Jolie starts a juice/water fast

I am preparing to start a juice/water fast.  I want to do this for various reasons.  First and foremost, I really need to cleanse my body.  I have struggled with addictions for most of my life (food, coffee, alcohol) and I am trying a fast as a way to combat these vices.  Secondly,  I want to lose weight and keep it off this time.  I actually am in a very unique position.

A few years ago (2004)  I weighed 324 lbs, which qualified me to have gastric bypass surgery.  I underwent a successful surgery and was able to lose 156 lbs within the span of a year.  I was thrilled with my new body, but unfortunately, I didn’t realize that surgery was not the cure all for my problems.  I still suffered from depression and feelings of no self worth, and slowly over the next 5 years, I gained 124lbs of it back.  Most of the weight came back on due to my alcohol addiction.  I was drinking up to 3 liters of red wine daily (sometimes more) and due to the fact that alcohol increases appetite, I would eat while I was drinking as well.  While I still was not able to eat the large portions that I could before my surgery, I still managed to eat more than I should have.  To make a long story short, I ended up stretching my stomach out (not completely but still more than it should be) and almost back to square one.  I completely blame myself for my huge setback.  The surgery works just fine, but you have to realize that it’s a tool  and not the cure itself. That is what I failed to see.

So at this point, I have two choices;

I could either continue to wallow in self pity or I could do something about it.  I decided to do something about it.  On Feb. 1st of this year, I became vegan.  I cut out all meat and animal products and adhere to a vegetable based diet and exercise program.  Also, I have confided in my mother and my medical doctor and they are currently helping me with my addiction to alcohol.  I am pleased to say that I have been alcohol free since Jan. 23rd 2010.  Because of my vegan diet, not drinking alcohol, and lots of exercise, I have been able to lose the first 29 lbs.  I’ve gone from 270 lbs back in January to 241 lbs today.

Tomorrow, I am going to start fasting for the reasons mentioned above.   I have especially liked learning that cayenne pepper can be useful in promoting weight loss.  That is definitely something that I’ll be trying!  Anyway, any other tips that anyone has for me will be really appreciated.  Thanks everyone

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2 Responses to Jolie starts a juice/water fast

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Jolie
    I was set free from drug abuse and healed. So press in. We will be with you on your journey.

  2. Tom Coghill says:

    Oh yea you can upload a new image to your post if you want.