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Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

Progress Report (psoriosis, wei .:.

Progress Report (psoriosis, weightloss)

I have started my fast today. I have reduced my medication ( citalopram) to 10mg per day and intend to phase this out over the next 2 weeks. Reasons For Fasting I recently separated from my husband - who had an affair I disc

Juice Fasting Progress Report - .:.

Juice Fasting Progress Report - 40 days for Osteoporosis (healed)

HEALTH CONCERNS: Medically, a case of SEVERE osteoporosis / Osteomalacia - with 60 percent bone loss (somehow I feels those terminological labels are just labels- I don't really identify with them though that may be the medical w

Lots of Questions About Juice F .:.

Lots of Questions About Juice Fasting

I’m 6ft 250lbs and 35 years of age and this is my first juice fast. Well this is my first fast ever! I already started the fast and I’m currently on my fifth day and I have lost 12lbs. I have a lot of questions because I