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Juice Fast Progress Report - Ma .:.

Juice Fast Progress Report - Marianna

Reason for fasting: I want to be in control of my my life, which I connect with being in control of my eating habits. I want to learn to listen my body and discover all the tastes I miss while eating junk food. I also want to lose

Water Fasting Progress Report - .:.

Water Fasting Progress Report -Katharina

Reasons for Fasting: To lose weight and get rid of fat. Sort out bad eating habits, stop eating and craving sugar, regular eating schedule. Stop smoking everything. Intended Length of Fast: 4 weeks First Name: Katharina City, S

Sea Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate .:.

Sea Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate Enema for Candida and Cancer

A salt and Sodium Bicarbonate enema is powerful at killing fungai within the intestine especially candida albicans. Dr Simonchini's has hypothesized that cancer is a the cell's natural defense to  fungus called candid