Breaking An Extended Fast

Breaking an extended fast can be difficult. You will quickly discover that breaking the fast is harder than fasting. A slumbering digestive system is sensitive, and although you might want to try every food on the planet, you cannot because your system needs time to get back to speed. The longer the fast the more time is needed for breaking the fast. Water fasting demands the longest time to break. The longer the fast the more difficult it is to break correctly. Here is an email that shows just how bad it can be.

When it came down to actually breaking my fast, I had no idea how difficult it would be. The moment I put anything inside my body, I lost that natural euphoric high I’d had during the fast, and that feeling of losing control caused me to overeat until I was sick. I ate like a pig and even smoked! I was sure I would never have the desire to smoke again. I’m also feeling a bit ill. I feel like I felt before fasting: tired, frustrated, bloated and achy. Everything looks messy and out of control right now. I feel like I want to cry all the time. I don’t understand it! I had such discipline during the fast! What happened? Do you have any insights for me? Thank you for being there!! Love, Mia

If you are a compulsive eater, breaking a fast can be exceedingly difficult. During the fast, you are free from the bondage of food, but as soon as you eat, the battle engulfs you at full intensity. There is a nervous anxiety about eating. Part of you wants to enjoy the food and part of you is fearful of losing control.

There are erroneous beliefs that will destroy your discipline and healthy breaking of the fast. One is that I have deprived myself; now, I get to enjoy food. The other trap is the newness of the experience. Flavors and textures of food will be enhanced by super-clean nasal passages. Eating will be a brand new experience. There is a desire to try every food just to see how it tastes. A bite of this and that leads to a belly full of an indigestible mixture.

If you have dreamed of eating pizza after a fast, the first thing you will eat after breaking the fast will be pizza, because you have programmed your mind for the event. Be careful not to lust after food during a fast.

When you break a fast and start to eat, do not expect that the food will give you energy. Often, it is just the opposite; after fasting, the digestion of food can stir up more toxins. The first few meals move through the intestine like a broom that pushes ahead of it loosening waste from 30 feet of intestine. You can actually go from feeling great to feeling toxic after eating one small salad. Losing that exhilarating feeling and clear-mindedness, experienced on the fast, can be depressing. Don’t worry if this happens, it will pass in a few hours. A healthy diet high in raw food, can maintain the benefits of fasting.

Eating small amounts of raw fruits and vegetables for the first five or six days will allow the body to gently wake up the digestive system. Once you have eaten, wait till you feel hungry. Do not eat according to the clock or because you feel you should be eating more. When breaking a fast, overloading the digestive system causes feelings of apathy, depression or sluggishness. However, if you do overeat, the effect can be remedied by fasting until hunger returns, and then continue to break the fast. One of the tricks I have learned on breaking a fast is to pretend I am still fasting but eat the occasional fruit.

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93 Responses to Breaking An Extended Fast

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  2. Jess says:

    I broke my fast yeaterday evening. And I had no idea the FLOOD of emotions that went along with that..its like my will power just went out the window and was extreemely hard to control. I ate some fruits and veggies and soup brothy soup. Well in the middle of the night my stomach said wait a minute its not time for a party…and I had to run to the bathroom mulitple times. Maybe I ate too much at once or too many varieties. Today I will take it slower and chew conciuosly and taste consiously.

    Tom if Im interested in another fast how long do you recommend before starting another one.


  3. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jess,
    Fasting is like flying far above conficting emotions. The moment you break the conflicting emotions return. It is a shock as you have felt free as if they would never return.
    There is a powerfulpsycological effect based on wanting reward after being deprived. Any thoughts during the fast of being deprived now erupt. How you think during the fast has a huge impact on the emotions at the end of the fast. Keep in mind that it is like a wave that will pass but if you get it right you can surf it and that is amaizng.

  4. Jess says:


    Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Its so nice to have someone to share with that understanding EXACTLY how people feel when going through the whole process!

    I am fortunate to have your help and encouragement!


  5. crystal says:

    so far i am 12 days into what i hope to be a 60 day fast. from what i’ve heard it is inevitable to afterward gain back the weight that you’ve lost after breaking the fast. is this true? is there any way around gaining back the weight?

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Crystal,
    Is that a juice or water fast? Could you document your fast?
    You will not gain the weight back if you eat a diet with lots of salads, fruits and veggies. Bread, fried foods, refined flours and no exercise is the problem. The psychology of eating is important. Read

  7. Eric says:

    My wife and I just finished a 28 day juice fast with some pure water fasting tossed in the middle. Today we both had an apple, some juice and some raw veggie salad. However, my wife fixed a rice and cheese casserole for dinner for our children and she eight about 10 spoonfulls. Needless to say, after 3 trips to the bathroom with loose bowels, she is currently writhing in pain on the couch. Is there anything she can do to ease the pain?

  8. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Eric,
    Use a stomach anti acid and you may need it over the next few days until the stomach heals. The mucus lining of the stomach is very thin after a fast and take about 5 days to get back to normal. The stomach acid needed to digest the rice and cheese casserole penetrated the stomach lining. Go back to juice fasting for 3 days then come off it with soft fruits and salads. Wait 5 days for cooked food or proteins.

  9. Anthony says:

    I am about to finish a 3 day “dry” fast (no food or liquid) How should I transition in the week to follow. I’ve had problem in the past ( a 10day water fast in the beginning of this year) where I ate EVEERYTHING in sight. It was a mess. I want to finish this right, my mind is set. So what would be best. And when can I eat peanut butter and whole wheat crackers. Also, I am an avid runner, so I workout regulary and have a strong body. 6’2” 190lbs as of today. I just what to get this right. Thanks in advance!

  10. Leyla says:

    I am just coming to the end of a 30 day water fast, I did this for a number of reasons, getting closer to God & healing however. Also one of the added bonuses I hoped for was to get down to a healthy weight but I lost weight in the first week and then stayed the same throughout the next 3 weeks! I can’t believe this is possible, its like a reverse miracle, have you heard of such a thing?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Leyla,
      It depends on metabolism and how much juice you drink. Many will a slow metabolism do not lose weight on a juice fast and end up water fasting.

    • Stef says:

      Leyla, I know your comment was months ago, but I am on an extended fast on my second week and this is the first day that my weight didnt change from one day to the next. So I ofcourse started to think that maybe the same thing may happen to me. Did you ever try another fast that worked better? May I ask what your beginning and ending weight was?

      • keith101 says:

        Hi Stef
        There are a lot of things come into play here, {BMI] Hight waight to start with. Age ?
        Sometimes people dont loose weight towards the end and some loose it at the start.
        its almost like shocking the system into loosing the waight, If your weight loss stops” then go on to a 3 day juice fast then go back to water fasting.
        when the body gets into a cycle for so long it tends to adapt and waight haults for 2-3 days.
        When your waight loss halts on a long water fast then its time to juice fast.
        Regards Keith.

  11. Liv says:

    Hi Tom!
    I have a questions about food after fasting. I love raw fruits and vegetables and am looking forward to eating them by Sunday. I have not heard much mention of whole grains though. What is your take on whole grains. I mentioned before that I make my own whole wheat bread (honey, water, yeast, applesauce are main ingredients). How long should I wait to introduce that back into my diet?
    Also what about legumes? I love black beans sprinkled on salad! Is the whole wheat bread and black beans too starchy to eat for a while?
    Before starting my fast I ate an average (I kept a food journal for three months prior) of 1500 calories. How much should I cut that back once I introduce foods back into my diet and how long will it take me to get back to eating that amount while maintaining the benefits the fast has given me? I am 5’2″ and currently (as of today) 130 lb. I weight lift regularly and teach aerobic classes so I am pretty active,

    Thanks in advance!

  12. twspol says:

    I’m on day 4 of my 14/21 days water fast.
    I don’t have a juicer and won’t be able to get one by the end of my fast. What fruits should I use to make a juice(in a blender, so I don’t know if I can use vegetables) and how long should I wait before start consuming solid food? Also, what kind of food should I eat before I start my new “normal” diet?

    Thank you Tom.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi twspol,
      You do not need a laxative after the fast as your body will explode…. Yes you could eat that as a laxative during the fast. Senna tea or prune juice also work. Blenders are useless for juice fasting. Great for healthy eating. When you break a fast is it more about eating small amounts. You could have a salad on day one but I recommend fruits like bananas and mangos. You made it to day 4 so you are past the worst and you probably have a slow metabolism so water fasting will be easy, or you have fasted before and your diet is good.

  13. twspol says:

    Thanks, I’m not having headaches anymore and blackouts are ceasing too, so I think I’m past that first stage.
    What I was worried about is the post-fast stage but with some more discipline I think I can avoid putting the weight back and losing the other benefits.

  14. charity2009 says:

    what would you say about bringing meat back into the picture.
    I’ve read alot up on it–and the more I read the more I’m convinced that its very unhealthy. Although I was wondering if “in moderation” would be still okay. EX: Instead of the main dish being with red meat–maybe incorporate more fish & chicken…and trying a leaner turkey meat.??
    as well as portion sizes playing a huge roll for a future change.

    what are your thoughts on foods other than fruits & vegetables.
    *I do have other plans in motion as to what changes I’m making but I’m thinking in terms of long wondering okay…should I never eat pizza again.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Charity2009
      Small portions of meat are not bad for you . Eating meat daily can be bad for you and fried meat is very unhealthy. You can have a healthy diet with small amounts of meat. And you do not have to restrict pizza. If your eat good 98% of the time and splurge occasionally you will have a diet you can stick to. I enjoy pizza but it is a treat and not part of my daily diet.

  15. mem says:

    Tom, thank you for great website and all the information. I am am about to break my 30 day water fast. I am planning to return my high protein diet as I would like to put up more muscle. I do have a very sensitive liver. How long should I wait until I return to high protein diet? thank you for your help in advance

  16. keith101 says:

    HI Mem
    As your water fast was for 30 days, ease gently back onto solids, start with watered down juice for the first couple of days, then move onto organic soups for a coupple of days then slowly intriduce small pieces of meat in a salad, test your body to see how it reacts to what you feed it.
    I finished a 30 day water fast a few months ago. You will be surprized how fast you put the muscles back on as i trained at the gym 4 days a week to,
    Tom is busy at the moment at the Sagada Hospital but i hope this helps you for now.
    Regards Keith. Site Admin.

  17. musicpuppet says:

    Hi Tom,
    I’m 55 and I’m currently on day 17 of a 21+ day water fast. I say 21+ because I want to wait for natural hunger to return, what I’m not completely clear on is how will I know when natural hunger returns? I need to lose 170 lbs which will bring my weight down to 215. I’m 6’2″ and large framed. So far I’ve lost 29 lbs. My intention is to take on the healthy diet of a vegetarian. I’m confident that meat will not be a temptation because of the cleansing process of fasting for this long. Also a vegetarian diet will be an excellent way to continue to drop the LBs. When I do break the fast, I plan to do organic juices for the first day. Then I will add some soft fruit on day 2. Day 3 will have broth added in with some raw vegetables. That’s as far as I’ve come. When should I have my first vegetarian cooked meal? Day4?Day5? I’ll wait for your response.


  18. keith101 says:

    Hi musicpuppet
    You will know when natural hunger returns.
    When this happens your body starts going into starvation mode, meaning when the body has used up its fat reserves, it starts to use muscle tissues to survive, although slight muscle loss will occur due to the body s needs for amino acids to feed the brain and internal organs, when the fat reserves are gone then the body feeds on the internal organs.
    A 7% body fat ratio is ultra lean.
    Try not to go below this unless you are a pro bodybuilder,
    Best wishes on your fast Mike,
    Regards Keith.

  19. JocelynSousa says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am on a 14 day juice fast and the last day is tomorrow…I plan to do a partial fast for the next week of only fruits and veggies…when I do start eating on Monday, is a vegetable soup okay? And how about apples, grapes, raspberries, and strawberries for fruits? Please let me know what is and is not good to eat after a 2 week fast. Also what about soy yogurt? Is that okay to eat? ANd will I put any weight back on if I continue eating healthy? Sorry so many questions but I want to make sure I do this right after putting forth so much effort to not eat for 2 weeks

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JocelynSousa
      It takes about 5 days to get the digestive system back to normal after a 14 day juice fast. Sure a veggie soup is good. The key is mostly raw, small amounts and chew your food. The weight will stay of if you exercise. Wait 5 days before eating the soy yogurt.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi JocelynSousa
      Your idea on breaking your fast sounds fine, i can’t foresee any problems with your list of soups and fruits, use organic soups, most people do put on initial weight after breaking their fasts, around 2-4 pounds, but the body does adapt to healthy eating, keeping the weight of means that you have to keep up the healthy eating, also we allways recomend an exersice program, when your fasting is over, remember it is calories in, versus calories out to keep the weight at bay.
      Long walks, the gym, even a swim at your local pool 3 x a week will keep the weight of and speed up your metabolism, hence keeping your body in balance.
      Blessings Keith.

  20. JocelynSousa says:

    Thank you Keith and Tom,
    A few more questions… I had some rasperries, n rasins for breakfast, a tangerine n dried dates for lunch n some rasins n vegetable soup for dinner….but my stomach hurts…is that too much? I took a probiotic vitamin to help digestion but I feel as if my discipline is gone should I go back to juicing? And when can I work out again? Please get back to me when u can and thanks for your help your awesome!!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      We set up the audios on the front page. Did anyone have trouble accessing the site yesterday????
      Soory but too busy to answer right now as the site is first priority and I am off on a trip.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi JocelynSousa,
      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, if your stomach hurts that is too much food. Dried fruit is not good to break a fast. Yes just go back to juicing for a day and that will solve the problem. Yes workout as hard as you can. Feel the PAIN. LOL

  21. keith101 says:

    Tom the site is working fine now.
    I could not access the front page for 2 days, but all is fine now

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Did you give a listen to the audios? I am going to try to set up for a skype audio input then we could have a talk on the phone and I could record it. If you recorded your end and sent the mp3 we could sink it up. Then we would have perfect audio. I just got and usb audio recorder for $60 on ebay. 2 tracks in.

  22. keith101 says:

    I have listened to every Audio, lol.
    Great to listen to and great for the site, the sound quality is amazing. I did try to download Skype a few months ago, but with no luck, now that i am on broadband then surely this should be a piece of cake now lol.
    I have downloaded google chrome now and things seem to be fine, surly others must be having the same problems accessing the front page?
    Regards Keith.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Keith,
      If you accessed with one browser but not the other suggests the problem may have been the browser.
      Thanks for the feedback. I think it would be cool if we did a few audios together. With high speed it should be clear.

      • keith101 says:

        Hey Tom
        Your now famous in my family, they have all heard the audio’s, they thought it is great for the site, all we need now is videos with the audio’s, you will be signing autographs before you know it LOL.
        When i come over maybe we can do a video together.
        Regards Keith.

        • Tom Coghill says:
          Tom Coghill

          Hi Keith
          Yea I am so pumped. We are upgrading to 4 track inputs so that each person will have a separate track. That is much easier to edit.
          The videos should also be going up this week. Then the chat with the same code that facebook uses. We put in a combo gas solar water heater. OOHHHH so nice. A black coil on the roof is heated by the sun and if it is cloudy we use the gas heater. 2 more people are coming to the retreat and one volunteer is here that wants to help with the research. As you can here on the audios we are having a blast. And the weather is perfect every day. Lots of juice fun company, and healthy living. Can life possibly get better??????????? Actually, in the past I did sign thousands of autographs per week. But that was another life many years ago. I would rather be happy than famous or rich.

  23. Dan says:

    Hi guys – thanks for all the great advice to us all. I finished a 19 day fast about 10 dyas ago. I am eating mostly raw veggies and fruit. When can I fast again? I have lost 21 lbs but have 60 to go. Thanks and blessings

  24. keith101 says:

    Hi Dan
    Was it a water fast, or raw veg/fruit fasting that you have completed?
    If it was raw veg/fruit fasting, then you can continue on your fast until you have met your desired weight, without any problems.
    Blessings Keith.

  25. Dan says:

    Keith – I drank one glass (8 oz) of store-bought orange juice and a cup of broth each day during the 19 days. So, I guess it was water + a bit. Once your digestive track is detoxed, is there a reason to juice fruit and vegatables instead of just eating them? If I do raw/veg and fruit for a long period, what about protein? Since I broke the fast, I have been eating about 800 cal a day in fruit and raw vega and my protein consumption is runing about 10-12% of food, or about 36 grams per day. Is that OK for an extended period? Thanks. dan

  26. keith101 says:

    Hi Dan
    Detox is a little more complex than you think?
    If you were adding broth,veg, then your body takes longer to Detox, as opposed to a straight water fast.
    Enemas, or the [SWF] will aid the process of Detox faster.

    You can take protein on a juice fast, but not on water.
    ie…take protein with your juice fasting to stop the breakdown of muscle tissue whilst on your fast.

    The GDA amount of protein is 45 grams a day.
    Blessings Keith.

  27. Dan says:

    Keith: Thanks for your replies. Just so I understand, having 8 oz of orange juice and 8 oz of broth a day is closer to a juice fast than a water fast. If I consume these items, I can fast as long as I want. (I understand that I may not be detoxing very well). Did I get it right?

    On the protein question, after I fast and I am eating again, is 36 grams of protein a day a reasonable level or do I need to alter my diet to include more protein?

    The third question was about juicing after I am finished fasting. Is there a benefit to using a juicer once I am eating normally again, verses just eating the veggies and fruit?

    Sorry I did not make them more clear initially. Thanks so much.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Dan
      Yeah you are juice fasting, not water fasting.
      Yes you can stay on that diet as long as you like, make sure you get the proper nutrients into your juice fast.
      You can add protein into your juice fast.
      Blessings Keith.

  28. squint says:

    Hi there. I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m new to this and I don’t even know if I am posting this in the right place.

    Anyway, My husband is just finishing a 40 day fast today. Througout the 40 days he did 10 days of juice fasting, some water fasting, and finished it off with doing 10 days of the “master cleanse”. I’ve been trying to find information online about the proper way to break an extended fast, but it seems that almost everyone says something different or has their own oppinion about things. I am looking for some answers so he can break his fast correctly this time around. This is his third 40 day fast in 3 years. We both know that breaking the fast is the most imporant part… he just needs help knowing how.

    I have read in a couple places that for however many days that you fast, you should eat that many meals of just raw fruits and veggies. So a 40 day fast would = 40 meals of just the raw fruits and veggies. Is this correct? Is that something you would recommend?

    Other than that.. I’m not sure what he should do after that? When can he start bringing other things into his diet. Grains, dairy, meat, eggs… I know people have their oppinions about those things too, about making sure you stay away from dairy and meat… but if you were to start bringing those things back into your diet… how many days after a 40 day should you wait??

    If you could answer any of these questions that would be GREAT.

    Thanks so much

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Squint,
      Breaking a 40 day water fast is serious. And yes there are many opinions on how to do it. Eating raw for 40 meals would be good. But the problem is that any overeating can overload the system. I recommend 3 days on juice. Then add some banana and mango shakes for two days in addition to the juice. The a salad, with shakes and juice for 2 days. Then You would be ready for some cooked veggies and a small amount of protein. If you feel stuffed, of heavy go to juice for a few hours until hunger comes back. If you overeat, go to juicing until you feel normal. I always state, “listen to your body” as it will guide you on how to break a fast.

  29. xpclfx says:

    Hi Tom. I just finished a 40 day fast, (just water), when I came off I had potato soup, home made wheat flat bread drenched in honey. Don’t forget the soy milk!. In the morning I had some oatmeal, and a hard boiled egg! Then I had an urge to use the restroom- what happen next, was the most unbearable PAIN I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! IT ALMOST BROUGHT THIS 46 YR. OLD MAN TO TEARS! So I thought, well, guts must be awake now, no more pain! That day I stuck to chicken noodle soup, 2 cans, until the evening when I had just a little more potato soup right before a tasty salmon steak on top of spinach lettuce and a side of Spanish rice! The next day, oatmeal and two hard-boiled eggs in the morning, then cottage cheese ’bout 1030, then at 1230, big sliced turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mustard sandwich. At 330, protein shake. Oh by the way, something different today- no bowel movement!, its gets better! I know, I’ll push it out! I went to a buffet! PAIN, PRESSURE! Finally I got a double shot espresso latte, caffeine caused some flow, a breakthrough, diarrhea of course. Thought it was over. Continued to eat as day before, and you guessed it, another buffet, oh but this time, w/a huge piece of German chocolate cake, cherries jubilee, chocolate cheese cake, reeses peanut butter cup. Both buffets were Chinese, have to get my MSG’s ya know. Both buffets were not in the plan. One was a birthday, the other was a Valentines dinner. that all started Tues. night at 2pm. Now its Saturday, and me and my wife are celebrating our 14th anniversary. Oatmeal in the morning, two hard-boiled eggs. Got the worst Heartburn I ever had! Took two tablets of Pepcid AD, wasn’t sufficient, so I took some Pepto Bismol. Then to a Chinese restaurant for dim sum. After that, a trip to the herb store,where I purchased some Pshylimn husks to make a tea to hopefully get my bowels moving. But it was to no avail. Still I have yet to see any input of food I’ve eaten become output! My wife surfed and found your site. I’m now going to start doing what you prescribed in your column. Is this enough to rectify my problem of constipation, ( no pun intended ). I thought about getting that salt solution from my doctor to cleanse my colon, or will doing your 10 day fast breaking process be enough for the 40 day fast I did ? Signed Scared and feeling stupid . P.S. I wish I would have seen your article before I broke the fast. I feel stupid, cause I ignored what I now know was God telling me to research breaking a fast of such a length. Am I in serious danger?

    • Bluezen1014 says:

      Dear xpclfx-

      I know now exactly WHAT NOT TO DO when I break my fast. A small part of me wanted to begin eating foods like Chinese food or a pizza within days after my fast even though I know I shouldn’t. If I ate a slice of pizza or got some takeout I thought, “Hey, what could happen?” I now have my ow fear of getting sick to my stomach (like you) to help hold me accountable as to how I break my fast.


  30. Saladin says:

    Hey Tom =)

    I’ve just finished a 10-day water fast , And I was wondering whats the best way to break it , It’s really confusing !

    I’ve read lots of books and it’s strange how each book says sth different from the other .

    One book would say I should go for juice & fruits with hight water content only along with broths & sprouts for 5 days and then transition to vegetables , raisins ,nuts..etc for another 5 and then go back naturally .

    Another (Bragg’s) says that I should go for stewed tomatoes then followed along with different types of Salads, whole grain toast..etc on the first day breaking the fast .

    Another mentions Yoghurt along with grated apples , Salad ,Oatmeal or buckwheat topped with milk , farmer cheese .

    This is really confusing coz some are really contradictory to each other , So I’d really like your help with this .

    I’m also wondering when I can start to get back to eating normally again ??

  31. keith101 says:

    Hi Saladin
    Breaking a short water fast is not complicated.
    One day of juce/veg in a juicer per 4 days of a water fast. 2 days of juice, add some natural yoghart to line the intestines with healthy bacteria, broth on the 3rd day, then go back to healthy eating.
    Longer water fasts are a little more complex to break but you will be fine as listed above.
    Blessings Keith.

  32. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    I would avoid any cheese for at least 7 days after a fast. If you blow it and over eat, go to juicing for a day.

  33. dave says:

    I am breaking a 46 day juice fast today. The last 10 days of my fast were spent on water. So far today I have eaten a 16 oz. serving of organic low sodium vegetable broth and 8 oz. of Trader Joe’s green juice. This is all I will eat today and I will continue to drink distilled water. Am I on the right track?

  34. Ron says:

    Hi Dave, That is fine. Go slow. And remember the probiotics. Plain Yogurt mixed with honey and fruit is a great way to restore and ease into solids. Ron

  35. dave says:

    at this stage now when would be the best time to introduce yogurt? Also is Chobani an alright choice? I have always liked their brand because of the high protein value. Last but not least I read that Kefir is also very effective in stimulating digestion, would this be another option as well?

  36. Ron says:

    Hi Dave, Juice for (3 days). Add some blended bananas, and or avacado to stretch your stomach a little. Then add just plain yogurt w/ a little honey. I love Chobani! You can mix some soft fruits a day after that. Again watch your portions. You are better off with tiny amounts, and eating often. You want to nudge your digestive system awake!

    You can start leafy veggies after a day or 2 of fruits and yogurt. Just use olive oil and lemon as a dressing at first. Stay away from nuts and course grains for a few weeks. When and if you start eating cooked foods, make it one meal a day to start. And introduce one different item at a time. In case you have a problem you’ll know what it was. You can start vitamin suppliments if you choose. Just make sure they dissolve easily. Treat your stomach like a baby’s when feeding yourself. Good Luck and congats on your accomplishment! Ron

    • dave says:

      So I’ve been doing pretty good so far breaking my fast. I’ve been eating 4oz of chobani yogurt w/honey with a little cut up papaya or apple in the morning. For lunch I’ve been doing a small bowl of mixed greens with lemon. For dinner I have been making broth with carrots and cabbage. Today I introduced broccoli. I’ve been going to the gym for the past 4 days as well doing 45 minutes of cardio and then isolating specific muscle groups. I feel great but I’m starting to get frustrated because I’m gaining a pound back every day. I weighed 218 nine days ago and today I’m up to 226. Is it possible I’m building back muscle mass, gaining water weight back or something else? I know it can’t be fat, I hope at least. I figured Id continue to drop more weight. Any ideas suggestions. I’ve had pretty regular bowel movements as well.

  37. Ron says:

    Hi Dave, it is natural to put on 8-12lbs after an extended fast. If you are weight training several times a week you will definitely gain even more. Muscle is heavier than fat. The mirror tells the real story. Your weight will stabilize after a few weeks.

    I suggest a maintenance fast of one day per week of juice and water. This will help to slow weight gain. But, it’s not really needed if your diet is as you stated. You have an excellent program for health!! Just relax in the knowledge you are doing everything right. Ron

    • dave says:

      Great, thank you so much! The reason I was so worried is because I’m still 20 lbs over weight. I have been consulting the mirror, it tells a much different tale than the scale for sure. From here on out I’m losing the rest the old fashioned way of diet, exercise, and willpower. The fast proved to myself that I have the willpower part down. Now it’s all about following through on the exercise. Thank you again for all your help!

  38. Ron says:

    Dave, I’m very glad to be of help to you! Keep in mind that muscle also needs more energy to sustain itself. You will naturally burn more calories. Even at rest!

    You should feel very proud and happy! You’ve blazed a path that most never will…. Or will ever be able to! Try to keep fasting (in some way) as a part of your life. I fast one day per week, one week per month and 30+ days at the Lenten season. Fasting has been a wonderful gift for me: mentally, physically and most important….spiritually!

    Congrats on your new lifestyle! Feel free to ask any, and all questions whenever you’re in the neighborhood. I’ll do the best I can to answer you. Also admin. Keith, or Editor Tom Coghill may chime in from time to time… when Tom isn’t helping people in the jungles of New Guinea! God Bless, Ron

  39. tami says:

    Hello. I just ended my first water fast (only 7 days)… it was intended to be a 60 day water fast :( but I broke to the smell of lasagna… and then ate too much… way too much, and my stomach is in intense pain; 1. I am concerned about the way I broke the fast- could this hurt me? Another question I have is after 7 days, I was still soOo hungry my stomach growled throughout the day- 2. Is this normal after 7 days? 3. I wish to try again tomorrow to restart the fast but I was also concerned if a 60 day fast will harm me (I am the single mom of the 3 most beautiful kids in the world- and I am all they have),4. Should I break it every couple of weeks with juice or will only water be just fine?
    Thank you in advance for your help :) Tami

  40. tami says:

    P.S…. I’m 5’6 and 305 lbs… thought this might be important info for my questions, again, thank you :) Tami

  41. Ron says:

    Hi tami, I would recommend a juice fast. By attempting a 60 day water fast, you are just setting yourself up for failure. Even veteran water fasters have a hard time doing a 40 day water fast!

    Get a juicer and start juicing one meal a day. Then move to 2 meals per day of just juice. After you have successfully done a few days of that, try a week of juicing and water. After you have done a week of juicing, try a 14 day fast of juice and water. And on from there.

    You have to change your lifestyle of eating. You need to change old habits first. Fasting won’t do that for you. Once you change your way of thinking…. fasting will help you lose weight and feel better physically.

    And YES breaking a water fast like you have can hurt you. Again, DON’T WATER FAST. Use juice fasting to start. It’s easier and better for you right now. And build up to a long fast. Get some small goals accomplished first! Then you can feel better about yourself, and go for the longer fasts.

    It took me 5 months of just thinking and planning before I was able to do an extented fast. Sometimes it takes years before people are desparate enough to try. And once it’s done RIGHT? Fasting will be your friend for life! Food has always been there. It will be there long after your fast. And comparing eating to our time of fasting, is just an eye blink in time. So if you think about it in those terms, it’s easier to accomplish. Good Luck, Ron

  42. Lucie23 says:

    Hey tom,am on my 2nd day of 10days water fasting.The problem is i feel weak but am not can i boost my energy and morale?

  43. Ron says:

    Hi Lucie, Tom is on mission in New Guinea. There is a blog on the front page about his work there. Water fasting will do that to you. Try enemas, a little light exercise(maybe walking) to energize yourself. Go easy on the water. Don’t use more than 2 liters per day. It could act as a diuretic and dehydrate you. Prayer is a great morale booster! The Lord listens, and answers during a fast! Good Luck and God Bless, Ron

    • Stephaninia says:

      Hi Im new. I am on day 3 of a 40 day water fast i want to do three 40day water fast. Taking 2 and 1/2 weeks break btwn 1 and 2 and then a 1 week break btwn 2 and 3. i am wondering if i should just juice between for the 7 days of break between fast 2 and 3 ? and any suggestions on how to eat for the 2.5 weeks between 1 and 2 to minimize the toxic feelings I have with this first fast i am doing ? or is it inevitable lol thanks in advance for your responses!!

  44. Ron says:

    Hi Steph, Sorry to be blunt but you are not likely to make it 40 days on water, much less 3, 40 day water fasts. This is very, VERY hard to do! Do some more research before committing to this. You could hurt yourself. This site has loads of information about fasting and healing. Why not start slow with a juice fast and work your way up? I don’t want to discourage you, but you are setting yourself up for failure. Not because you “can’t” do 3 40 day fasts. But because you don’t have the knowledge and general information to help you succeed.

    There is a great Youtube video by a woman who did just what you are attempting. Just watch days 14-20 and you will see what I am talking about. The link is below. Good luck and God Bless.Ron

  45. jaepplee9090 says:


    I’m about to break a 6 day fast ( Sunday morning to Friday morning) . I was wondering what kind of food I should begin eating. Since it’s not too long of a fast, could I get away with eating just fruit the first day and then going back to normal?

  46. Ron says:

    It depends on what “normal” is? If that means eating charbroiled meat and deep fried foods. No. If it means eating fruit, and lightly steamed veggies? Yes.

    Typically, a faster would try to stay raw (uncooked) for an extra day or so before eating cooked meats, breads and dairy…which are not very good for anyone regardless if they’re fasting or not.

    Moderation is the key. If you “want” something you think is not very good for you? Have less of it. This way, (in our minds) fasting doesn’t get the blame for depriving one of a perceived treat. Ron

  47. mixjuan says:

    Thank you so much for the wealth of information here. The article was great, but the responses to the submitted questions have provided great insight. I am nearing the end of my 2nd ever 40 day fast and wanted to get things started on the right foot. My last 40 was when I was 27 (I am 40 now and have done numerous 21 and 30 day fasts since). When I broke it, I jumped right back in with a steak and eggs breakfast with rye toast and butter, and a glass of V8 juice. I don’t think I could do that again at 40 years old.

    I have been mostly water on this fast, and have had a small glass of grape juice or apple juice semi daily. I have had issues with heartburn, so the occasional small glass of milk has been needed. It has definitely been the grace of God from the start that got me through this, but for all of the spiritual benefit I was looking for through this period, I wanted to make sure I got the temple in order and can keep it healthy going forward. Breaking the fast correctly is the first step and y’all have provided tremendous insight.

    Thank you so much and God Bless!

  48. Ron says:

    Hi mixjuan, Thank you for your kind comments. We here at, feel inspired by our love for the Lord and each other in the advise imparted.

    I have also suffered w/ acid reflux over the years. Carrot juice DGL, and Aloe Vera have been a godsend! As well as, herbal teas for soothing and healing properties. I find sugar is my main culprit. Dairy products, fried foods and alcohol also cause symptoms.

    Changing our diets is the key. And a very hard thing to do. It’s years of habits! It was once said by a writer Margaret Mead, “It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” God Bless, Ron

    • mixjuan says:


      Excellent advise. I just got a juicer and will be juicing a lot going forward. Question for you, though. What is DGL?

      Thanks again and God Bless!


  49. Ron says:

    Hi mick, DGL is an acronym for Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice. I usually get it at the local whole foods store in 100 tablet bottles. Don’t get the flavored kind as it has some sugar, and is less potent. I take 2 or 3 tablets before bed and virtually never wake with reflux during the night! DGL is a MAJOR healer of the stomach lining and digestive system!

    My routine is about 6 ozs. of whole leaf aloe vera juice in the mornings. This heals the stomach lining and esophagus. Carrot juice during the day (if I feel acid coming on). I use Marshmellow tea(a European tea) with a slice of freah ginger (which I chew on) and a spoon of honey, a few hours before bed. The tea soothes, the ginger heals and kills bacteria, also honey is a great soother and healer. This regiment will get you healed within a few days…IF your diet is good, and you keep catching the acid before it gets in your esophagus. The carrot juice usually stops the acid in it’s tracks immediately! I keep a huge container in the fridge always. Probiotics in the form of “plain” yogurt are very helpful too.

    As I said before, it’s changing our diets that is key to digestive health! Ron

  50. Keisha says:

    I’m just completing a 7day water fast, is it ok for me to continue with a 7day juice fast?

  51. Ron says:

    Hi Keisha, Sure! A juice fast is perfect after a water fast. Ron

    • Keisha says:

      Thank you Ron,
      I have a few more questions:

      I have had acne now for about 11yrs., I just turned 30yrs old and I’m fed up with it, so I’m fasting to detox. My plan is 7days of water fasting, 7days of juice fasting, then another 7days of raw fruits and veggies. After this I will be changing to a healthier diet.

      1. Will this fasting schedule work to detox my system?
      2. To break my water fast, what fruit juices should I start with and should it be watered down 50/50?
      3. Is there any fruits and veggies I should not drink during the first few days?
      4. Can I add any natural herbs and spices to my juices (e.g. ginger)?

  52. Ron says:

    Hi Keisha, I think you have a good handle on things. Listening to our body is important. If you feel like watering down the fruits and veggies that is fine. But, you won’t need to. The juices are mostly water anyway. I, and others here (you can search the blogs) have fit fasting into our lifestyles nicely. Desire is the key!

    Keep the acid fruits at a minimum (oranges, grapefruit, and limes). Lemons are fine in small amounts as they turn alkaline in the body. You might want to experiment with different juices as some may aggravate your acne. Use one at a time so you know when there is a reaction. You can’t go wrong with fresh herbs and veggies. These are great for detoxing the body. Ginger, garlic and echinacea are fantastic for you! Also, herbal teas are great detox tools. Ron

    • Keisha says:

      Thank you Ron for your fast reply and great advice! I’m just so excited to start my healthy diet. During my research I’ve discovered that eating healthy is not boring at all. I love experimenting in the kitchen and can’t wait to start eating again.

  53. Vghann says:

    Hi Tom, today is the last day of my 10 dy water fast which I will break at 6pm… While doing the sat I was attending school full time and on day 6 and 7 the weekend I had some coffee to get my energy up but I felt fine. I was wondering what to eat when I finish, is solid fruit and vegetable soup okay for 2-3 days… Cause I would really love some brown rice afterwards? Some advice would be great; from the comments above you seem like a trustworthy source.. Please reply soon =] thankyou

  54. chicub2002 says:

    I finished my 5th day of fasting and ran a chem 12 to check my electrolytes, when i got my results the next day i found that i had liver damage in multiple areas. Total Protien, Albumin, Billirubin, and AST. multiple liver abnormalities is never good so i immediatley broke my fast. doing it slowly of course. is it normal for liver enzymes to be elevated during a fast or was i right is breaking the fast??

    also what proteins are good to eat to break a fast? hard boiled eggs or egg whites?? i posted another thread about this but i wasnt sure how i could get an answer faster


  55. sir says:

    First thank you guys and gals for sharing. Here is my experience and the questions I have. I’m on day, oh 37 of 40. Water only, with 2 days prep (fruit salad only), the first 3 of the 40 with herbal tea to assure detox, and like 3 days to go. I was a slim guy previous, 140 5’10 20% body fat. Now, I’m 100 even, and steady. Bf can’t be more than 5%. So, I plan on breaking the fast with a juicy watermelon, grapes,grapefruit etc slowly juiced for the first 3 days, followed by 2 days of fresh fruits,salads etc. On day 5, wouldn’t you know it, I get invited to a major dinner, important, expensive. I fumbled through one during the fast by this time I want to eat. It will have been 6 days at that point. I have no clue about the menu, but I assume appetizers,dessert,salads,fruit bar and fish. I live in a small town, so it’s important I don’t stand out to much,did that once as I said earlier, but this event is more important. Finally, after the event, I planned on a diet high in veggies, falafel (baked), hummus, fish and THEN Passover which I will do according to the old school interpretation with one week of Lamb,wine,beef,buffalo,goat and unleavened bread. This will be approx. 1 month from ending my fast. Please advise. Blessings to you, yours and all who undertake this path.

  56. PaulaLiz says:

    Hi. I’m embarking on a 48-hour “practice fast” as an exercise in discipline. I completely failed the pre-fast diet (yes, discipline is a real problem for me). I don’t want to end it as poorly as I started it, so I want to do my shopping tonight and be prepared to come off it the right way. Are there any special considerations I should take for a water fast of this length?

  57. booglets says:

    Hi, Need all the help I can get. I’m on my 30th day of juice fast and though I intially aimed to do this for only 10 days, I’m surprised that I’ve gone this far. At the back of my head, I still want to go on but am not sure. I plan to break my fast and have been reading a lot about how to break it properly. I am so anxious, stressed and not really happy. I do look forward to eating and eating healthy but I am very woried that I will lose control, I am scared to experience that “hungry” feeling. I usually consume about 15-20 oz of juice in a day. It might not be a lot but I listen more to my body. I am scared that I will not have control once I let go of fasting. I would really appreciate some encouragement as I’m so overwhelmed and would like to hear from someone who had fasted for a long time. I lost about 20 lbs and concern that I might gain it back. Breaking a fast is indeed harder than fasting at all. There’s so many posts here that I want to go through but any recommendation or procedure how to go about this day by day. And how soon can I juice again after this? I plan to eat at least once a day and fast the rest of the day…is that a good idea?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi booglets,
      Congratulations on completing a 30 day juice fast. This is a good time to start to exercise. It can be hard but it is the best way to create a lifestyle that will maintain the weight loss. If you do overeat go back to juicing for a day. Juicing and eating is a good way to break the fast and in 2 weeks you can do another fast. Adding B complex and essential oils and some egg whites it become the ultimate diet.

  58. kismet says:

    Hey there,
    So I just broke my juice fast of 18 days. It was intended to be a 30 day fast for allergies, but I just found out I am pregnant. I am a reasonably experienced faster, although I have never fasted for more than 10 days before this. It has never been a concern for me to “rush” back into whole food and I planned on doing it slowly and carefully as usual, but now I feel concerned about not going fast enough and not getting what I need into my body, especially since I am a thin person. I am trying to find that balance. I am hungry, but have an iron will. Somehow though, I think I should be eating more. I am craving pasta, which I don’t eat normally! My doctors of course don’t understand why on earth I would do this in the first place. First day I had two apples, spread out over the day with my normal juice. Today, 4 soaked prunes, juice all day, lettuce and avocado at 5 (suddenly for the first time I felt weak today, felt I needed fat), and was planning on have broth with veggies for dinner (again, not planning on having cooked food for 2 months, but I think I need something more now). I really am craving eggs. How long should I wait to get this extra nutrition that I need without doing us both the harm of breaking it too fast?

  59. Kat.k says:

    Hi, I’m 16 and I’ll be done with my 48 day water fast in a couple of days. Luckily, I had no trouble with it and I did a saltwater flush every week. Also, I’ve been doing some weight lifting and light cardio workouts for the last 22 days. One of the main reasons for this was weight loss, so how do I break the fast with gaining back the smallest amount of weight? How long should this phase be?

  60. jenjen says:

    Hi, I finished a 7 day juice fast on saturday and since then I have eaten plenty of fruit, vegetables and fish. However, I haven’t had a bowel movement (2 days) and I usually go daily even on the juice fast I did. I’ve read that this happens because I introduced solid food too quickly and should have liquidised more. I’m beginning to panic and thinking of taking something to help but I’d rather it was natural!
    What should I do, is this normal or have I ruined the process by eating too many solids?

  61. azionwarrior says:

    Upon completion of a 40 day fast is it ok to mix carrot juice with fruit juice?

    Also, is it safe to drink aloe vera juice as well during the first week juice transition?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Concratats azionwarrior,
      That is a large victory and hard to do. Yes, juicing is the best way to break a water fast. aloe vera is fine when breaking a fast. I always mix fruit and veggie juices. Carrot needs, lemon, apple or pineapple.

      • azionwarrior says:

        Praise God! I am overwhelmed that the Lord sustained me through it! We have two kids, I do video production work, and me and my wife share homeschool responsibilities, so it was challenging.

        My wife and I took communion at midnight at the end of the 40th day, about an hour ago!

        I have never tasted grape juice that was so good in my life and ginger, apple, grape!!! I am unsure of what to expect, so I am going to stay up a little longer.

        Thank you for your testimony and your life Tom! Heaven sent you and bent you this way that many might be healed, delivered and set free and I thank God for you and the other moderators who have graciously given of their time to minister to our needs.

        God bless you and I hope to meet you on the mission field in person one day!

  62. azionwarrior says:

    Ok. A little note of caution for all reading. Do not break a 40 day fast after midnight with multiple fruit juices. I could not sleep and then when I got tired the gas was so overwhelming that it kept me from staying asleep. Finally, at around 6 a.m., I was able to come down and then only slept a few hours before waking extremely nauseous and gaseous. Maybe this is an isolated incident, but I would not do it again.