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Breatharian Hoax or Truth

The man says he hasn’t "eaten or drunk for 70 years." By Tom Rawstorne There are few people, however busy their lives, unable to remember the last meal that they consumed. But Prahlad Jani is one of them. And the reason

Flying and Fasting

I am getting ready to do a long flight (2 days of travel) and I will be on day 20 of a juice fast. Any ideas about how to make do in airports when we can't bring liquids? I was thinking of bringing this berry powder and veggie pow
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Arterial Plaque Treatment

Is juice fasting effective for reducing artery plaque ? Ernie Answer By Tom Coghill Yes, it is the most powerful therapeutic treatment that you can do to remove arterial plaque.  A 30 day juice fast will do wonders an
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Fasting Progress Report -Inez Lazaro

Reasons for Fasting: , Good health , Weight Loss, Boost Immune system Intended Length of Fast: You recommended 30 days juice fast First Name:Inez Lazaro Site User Name:Inez Lazaro City, State and Country:Mumbai, Ma