Dry Fasting

Dry fasting is the most difficult and powerful detoxification possible. Dry fasting is not for beginner fasters. Dry fasting need a preparation of a few days on juice then water fasting at least one day to be fully effective.

Dry Fasting and Dehydration

During dry fasting the body dehydrates but at at a very slow rate. As there is no need for water in the digestive process the need for water in the body during a dry fast is minimal. During dry fasting the entire body slows down as slow as it can go.

I suspect that when there is less metabolic activity, the immune system is more effective. I say this without any research to back it except one peek through a dark-field microscope watching a b-lymphocyte in action as it enveloped a foreign particle shimmering with various colors as it change form. The blood was not moving as it was on a heated slide and what I was seeing was what would be occurring in the bloodstream. However with in the body, the blood would be moving with pressure changes and at high velocity and the war between the b-lymphocyte and the foreign particle would occurring in torrent of biological events on a wild roller coaster. I believe that lymphocytes, and other immunological functions would be more effective during dry fasting as there would be less biological activity within the body.

Dry Fasting Challenges

It is more physically uncomfortable that water fasting. Your digestive system is completely shut down and breaking a dry fast is crucial and the body is more sensitive. Urine discharges can be painful after two days of dry fasting due to the concentration of waste.

Dry Fasting Duration

I have heard of people doing 5-10 days on water fasting and claiming health benefits but I recommend 3 days maximum.

Ending a Dry Fast

You can end a dry fast by drinking water, juice or a small amount of juice fruit.

Dry Fasting Weight Loss

Dry fasting has the greatest rate of weight loss but much it is short term as the body will rehydrate quickly.

Dry Fasting Recommendations

Listen to your body during dry fasting. Do not push it if you are feeling pain or any stomach aches.

Dry Fasting Preparation

I recommend 3 to 5 days juice fasting then 1 to 2 days water in preparation for dry fasting.

Dry Fasting Benefits

I believe dry fasting would be very effective against Candida and virile infections.

Please post any research, or links on dry fasting.

By Tom Coghill of Fasting.ws
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Posted on by Tom Coghill

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31 Responses to Dry Fasting

  1. MKJJD says:

    Hey Tom

    Which fast out of juice fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting has longest weight loss results. I know that dry fasting has the most weight loss in short period of time but you said that it doesn’t last long. I don’t want drop 20 pounds then gain it right back if I don’t have to. I want to do the most efficient fast based on the amount of weight I can lose and keep off.

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi MKJJD,
    Using an enema then dry fasting for 2 days can drop, 8 lbs. from the colon, 5 lbs. in water and 2 lbs. in body fat. The detoxification is powerful and you can feel health surging through your body as soon as you go back to juicing but the weight loss is really only 2lbs.
    I encourage everyone to develop life long healthy disciplines such as exercise, periodic juice and water fasting, and a diet high in raw fruits and veggies. With a discipline thought life this possible and the weight loss is permenent. Anything less than that is a band aid. You will do better if you focus on the destination rather than the scale.

    When you are new to fasting there is a tremendous excitement and enthusiasm that boosts disciple but it will not last forever.

    When that enthusiasm ends, you will naturally regress to your regular patterns of living and if they are unhealthy you lose all the benefits gained by fasting.

  3. MKJJD says:

    Hey Tom

    Do you think I could substitute the enema with an oral colon cleanser? If so, do you recommend any colon cleansers that work and are affordable?

  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi MKJJD,
    Sure oral cleansers work. There are so many new products out there it is hard to keep up. Ask at a health food store.

  5. boobjob says:

    Hi Tom,

    OMG!! You won’t believe this but today is my third successful day fasting!!I broke the fast though with 2 cups of vegetable broth……10 calories total and one triangle of watermelon….oh my did it taste like heaven…lololo, but it’s not over!! I am water fasting from right now until thursday night and I never thought it was physically possible. In fact, I feel that I have the will power all under control. The cravings are gone for chocolate or cappuccinos with frothy milk and pastellitos (Guava pastries with cheese….aaahhhh!!!I don’t even want to daydream about them.) I love fasting!! My frame is looking so much smaller and I can see my abs and my butt is even smaller now!! I love this!! Thank you for having this website running. After reading the posts here I get motivation and I see that it is physically possible to fast for 7 days and not faint. I know I broke the fast with the broth and melon but for me this is a triumph. I am going back for more. My skin looks radiant and my facial bones are showing…..I feel chiseled!

  6. MKJJD says:

    Hey Tom,

    I am done with my dry fast and I feel really bad. My strong chest pain started yesterday afternoon. I am going to the doctors tomorrow to see what he has to say. I think it is something with my heart. Every time I sneeze it feels like someone is punching me in my heart. I will tell you what the doctor says about my health tomorrow as soon as I get home from the doctors.

  7. MKJJD says:

    Hey Tom,

    I just wanted to update you on my status of health. The doctor said that my resting heartbeat was 34 which is too low for a normal person and should only be that low if I was a trained cyclist. He also said that my iron levels were 300% above normal which is bad. He said that I should stay away grapefruit because there is an enzyme in grapefruit called CP3A which blocks the liver from getting rid of toxins. He also said that I should avoid dairy products for at least four weeks so that my body will be ready for it. Right now my stomach is bloated which I think was caused by the chocolate frosting I had because right after I had the frosting and some water my stomach became bloated and that was on Tuesday so I was wondering if you knew of any foods that would get rid of my bloated stomach or any abdominal exercises meant to get rid of a bloated stomach.

  8. Jess says:

    Hi MKJJD

    I just wanted to peek in and see how you are doing I hope things are good for you.

    I have been on my juice fast for 22 days now and still needing to lose more so I am continuing for 30 and see how I feel.

    Hope to hear from you

  9. MKJJD says:

    Hi Jess

    I am doing okay but my doctor said that fasting messed my body up really bad but I think it was the 6 dry fast that messed my body up not the 53 day juice/water fast. I did not break my fast properly so I am really bloated and I gained almost all of the weight back. The worst part is that my little brother who used to weigh more than me since my fast now weighs less than me. I decided that my that after my health was messed up after my fast that I would try a regular diet but that has all changed! I am going to be water fasting until I weigh 170 pounds! I was able to lose 10 pounds in 5 days on my first water fast, so I don’t think it will take that long, but you never know. I will make sure that I break this fast properly and that I take care of my eating habits. After I reach my goal I will transition juice fasting until my brother gets back from the marines. That is all for now. BYE!!

  10. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi MK
    Yea, to me about 2 days of dry fasting is enough. I can’t see the value in pushing dry fasting past that maybe 3 at the very most. It it certainly could have damaged your body.

    You should read from my site http://compulsive.ws it will help you get your metal relationship with food to that of health and freedom. I would recommend juice fasting with a juicer for a bit to replenish your body before water fasting again. Your health is more important than weight loss.

    MK, this is a lot of info and rapid negative changes. Water fasting and binge eating will have a very destructive effect on your body. Sounds like you are on a mental roller coaster and your weight loss has become and obsession. Yes you do have discipline but you are using it to push it to the limits and that can be dangerous if you do not have discipline after the fast.

  11. Jess says:

    Hi MKJJD

    I hope you continue with the juice fasting and get your health up to snuff. I understand how this process can become obsessive because I feel myslef becoming that way.
    But I have to remember to take care of myslef and think long term about my health. I feel it will be a long process for a permanent change so I just take it day by day!
    Sending a hug

  12. MKJJD says:

    Hey Tom

    Thank you Tom and Jess for the advice. I do not have any compulsive disorders about weight loss and eating but thanks for the advice. I am still waiting on the test results when it comes to my liver. If someone tells me that I can or can’t do something that will not effect my health then I will do it just to prove them wrong. I do not believe in addictions at all. It is all up to the individual and nothing else. I just like to challenge people because I do not believe in addictions. Thats all for now guys bye.

  13. Jess says:

    Hi MK

    Im glad to hear from you! I hope things all come together for you.

    Im still goin strong!

    later tater

  14. MKJJD says:

    Hi Jess

    Thanks and I am going to make sure that whenever I do break my fast that I do it the right way. Alright bye.

  15. Jess says:

    Hi MK

    I will be goin off my fast in about 10 days…what did you do wrong that affected you much? I am scared to eat and hoping I dont get sick

    Thanks Jess

  16. MKJJD says:


    Do not worry about getting sick. Everything will be fine as long as you do what Tom tells you to do when you are breaking a fast. I did not follow any of the rules that Tom listed which was rally stupid and now I am paying for it, the bloating is gone but now I have a lot of weight I need to lose. I will be sure to re-read all of the articles that talk about breaking a fast so that I will be able to keep my fasting results.

  17. Jess says:

    HI MK

    So when you came off your fast you gained alot back?
    that scared the sh@! out of me I dotn want any back at all. I have a dr appointment on June 5th so I will comtinue my fast at least until then I may go for 45 days then start to go off my fast then.

    I hope things are going well for you.


  18. MKJJD says:

    Hey Jess,

    I am doing fine and was thinking about starting my fast on sunday June 1st. I hope everything goes fine with your fast.

  19. Jess says:

    Hi There! MK

    I am doing good…my fast seems to be moving along. Im not sure when to stop or how long a person should go.

    Are you starting a juice fast?

  20. MKJJD says:

    Hey Jess

    I was thinking about doing a quick 14 day water fast and then gradually going back to food. Starting a juice fast before a water fast is recommended so that the water fast won’t seem so bad when you finally start it. I will also be working out a lot so that I can lose even more weight.

  21. D says:

    It’s really pointless to fast for any length of time if you are not going to change or modify your eating habits. This is were the danger comes in – if you don’t change anything you WILL be right back were you started. For all those people who think dry fasting past 2-3 days is dangerous I can tell you I have dry fasted for seven days then went to water. I didn’t do this for weight loss or health reasons – it was more for my own satisfaction and to prove that it could be done.

  22. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi D
    WOW 7 days day fasting. You proved it can be done but most people are having a hard time getting past a few days. For me, I need to make safe recommendations as I am not a doctor or have all the health variables. But do send in a testimony as we have none on dry fasting.

  23. Shane says:

    Hi, i m Shane from Hong Kong. Woo…already the 23rd day of water fast! i m going to try at least 2 consecutive days of dry fast since tmr. although the above says dry fasting is more uncomfortable than any of the the other fasts, i have read the experiences of some fasters who have tried dry fasts b4 and they say during dry fast they have less hunger bangs and neusea. so i think it is definitely worth a try. btw, i wonder if its a typo or what, coz below the title dry fasting duration, its says “I have heard of people doing 5-10 days on water fasting and claiming health benefits”. shouldnt it be “5-10 days on dry fasting”instead? hmm…

  24. Marina says:

    Hi Tom,
    I have never done any sort of fast before, I tried and could not get past the 1st day. My pastor suggested a 3 day dry fast and I am not sure I can do it. It is a spiritual fast and I want to get my weight backon track. I stopped smoking 2 months ago and feel that I am ready to do this.
    Any suggestions.

  25. claire t says:

    Wow. This dry fasting sounds extremely dangerous to me (admittedly I’m no medical expert-I just trust my instincts when I can disentangle them from my impulses) because I imagine you must be extremely “cleaned up” and healthy first. The blood thickens, even after a few hours w/out water, the brainstem shrinks, the heart is under a strain to pump the concentrated blood, which I’ve read can raise blood pressure. Everything is concentrated, nothing eliminated. I can’t imagine any physical benefit. It must make you feel quite mentally tough though.

    I’d be stoked just getting through a plain ol fast first!

    -claire t

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Clare T
      You cannot just start a dry fast. You have to prepare by juice fasting the water fasting then to dry. I thought the same until I tried it. I felt fine. But only if I prepared first. The many who have reported on doing dry fasting have not reported any problems or physical damage. But I do not recommend more that 2 days and only after proper preparation.

  26. claire t says:

    Yes-I am very interested in your theory about the immune system and dry fasting. My kids have strong immune systems and are rarely ill, ever. But recently there have been so many strains of cold and flu in the San Francisco Bay Area, that they’ve had two in the last year, and it would go from one child to the next, over two weeks. For 24-48 hours they stayed in bed with high fevers, and didn’t eat, of course, but they wouldn’t drink either! I put a water bottle in their beds-but they didn’t touch it. You may well be right-but yes, this only lasted 1-2 days of intense immune response. I’m not sure why you would need to do this if you’re not fighting something in your system.

  27. Anna says:

    What will happen without preparation?

  28. rebecca_s says:

    Hello :)

    I want to do a dry fast. I began it yesterday but wasn’t aware that I have to do preparation days prior to the fast. Can you recommend a juice fast please? Also, I’ve never done an enema, where do I purchase one from?

  29. Ron says:

    Hi rebecca, Start with a raw foods diet of about a week. Then fresh juices for another 3-5 days. Your body should be ready for a “short” dry fast. It is recommended to juice fast for 20-30 days to detox your body when introducing yourself to fasting. Dry fasting is ok for short periods. Especially if you are new to fasting.

    Enema kits are found at drug stores/pharmacies and whole foods, and nutritional outlets. Buy a good one. The cheapies don’t last and are sometimes leaky and poorly made. Welcome to our site! Ron