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Danger Breaking Fast Ate Too Much

I just ended a five day water fast. 5:30pm – Went to the whole foods store and bought some broccolii and rice with a little bell pepper in it (all cooked gently) it tasted great. I ate some pita toast on the way home…and a few sweet potatoe chips…
Then at 6:30 – put some fresh organic raw carrots, celery, apple, just a hint of onion, 1/2 of a beet in the food processor…. put it in a small Ezekial pita pocket with some fresh spinach and a little sweet rasbery walnut dressing and pigged out. That was great.

7:00 Had to cook for my grandson. Wow it smelled so good and looked so good, I couldn’t resist. I ate two small strips of chicken breast cooked in the George Forman and mixed with some egg noodles with a little butter, salt and peper to taste mmmm good. Man I am feeling great….I can feel my energy coming back…I feel like I just came back to earth…I am starting to think a little more clearly….and my belly is full….After that I drank some pastuized not from concentrate apple juice… Then BAM IT HIT ME….I had just ate like three meals in one evening. That was not my plan at all…the food lust demon had taken over…

Now I am feeling like I must lay down or I am going to fall down. I can’t get up…oh my goodness am I going to die here…time simply faded away…where am I….I drank a little more apple juice….after about 30 minutes started to feel a little better.

9:00 pm I am moving around a little now…but i feel bad… bloated. I have really messed up…

12:00 pm in the bed but can’t sleep…my belly hurts pain in my side I can acctually feel pain in my right leg…pain in my chest too…this is weird…am I going to be one of those who fasted ate then died….. I think all the food is stuck nothing is moving. I can acctually feel the food in my stomach… it is stuck.

4:am I just drank a little prune juice and orange juice which made me feel better….Maybe I will survice…If so I think I will just juice today….

It is 4:38 am and I feel a little better but it is still stuck….like a basket ball in my belly.

This web site helped me make it through the night reading all the good tips and stories of those who did and lived…..This is the only place i found advice on what to do if you eat to much after your fast. 5:15 and I have survived the night.

Answer By Tom

When you blow a fast and over eat go to juice for one day.  Two if you still feel bad.  Then break the fast correctly.  An enema will help relieve the discomfort.

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3 Responses to Danger Breaking Fast Ate Too Much

  1. ClydeBe says:

    You have to come out of a fast mentally as if you were dong nothing special at all. If you build up ideas and emotional drives during a fast, then you’re going to do exactly as you did – which might still be another good “bad” experience.

    It’s why dieting never works, one superloads all the ideas about food during a”diet” and then rebound eat them afterwords – no discipline or permanent fix there.

    Clyde Be

  2. Moji says:

    I just ended a 3days dry fast (no water/food) following a 26days regular 6am-6pm fast. Before breaking the fast, i had ordered for my favourite icecream and had loads of stuff to eat, pasta, spring rollls, samosa and all the junk i longed missed. Little did i know i was gaming for destruction. After breaking with pasta, spring rollls, samosa & glass of juice, i waited a few more minutes and took oat meal. At the end of these food savage, i got nauseated with stomach upset that i never had all through the fast. In no time, i started gasping heavily for breath with sharp chest pain. Oh my God! am i dying or something, everyone around me paniced, so did my children and i asked all to vacate the room. I started feeling numbness in my leg and arms and almost speechless. This fast was purposeful & spiritual and this was the last reaction i expected. While my husband stormed out of the house in total confusion to get something to relieve me, i wondered if he would meet me back alive. I however laid calm and almost motionless while i prayed in the spirit for strength, d next sound of life was when i heard someone hitting my chest and calling out my name. I was glad to have responded since i didnt realize i was asleep. I slept through the night with continous pains on my arm and leg but reflected on what had happened and why it happened. I perhaps did somethinf wrong, because God had given me the grace from start to finish, and i blew it all up. Please advise.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Moji
      This is a first of this kind of reaction. Breaking a fast in this way is a huge mistake and heading for stomach pain for days. But the other reactions could be caused by many factors that only a doctor could guess at. My have been due to an extreme blood sugar spike. Why not take advice and do a juice fast first and then move to water fasting after you can master that. Any fried oils hit the body hard after a water fast. Break a fast on fruit is always recommended. My first three day water fast ended with hours of vomitting. For me the rule is this. First fast…. never water fast, juice fasting before water fasting and if you cannot break a fast correctly do shorter juice fasts.