juice Fasting Testimony (Christian) 17 days Location: Oshawa, ON Canada. I needed some answers from God, but a spiritual barrier stood in my way. I had tried to fast before when faced with these types of circumstances, but so

Steph White lost 25 lbs. and h .:.

Steph White lost 25 lbs. and healed swelling in face, ankles and feet.

Juice Fasting Testimony (Christian): 20 days Weight Loss: 25 lbs. Healing: swelling in face, ankles and feet Location: Midwest City, OK, USA When I entered into this fast, I did so out of obedience to the Holy Spirit. It st

Koni Farnsworth- Healed depress .:.

Koni Farnsworth- Healed depression and sucidal thoughts.

Water Fasting Testimony (Christian): 10 days. Healed: Depression, Location: Oshawa, ON, Can KoniOnce, as a child I heard the call of the Lord. In an attempt to follow the strong pull into the ministry, I enrolled in bible coll