Detoxification for Athletes and Bodybuilders


Fasting with Raw Egg Whites will increase energy, decrease muscle loss and detoxify the body.

I discovered an amazing trick to muscle up and thin down. I was in a chin up competition with my friend bill but I also wanted to fast. So I took 10 raw egg whites and mixed them with veggie juice. They tasted good and had no effect on the fast. The detox was slower but I gained more muscles.

Fasting with egg whites is great for athletes who train heavy or have intense exercise sessions but want to trim off fat before a competition. With the addition of raw egg whites, you can exercise, train and do vigorous workouts during fasting, great for athletes and bodybuilders.

Egg whites consist mainly of about 15% protein dissolved in water and contains almost zero fat and protein.

The U.S. large egg white, contains about 20 calories. Egg white contains approximately 40 different proteins. Listed are the proteins found in egg whites by percentage along with their natural functions.

  • Avidin .06% Binds vitamin (biotin)
  • Globulins 8% Plugs defects in membranes, shell
  • Lysozyme 3.5% Enzyme that digests bacterial cell walls
  • Ovalbumin 54% Nourishment; blocks digestive enzymes
  • Ovotransferrin 12% Binds iron
  • Ovomucoid 11% Blocks digestive enzymes
  • Ovomucin 1.5% Thickens egg white; inhibits viruses
  • Others 10% Bind vitamins, block digestive enzymes.

This combination of no fat and cholesterol, low calorie and ease of digestion make them perfect for juice fasting for athletes. With the juice and the egg white protein the body is lacking nothing. It would be the perfect diet with the addition of some essential oils.

This is a new way to fast and I am hoping to get a few people to try it and post their results.

By Tom Coghill of
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42 Responses to Detoxification for Athletes and Bodybuilders

  1. Achintya says:

    Wait, so raw egg fasting actually builds muscle? This would be perfect for someone whose trying to build muscle, wants to lose fat, and likes to fast…but how many egg whites would you eat every day?

    Thanks, and good work on the site

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Achintya,
    I was using 10 egg whites a day (medium sized) and training as hard as I could. I got very “cut” after 18 days.

    • bostonrunner says:

      Hi, I’m new here. I have gone without eating before but…it was not really a planned/organized situation. I was just feeling pressure to be thin. As a runner, the thinner you are …the faster your times.

      I, according to others, “look fine” and “don’t need to change a thing” but I am determined to strenghten my WILL and lose some body fat…there is always room for improvement.

      I know a lot about diet and nutrition. As I mentioned, I am a runner and I lift weights because I love a thin / buff look…more like thin but ripped look. Anyway, I was wondering what type of fasting might be good for me and for how long….and should I try to do my “regular workouts” while I am on a fast….or just skip training (or step back the intensity of training) while I am on a fast? Any advice would be greatly apprieciated!

      • Tom Coghill says:
        Tom Coghill

        Hi Bestonrunner,
        Juice fasting with a quality protein supplement or 10 egg whites a day blended into juice.
        With this you can train hard and detox. You will get days of being dragged out and days of hyper energy.
        The longer you do it the better you feel.
        I ripped out doing 21 days of this protocol with 4 hours of hard training 7 days a week.
        To this I would add 4 table spoons of essential oils, vitamin E, B complex or whatever supplement could benefit performance.
        Please post a progress report as it would be great to document your fast. The link is on the too left of this page.

  3. Naeema says:


    Our Fasting Month, Ramadaan has come, where we abstain from food and drink from just before sunrise to sunset.
    Right now thats from 5:20am to 6:40pm in Cape Town, South Africa.
    Due to the binge eating style that I’ve adopted over the fast I have gained a few pounds and There is only 7 days before our fasting period comes to an end and we celebrate Eid, an occasion where we are encouraged to look our best and where we visit friends and family.

    My aim is lose weight and gain muscle definition in the short time that I have to achieve it.

    What would you recommend I eat when I break my fast? Do I eat anything or do I have water? When are the best times to eat recommended foods?taking into consideration that from sunrise to sunset we should abstain from fod and drink.
    What physical activity do you reccommend I do based on my food intake? How often should I excercise? When are the best times to excercise?
    How would I fit your advice in a 7 day programme to ensure maximum results?

    Please advise as Im totaly clueless.

    Thank you


  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Naeema,
    Although you are not eating for the day your body will not heal or lose weight. To gain muscle definition train in a gym 1 hour a day for the 7 days, and run a few K. Juice in the time periods allowed. Break the fast on fruit or a salad but for what your are doing you do not need to break the fast as you are not thearaputic fasting, the digestive system is not shutting down. For it to be a thearaputic fast you need to fast over 24 hours without food. 7 Days is not much time. For definition 21 days of brutal training, juicefasting with 10 egg whites a day is the minimium time for muscle definition.

    Please read

  5. Naeema says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for responding so swiftly, although I don’t understand why you’d say that no weight will be lost and the body won’t heal even though fast is being observed.
    It is very similar to dry fasting, water and juice fasting, of course all depending on how one breaks the fast, if the fast is to be broken for the day.
    Gathering from the info presented on I was under the impression that fasting, if anything serves to heal and cleanse the body, and done in conjunction with physical activity will result in excess weight being dropped.
    How is it that my body will not heal or lose weight even though Im fasting and am physically active?

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Naeema,
    During ramadan fasting you do not eat from 5:20am to 6:40pm so that is about 13 hours. The liver has glycogen reserves that lasts for 24 hours and it only uses that reserve after digestion is completes and the blood sugar levels drop. So if you eat at 5am then your body would only start using the glycogen after 8 am at the earliest and if you have been over eating it will be 7 to 12 hours later, so that comes to about one day and a half before you enter catabolism. When you eat the glycogen is replenished. No weight is lost. Infact you can gain weight as the body is flooded with calories that are turned to fat while the body is sleeping.

    Ramadan fasting is really a spiritual fast for mental control and focused prayer not for weight loss or healing.

    Here is some background info on Ramadan Fasting.
    “One of the most important aspects of the Ramadan fast is called niyyah. Niyyah literally means “intention.” Muslims must not simply or accidentally abstain from food; they must achieve the requirement of niyyah. To achieve this requirement, a Muslim must “intend in [his] heart that [the fast] is meant to be a worship for Allah alone.” So, if someone fasts for political or dietary reasons, he would not achieve niyyah. In fact, according to scripture, “Whoever does not make niyyah before dawn, would not have fasted.” The determination to fast is equal in importance to the fast itself.”

    Can you see that there are two different paths you are attempting to travel and you need to choose one. Why not finish Ramadan and then try a juice fast with the focus on health and weight loss. Clearly God wants you to be a good steward of your body.

  7. Achintya says:

    Hi, I read that fasting while consuming protein is bad for you…it led to the deaths of several people. You can read about it here –

    Any input would be great.


  8. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Achintya,
    That is my writing. From my present knowledge, it is clear that this information was skewed and is probably not real. Also there is no accurate information that can be found. The writing was mine from an earlier version of my books. You can use protein during water fasting, (but it would not be a fast). I have tried juice fasting using body building proteins and you can build muscles during juicing. It is more like a high-powered diet than a fast. But that also depends on quantity. 10 egg whites a day is great for body building and I even lost weight and got cut.

    At the St. Theodore’s Hospital we are experimenting with hemp seed protein in small portions for advanced cancer patients after the cancer goes into remission and the results are good and should be published soon. I believe that small amounts of high quality proteins can boost immune response during fasting. Spirulina and hemp seed fall into that category.

  9. Nick says:

    I have a couple of questions concerning this little article, if you could answer them, it’d be greatly appreciated.

    You said you took 10 raw egg whites with vegetable juice…what kind of veggie juice, I mean, what was in it, and what are we talking in terms of calories, carbs, protein, fats and fibers? My bodyfat is already at just 6.5%, I don’t see even needing 18 days to get to where I want to be.

    Don’t mean to be a pest, I just want to know exactly what I’d be taking in, calorie-wise(I already know the content of egg whites). Thanks.

  10. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    The juice was a mix of carrot, beet, lemon, cucumber, pineapple with 3 to 4 per egg whites per liter. 4 liters a day and training hard both cardio and weights,. Not sure on the calories.

  11. monte says:

    Tom,can you gain muscle with the egg whites? could you use more than 10 aday? cant they give you samonella when raw?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Monte,
      Yes you can gain muscle mass with egg whites and juicing. Yes small chance of samonella from the raw eggs.

      • tonyrichards says:

        Tom, just wanna say I came across your site, and love your ideas. Tried fasting before, and loved it, but now trying to build some muscles, and wasn’t sure how to integrate that with fasting. You have given a perfect philosophy and strategy, so I am blown away. Nice work! One small question I had though, is regarding the egg whites. Can I ask if there is any reason or advantage to having them raw? I read that if boiled, the protein is easier to absorb, and more chance of killing salmonella. But am just wondering if there is something I don’t know, and if there is some other benefit or advantage to having the egg whites raw, that I don’t know of?
        And also, another small one. You mentioned also taking essential oils. Excuse my ignorance on this subject. I can think of Omega 3 oil for instance, but what other oils would you recommend? Thanks Tom, and I have recommended your site to my friend who is a professional fitness trainer in California, thats how impressed I am!

  12. monte says:

    Tom i was wondering a few things, im on day 17 of a juice fast and really looking foward to day 20. i am just wondering if i will still get good results with detox if i use the eggs? and how many grams of protein is in an egg white?

  13. monte says:

    Tom i found out that there is 4grams of protein in an egg white and to build muscle you should consume 1gram per pound of body weight and i weigh 180 pounds so that would equal 45 eggs a day, so what else could i supplement with and would it hurt my fast? thanks monte

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Monte,
      You would need a chicken farm to keep up with 300 eggs a week. I found that the protien requirement for weightlifting set by the manuals is way to much and hard on the body especially the liver. Try 10 egg whites a day. More affordable and easier on the chickens.

  14. nv says:


    How many egg whites would an athletic woman or woman bodybuilder need to utilize while juice fasting?

  15. renee says:

    I’m training for races, but I really want to do a cleanse or detox at the same time. But I don’t want to get injured or have no energy for effective training. Maybe it’s too greedy. I’m a bit confused. Would it be safe and effective to fast with no food or water for 24hrs. then the next 2 days add psylium husks and apple juice in the mornings with water the rest of the day. then on the 4th day add fruit to diet, and the next week add in veggies then the next week add in whole grain? Is this a good program or no? I would seriously be afraid to die or get injured going any longer.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Renee,
      Fear not, you will not get injured or die during a short fast. I would start by make fresh juice ever day and eating more fruit. Then do a 20 hour water fast on a non training day. Or try your system… looks good to me.

  16. Anton says:

    I want to try a fast for a week but I don’t want to lose muscle mass – can I still use my protein powder mixed with water/juice?
    per serving it has;
    23G whey protein
    1.5G fat
    2.5G carbs
    1G Sugar

    10 egg whites a day is rather expensive. Is veggie juice better then fruit juice? can I still eat fruits/veggies?

  17. Anton says:

    Why can’t I consume protein powder with a water only fast?

  18. Anton says:

    Also why only the egg white? The yolk contains many beneficial proteins.

  19. Ed says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am on my 8th day of my first Juice Fast. I am interested in the idea of adding some protein during my fast. I read that raw egg whites create some type of protein absorption issues due to the Avidin blocking biotin.

    Would this be a issue if I only planned on using the eggs for a few weeks?

    Could pasturized egg whites, like bodybuilders use, be used in place of raw eggs whites?

    Thanks, ED

  20. Ed says:


    Thanks for the info and a great site.

    I do have one more question. When breaking the fast would a homemade salad dressing consisting of Olive oil, Vinegar, and spices be ok to use on veggies and salads. I want to go raw food for a few weeks.

    Thanks, ED

  21. Ed says:

    Hi Tom,

    Well I am back at it. The last time I checked in I was just breaking a 10 day Juice Fast.

    Today is day 11 of my second Juice Fast. I have been adding egg whites to almost all of my juices. I think I am getting good results. Although for the last five days I have been experiencing strong nausea/abdominal pains and “metal mouth” (I saw that term somewhere).

    During my last fast I really did not experience anything like that. Am I just getting to another level of detox??

    Thanks ED

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ed,
      That is strange. You would still be detoxing on that diet if you are exercising. But strong nausea/abdominal pains are not part of detoxification. Maybe change the egg for bodybuilding whey powderer. They may be contaminated. Wash the eggs with soap before you crack them.

  22. Ed says:

    Hay Tom,

    Thanks for the info. Most of the nausea/abd pains have stoped. I was using pasturized egg whites from a carton, like a milk carton with a screw on top. They smelld fine and had no tast so I figured they were good.

    I guess fasting is as much of an adveture as an experiment.

    Day 15 down. With 15 more to go.

    Thanks again for all the great info, ED

  23. pinkpocky says:

    Thanks much for keeping up with replies to folks. I’m on day 22 of a juice fast and I just started doing some cardio/basketball. I’m 5’11 and 215 lbs, so quite overweight. I’ve been reading that my body has enough capacity to keep producing protein for my muscles, but I don’t want to hurt my body. Should I start consuming some kind of protein, or will I be ok burning my fat for energy? I have plenty left, and I would like to get down to 185. I would like to continue running and basketball during the fast, and I plan on continuing it for 40 days.

  24. keith101 says:

    Hi Pinkpocky
    congratz on day 22 of your juice fast, im sure we can get you down to 185 lbs with the support of
    Your body will break down muscle tissue and use aminos to sustain healthy body functions, moderate exercise is fine depepending on the juices/vegtable juice intake, i would not recomend protien supplements when trying to loose weight especially on a water fast,but you can use egg whites on juice/vegie fast to sustain the muscles.
    We are on the fasting progress page if you would like more support.
    Best regards Keith.

  25. Ed says:

    Hay Pink

    I am on day 18 of my third juice fast. The first one was 10 days, the second one was 20 days and I plan on making this one 30 days.

    On my last fast I took in egg whites and one whole egg for most of the fast. I also hit the gym almost every day for about an hour. Light weights and cardio. I did not notice much change in strength or endurance with the eggs.

    This fast has been strictly juice. I take in fruit and fruit/veggie juice 3 to 4 times per day. I have not taken in any protein on this fast and feel fine. I plan on adding an all natural (only 5 ingredients) protein powder after I complete 30 days.

    If you are feeling weak just up the fruit or veggie juice.

    I hope this helps, ED

  26. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Ed,
    I find that I get more drive and endurance after about 21 days of juicing.
    My last fasting test was 6 whole eggs per day with juices.
    I can train hard on that mix but did get some down days earlier in the first weeks of fasting.

    • sgthe3rd says:

      Hello Mr. Coghill,
      I found your articles on egg whites very interesting. In my situation, I want (need) to lose weight for military obligations (trying to lose 45 pounds in 45 days). I am 5’9″ at 245 lbb. I know this is a far reach. However, I have been eating 500 calories a day for the last 3 days and have lost 6 pounds. My exercise has consisted of a Crossfit session which can be very demanding.

      I want to add more exercise but I have been wiped out or not even able to finish my sessions.

      My questions, is there a better explanation on when to eat the raw egg whites, how often, before or after exercise, etc? This will be my first attempt at juice fasting, is it conceivable to lose that much weight if I followed it to the letter? Are there any recipes for the egg white fruit/veggie juice?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

  27. Ron says:

    Hi sgt. Tom is in New Guinea helping malaria victims. He checks in from time to time when near civilization. I can try to answer your questions. It is conceivable to lose that amount of weight on a juice fast. Just try to keep the proteins, including eggs to a minimum. Also, a muscle adding exercise program will keep weight on by converting fat. If that is more important, you may only lose 20-30 lbs., depending on your metaboliism. Cardio exercise and less weight lifting will burn calories, and keep the muscle mass down.

    There is no perfect time to enjoy your juice shakes. Because you are fasting, it will be used almost immediately! I usually have a protein shake, just before a workout. Then about an hour after. Just watch your portion sizes. Too much before a workout will slow you down. Too much in general will keep the weight on also! Just use the minimum amount. Listen to your body…and STAY HUNGRY! If you want to lose that kind of weight.

    There are recipes on the net for egg and juice. But, just adding them to your regular juices are fine. DON’T BEAT, OR BLEND THE MIXTURE. This will destroy some of the nutrients in the eggs. Just gently mix and drink as soon as possible to get all of the benefits. Premixed is OK, but don’t store it too long as that has an effect on the quality of the mix also. Hope this helps! Happy fasting, and Good Luck!! Ron

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