Water Fasting for Weight Loss, Energy and Spiritual Development

1daledeakin1 - Mar 3rd, 2010
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How I get reed of my arthritis, heart attack’s scar and many other health problems

to Alvin Johnson, big man with big heart

I’ve just finished my 11 days water fasting this week. During the time of fasting I wasn’t able to find any new good books about fasting on the market or in libraries so I decided to share my experience. While I was searching I’ve found in Encyclopedia of nutrition astonishing fact that average Americans have 5-10 pounds of toxic and unhealthy materials in their bodies. “Thanks” for it to all food preservatives, fast food and overeating.

I’ve been doing the fasting on water for many years. My longest water fast was 19 days, many 10-12 days, regular 3-5-7 days and so on. I think that total amount of days I’ve spent fasting on water should be around one year, may be little more or less. I’m not a champion and record breaker, but actually it wasn’t my intention at all.

The idea to start fasting just came into my mind somehow when I was 21 years old and I did my first 4 days juice fasting right away. Soon after I’ve read my first book about fasting and later found book by Paul Bragg, “Miracle of fasting”, this was helpful in my adventure to world of fasting. I’ve read also several medical books about water fasting and used some of their advices in my fasting. Through my experience of water fasting and many books, I’ve found for myself some rules I have to fallow to keep my water fasting safe and healthy. I’d like to share with you some of them and hope they will bring some help.

Preparation for water fasting.

Clean your refrigerator

Clean your refrigerator

I start my preparation in couple of days before fasting, change diet toward lighter dishes, no red meat at all; only chicken and fish, fruit and vegetables, yogurt, soups. On the last day before fasting just fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits on lunch and only fruit and vegetables dishes on dinner. To be sure that digestion system is working properly and to have clue about use of enema in time of fasting I do my trick. Close to 10-11 pm on the last day before fasting I eat beet root salad: 1 boiled beet, bit of oil and salt. So on the first day of fasting I consider that my digestion system is working fine if I can see red colored style on next morning or on same day evening. If not, I use enema on next morning, which is easy to make, just lay down on left side and insert enema’s nozzle slightly covered with cream in anus and clean big column. Also keep in mind that beet salad will colored urine in red color almost immediately, which is normal and shows how fast your kidneys work.

One and two days water fasting.

The easiest and nicest way to lose weight and get used to with fasting, breaking fast procedures and prepare for longer water fast. If you’ve never done water fasting before, this is the only safe way to start your fasting experience; never do anything more then one day in the beginning, even you are completely healthy and young. If you are healthy, but eat a lot of meat, fast food daily and drink alcohol every day, eat no fruits and vegetables, if you feel that your body overloaded with toxic material you have to make several one day fasting before you can consider bit longer water fasting. You have to see that your urine has became clear and your style start to smell normal. Some people can experience headache in time of one day water fasting, they should avoid drinking coffee and extra strong tea for couple of day before fasting. Best way to break one-two day fasting is to drink for entire next day vegetable and fruit juices and eat some vegetables and fruits on the second day.

Three day fasting.

I don’t like 3 days water fasting, because on the third day I usually pass the critical line, completely lose appétit and my body switches to the inner resources of energy. My stomach is turned off to the middle of the third day and to turn it on almost immediately on the very next day is a lot of pain and abusive language from my inner organs, I suspect! I break 3 days fast by drinking vegetable and fruit juices, eating raw vegetable and fruits, on 3rd day eat vegetarian soups and light dishes. No meat, poultry allowed

Seven to twelve days water fasting.

It’s required 2-3 days preparation with light diet, no meat, alcohol; eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood is okay up to the last day, but on the last day before fasting strictly vegetarian diet. Don’t forget about the beet salad test. Some authors and doctors recommend making enema before bed. I personally don’t do that and use enema in accordance to my beet salad test’results.

Seven to twelve days water fasting

How to break the water fasting.

I prefer to break less then 5 days water fast on the morning after the last day fasting, but sometimes I break longer then 7 days fast on the evening of the last day, because it gives me less pain and stress to handle my food urges, if any. Also when I am breaking the fast on late evening with glass of light juice I usually feel better the next morning and my body is ready for the long procedure of breaking the fast. I usually break my water fasting with vegetable juice like carrot juice, tomato or cucumber juice or the combination of them. The longer the water fast the more water I add to the first juice and after 10-12 days fasting I usually add 50% of water to my first juice. Some authors recommend breaking water fast with boiled for 2-5 sec and peeled tomato or slice of watermelon, cabbage juice. I don’t like watermelon due to excessive sugar level there and cabbage juice irritates my digestive system a lot, but tomato and tomato juice are okay with me, I just remove heavily waxed tomato’s skin

Length of breaking water fast

Length of breaking fast should be equal to the length of fasting for better results and safety. Some authors recommend using coefficient 1:2, 1:1.5, 1:4. So if I fast 12 days I usually break my fast in 12 days, sometimes 7 days. When I fast only for 2-3-5 days I can finish fast in 1-2-3 days in accordance, all depends on my feeling and life schedule too.

Simple plan to break the 10 days water fast.

After 10 days fasting start morning with vegetable juice with 50% of water and drink only vegetable and fruit juices for the next 3 days. You need to keep drinking all kind of juices throughout of breaking time. On fourth day I made fruit soup for lunch and dinner: pumpkin, tangerines, mango and grape. On fifth day mongo rice: half cooked rice, add fresh slice mango, cooked them together until it ready; added a bit fruit soup to cup of rice in time of serving to make it easy to digest. Also vegetable salads from cucumbers, tomatoes, bit avocado without salt and oil. Sixth day started with vegetable salad: tomato, cucumber and bit more avocado, added bit olive oil and salt. Lunch 2 scrambled eggs mixed with 50% milk. Dinner fish soup from yellowtail and bit potato and carrot and whole wheat pita baked at home (whole wheat flower, water, kefir, salt and bit baking soda). I always avoid eating boiled eggs and salt in time of breaking fast, they negatively affect my liver, produce pain there and discomfort. No red meat, no poultry, no spices, no smoke food, no fat and oily food, no alcohol, no salt and sugar, no coffee. Seventh day is a final day. It’s a time to go back to normal diet, back to protein. I make full pan of fish soup for lunch with all ingredients: a lot of fish, potato, bit carrot. I baked a nice piece of Ahi tuna on dinner to celebrate the finish my fasting. This nice fish with glass of fruit juice is so delicious. Fast is over. Contact your doctor, ready medical books about fasting to get more detailed advices about fast breaking diets and recommendations.

Juices I used in time of breaking fast
1. 3 oranges and 1 grapefruit
2. 3 apples and ½ grapefruit
3. 3 pomegranates and 3 kiwi
4. 1 cucumber 3 carrots 2 tomatoes 1 stick of celery or tomato, carrot or cucumber juices straight, without mixing
5. 3 pomegranate and 1 small pineapple
6. 3 apples and 2 good handful of blueberry or blackberry or black current
7. 2 apples and 4-7 strawberries
Pumpkin soup

Cut pumpkin in half, clean and cut into wedges, boil on medium heat 20 minutes; remove pumpkin skin and cut in small cubes; clean and cut 2 mangos in small cubes, boil for 10-15 minutes on medium heat add pumpkin cubes, couple of handful green grape, slices of tangerine, may be grapefruit; no salt and sugar, boil together for 5 minutes and fruit soup is ready.

Fasting for weight loss and energy boost

The famous Paul Bragg advised to fast one day a week on water and one 3 days fast every month and 5-7 days 1-2 times a year. I also practice ups and downs fasting schedule when I fast first week 1 day, second week 2 days, 3 week 3-4 days and fourth week back to 1-2 days fasting for a week. It keeps my body in good shape and allows to eat whatever I want to.

Fasting for spiritual development

Water fasting is a good way for spiritual development. 7-12-21 days water fasting performed in time of any major religions fasts with more strict rules for breaking fast, will boost your energy, clean your body and accelerate your spiritual development. Meditation and praying are very supportive and progressive in time of water fasting. Pay attention to your dream and keep diary of of your dreams, thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions in time of your spirituall fasting. It’s quite passable that some of them will help you in future years and some of them will come through later.

Seven to twelve days water fasting

Also after this kind of fasting some people quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol and eat red meat and many other changes

Controlling your body condition in time of fasting

Whenever you are experiencing headache, especially strong or very strong headache, strong and long pain in areas of vital organs, changes in heartbeat frequencies changed, heartbeat sharply slowing and speeding up you have to stop your fasting right away by drinking vegetable juice with water. Also if you have any health conditions, chronicle diseases you have to consult your doctor about your plan before make even one day of water fasting. For myself I consider normal to have joints pain, even strong pain in the first 3 days of long fasting. In case of heartburn I usually use sprinkling mineral water, sometimes for a couple of days and it usually quite helpful. I check my pulse one time a day in time of fasting; basically it’s around 76-78 all the time. Always listen to your guts.

Red meat
It’s okay to eat red meat if your nature wants it strongly. But you have to pay close attention to quality of red meat you eat. It’s passable that after one of your long water fast you will quit eating red meat, which is quite natural because your clean body will refuse chemicals, antibiotic and hormones they put in poor caw. You can get last info regarding antibiotics in livestock here:


How to replace intestinal bacteria after fasting and use enemas

First of all consult to your doctor about it and fallow procedure doctor will prescribe to you. I found following advice on one website, consult your doctor before use. At the end of the fast and fast break, put a container of Yakult mixed with acidophilus and bifidus from a capsule and one half cup of lukewarm water hung about 5 ft above the floors. When the mixture is inside, hold it till the water absorbs. Once you replace the intestinal bacteria it will continue to reproduce in you intestine for the rest of your life and assist in the maintenance of a healthy intestine.

Health issues resolving with water fasting

When I was 20 years old I experienced clinical death for couple of minutes in time of surgery. Doctors were able to start my heart beating again, but due to extreme situation, severity of wounds-it was several small intestine knife’s wounds, doctor had limited time to finish surgery by the books. So after surgery I’ve got seven scars on my small intestine, restrictive diet and constant digestive system complications. My water fasting helped me to cure digestive system irritations and complications, helped to keep body in good shape and avoid too strict diet. Later I’ve got scar on my heart due to heart attack in tragic time. I thought that it was some minor heart issue and just occasionally mentioned it later to my physician Anu R. Kottapalli, which is the best God’s given doctor I’ve ever met. She took it seriously, ordered immediate ECG, which showed a heart issue due to the scar on heart I’ve got after heart attack. The scar’s lower conductivity compare to normal heart tissue was lowering the speed of electrical signals to that part of my heart and this delay produce waves on surface of the heart. So that time I had strange feeling in my chest, I felt my heart and pretty often felt that somebody was touching my heart, some kind of waives were going through my heart. I was advised by Anu Kottapalli to carry my ECG with me in case of medical emergency, so they will be able to perform right procedures immediately. Guess what I’ve done? I performed several fasting, started talking to my heart and one year later my ECG showed no scar on my heart and showed quite healthy heart condition. I still have these ECG

Several years later I was surprised by symptoms of arthritis stroke me overnight, which were so obvious and extremely painful. I’ve spent my day before it walking and running on the beach, swimming in Pacific ocean and on the very next morning I barely could walk and have to use both my hands support to get myself out of my car. I’ve checked out what I ate for the last week and my guess was that Australian, New Zealand lamb meat from Costco can be a cause of my knees problem. I can’t imagine how these guys can deliver unfrozen lamb meat in plastic bags from Australia or New Zealand to USA without adding something harmful for people added to the very suspicious solution in the bag. So first of all I made decision to permanently remove Australian lamb from my ration. I visit my doctor and after X-Ray and blood tests he informed me that I’ve got arthritis. Here you go, overnight delivery! So it took almost one year and good dozens of short to medium length of fasting to get rid of arthritis completely. Also I’ve tried that Australian lamb meat from Costco after fasting couple of times and knees pain was coming back immediately. So I’ve never eaten that Australian, New Zealand lamb meat from Costco since then.

Actually I canceled Costco membership later after I’ve discovered several live worms in piece of halibut I’ve bought there and Costco’s management said me that it is normal to find warms in bottom fish and I need just to cook that fish well. Sorry, guys. I can’t force myself to eat fish stuffed with warms


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Quote From the Books

At the end of the 17-day fast, a physical problem was gone. My doctor had told me I had a stomach reflex disease and would have to take pills for the rest of my life, but after the fast I no longer had that disease; I was completely healed. Thanks Tom, your books and support was fabulous. — Grace Lang

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