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Progress Report - Greg

Reasons for Fasting: Weight loss, Blood Pressure reduction, Resolve Heart palpitations, Depression, Anxiety. Cure addictions to alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.  General detox, energy renewal. Intended Length of Fast:  21 da

Fasting For Heart Conditions

"Heart conditions can be cured by juice fasting." Question I have been juicing sporadically for quite some time, with my Breville compact juicer. I am about 50 - 60 pounds overweight, with mild depression, anxiety, mild to

Questions Arrhythmias, Bowel Function, BP Medication

I am 44, 5'-10", 240 pounds. My ideal weight is about 185. I smoke a pipe, but do not inhale. I am a recovering alcoholic, and have not drank alcohol in 4 months. Medical Condition I am about 50 - 60 pounds overweight, with mi