Addiction: Avoid Triggers

If you are trying to quit coffee, don’t hang around coffee shops. If you are trying not to eat junk, don’t leave it in the house. If you have to drive to the store for chocolate, it becomes more difficult to satisfy the desire. Put as much distance as you can between you and the addiction.

Going out with the boys to a bar and thinking you can not drink is an illusion. The glass of pop in your hand will transform into a beer as the urge gets stronger the closer you get to the substance you are addicted to. It is like a magnet, the closer you get the more intense is the magnetic force.

Sometimes you cannot avoid triggers, like going past the junk food shelves at a grocery lines. Avoiding triggers is about avoiding the thoughts that cause you to overeat. There is a constant self-talk going on in our heads. Nothing just happens. We are responsible for our actions, emotions and thoughts. We are masters of our destiny. Anything else is an excuse to indulge. If you are undisciplined and react on impulse it is because you have a sloppy thought life. You cannot control the triggers by just avoiding them. You have to gain mental control.

To do that watch your thoughts. Think only good thoughts that lift you up and refuse to think of negative self-defeating thoughts.

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2 Responses to Addiction: Avoid Triggers

  1. peter says:

    simply true… i tried it after quitting ciggies was hanging out with smokers until i caved in…all becos i didnt want to lose my friends now i know how to deal with it…ill make new friends or ill mess up my health and friends can give that back to me.