Fasting Progress Report -Inez Lazaro

Reasons for Fasting: , Good health , Weight Loss, Boost Immune system

Intended Length of Fast: You recommended 30 days juice fast

First Name:Inez Lazaro

Site User Name:Inez Lazaro

City, State and Country:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Weight:85 kgs

Height:5ft 3in

Proposed Fasting Method: Juice or water whatever you recommend

Past Fasting Experience:None

Present Diet:Veg, little meat, rice for dinner

Relevant Medical History:Was diagnosed with early breast cancer 5 yrs ago, had undergone radiation and did an ooferectomy

Present Medical Problems:Have to go to my tests now

State of Mind: Good..sometimes stressed due to problems at home.

Limitations: Live in India so many vegetables/fruits available in US are not readily available her. Also I work so am out from 8 am to 8pm have no opportunity to use a juicer in the office. Can i prepare the juice in the morning and store in my office fridge or eat the vegetables cut up.

Answer By Tom Coghill

You can make prepare the veggies the night before, soak them in water in the fridge.  In the morning make the juice and take it to work in a thermos.

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One Response to Fasting Progress Report -Inez Lazaro

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Inez
    During the fast that changed my life I was working. It was hard but I got the results I sought. Glad you are with us and wish you every success.