Overeating After Fasting

Overeating after fasting is a common problem. Here are some ideas to deal with overeating after fasting from a person having problems with overeating after fasting.

I would like to do a water fast for healing and weight loss. However, I fear the inevitable extreme need to feed after breaking the fast.

I’ve done two 3-day water fasts in the past 2 years and both times I have a few days that I do really well eating small amounts and not wanting more, but then after about 5 days I get incredibly hungry and all I want to do is eat.

My thought patterns change into only wanting to eat and take over. Then I ended up overeating to nausea. I don’t want to start a fast unless I know how to deal with this. Any tips?

Overeating and Emotional Cravings

Emotional cravings is the main reason why most persons who sacrifice and do a long-term fast soon gain the weight back.

What I have discovered in my case is that the mind, after fasting, seems to unleash an unconscious thought pattern that tells me I better eat all that I can before the “starvation” torture is again inflicted upon the body.

So, every time I have completed the fast, the hunger pains seem to return with a vengeance when I start eating solid food again.

My biggest weapon for this has been to eat and chew slowly and not succumb to the voracity that wants me to devour my plate. This is done one bite at a time, one meal at a time.

After a few days, or sometimes weeks, the voracity dies down and the body accepts the new diet regimen. When I say diet in this case, I am referring to the new eating habits that MUST be part of your post-fasting lifestyle.

So, in short, what happens when you overeat after fasting is that you are succumbing to the body’s unconscious signal that, in order to avoid future “starvation,” you must eat, eat and eat.

Once you are done fasting, your body is clean. The hunger pains at this point also often are the symptom of the same emotional issues that caused me to overeat in the first place.

I may finish a fast and feel insecure, thus food can be my buddy to cover that up. Or I may feel lost and sad because suddenly I am no longer in the “safe zone” or binging and overeating.

When one has been overweight for a long time, this “fat” image can become a person’s identity. Any change to that image brings up fear, a feeling of being lost and intense insecurity.

These feelings very often result in increased hunger and, unfortunately in some cases, a relapse into overeating.

It also happens that being slimmer and healthier is “uncharted territory.” For me, it was always easier to remain fat, shy and withdrawn, than to change.

I knew that just losing the weight was the tip of the iceberg, but that the weight loss had to be accompanied by changes in my thoughts, behaviors and approach to life.

I knew I had to come out of the shadows and join humanity in a more dynamic fashion. This was terrifying to me, so I gorged again and gained all the weight back – leading me to the cave that was so painful yet so familiar.

The bottom line is that the first three to six months after fasting are crucial because you are actually forging a brand new image of yourself.

And the hunger pains will increase as a defense mechanism against future “starvation.”

But if you keep yourself vigilant, continue to practice self discipline and learn to eat slowly and deliberately, the “voracity” will go away and you will find yourself establishing positive and constructive life-long eating habits.

Over Eating Is Loss of Thought Control

Our thoughts have such control over our bodies. We can give in to negative thinking processes and return to old eating habits. Overeating it may be a way of rewarding yourself after putting so much effort into meeting your goal. Overeating may be meeting a psychological unfulfilled need.

When you are done fasting, your body is clean. The hunger pains at this point also often are the symptom of the same emotional issues that caused me to overeat in the first place. I may finish a fast and feel It also happens that being slimmer and healthier is “uncharted territory.” For me, it was always easier to remain fat, shy and withdrawn, than to change. I knew that just losing the weight was the tip of the iceberg, but that the weight loss had to be accompanied by changes in my thoughts, behaviors and approach to life. I knew I had to come out of the shadows and join humanity in a more dynamic fashion. This was terrifying to me, so I gorged again and gained all the weight back – leading me to the cave that was so painful yet so familiar.

The first three to six months after fasting are crucial because you are actually forging a brand new image of yourself. And the hunger pains will increase as a defense mechanism against future “starvation.” But if you keep yourself vigilant, continue to practice self discipline and learn to eat slowly and deliberately, the “voracity” will go away and you will find yourself establishing positive and constructive life-long eating habits.

Fasting isn’t just for losing weight. Fasting heals the mind……….and the soul (our body). Remember, our minds lead our body and a healthy body soothes our minds. I wish you success!

By Robert Dave Johnston
Reposted by Permission


By Tom Coghill of Fasting.ws
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41 Responses to Overeating After Fasting

  1. Ona says:

    Hi All,
    Robert is certainly right about everything he says concerning self image and fears of new territory, etc. And that deeper work definitely needs to be done.
    But just a quick & superficial tip… I’ve always imagined my body lives about 10,000 years before my mind. If I fast, my body thinks we’ve had a bad season and there *is* no food. In that first week, if my body wants to eat, I often let it – just I decide what. Eating three whole cucumbers, for example, one after another, helps convince my body that there is food enough, but doesn’t throw my eating lifestyle off.
    Just a tip ;-)

  2. Jess says:

    Hi Tom

    I have to say how much I appreciate this website, it has helped me extremely through my fast. I dont think I could have kept going with out it and your guidance. So many thanks to you!

    I have been on my fast for 31 days now and Im going to se a colon therapist on June 5th to check out the hydrotherapy for my colon. My question for you is how long is it healthy for me to continue fasting I feel great. I check my BP every 3 days and that is great.
    Id like to conitue for another 14-15 days and hope to see more weight loss. I notice my weight loss rate is slower than it was in the beginning unless it goes through different cycles seems like I lose a pound every 3 days or so. Im going to be cautious about what I put in my body when I start eating again…and I am VERY scared I will gain it back..to me fasting was the easy part…I feel I havent climbed to the top of my personal mountain yet! But I am well on my way!

    Thanks for all your help!
    Jess :)

  3. Marge says:

    Hello ,
    Just came upon this site. About 10weeks ago I came upon a site which opened new doors for me. Try googling “5 rules ” and you too can read about a fairly new hormone called leptin . THis acts as a very strong force in our brain and is the reason for the need to eat after loosing weight.
    If you find the 5 rules and follow them it trains the body to master leptin .

    An excellent book called Mastering Leptin , by Byron Richards explains all this . I have lost 7.5 kgs following thsi advise , in the last 10 weeks and have never been hungry .

    Good Luck

  4. JJ says:

    I have returned to eating…and when I feel full I find myself still searching for more food why do I do this?? I hate having the choice to eat I wish I just didnt have to and it would be much easier to deal with :(

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Food can be like a drug that is used to medicate our feelings. The temporay escape from the pleasure of eating can become and addiction if the thoughts of a person are painful. Shame and guild cause mental pain, or emotional upset and the mind looks for an escape. Drugs, sex, food can become that escape. So even when the stomach is full the mind is still looking for the escape. So you keep feeling hungry as the root motivation is not satified which is “peace.”
      Before you start to fast you need to spend time getting on a good diet of food and thought. Can you read http://complulsive.ws
      Once you can stop the binge eating, you can then do a few days of fasting on juice. Any lenghty fast will be a disaster at this stage. You can use short juice fast of one to 2 day for mental clarity. Get some mental slogans down on paper and spend the time repeating them. “I am a good person.” God love me. I am sexy. I am rich. I have control over my diet. I eat healthy every day. I want to sent Tom lots of money. LOL :-)

  5. JJ says:

    When my stomach is with food I have guilt…I dont know I feel this way…its very depressing

  6. JJ says:

    Hello Tom

    Thanks you for your response…it has helped me understand more about myself and my personal issues with food.

    and I will pray for money to come your way! LOL..

    Thanks again :)

  7. KylieBrook says:

    I finished my 14 day juice/water fast and my plan of course was to slowly add healthy foods back into my diet. The other day I went over my mom’s house and calling my name was a HUGE chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and a mountain of fresh icing… I thought to myself, one bite wont hurt and took a thin piece off the end with a fork. Before I knew it I had eaten 1/4 of the cake! Which was enough cake for 4 grown adults. I couldn’t believe it, but i couldn’t stop. So i tried not to be too tough on myself and said that for the rest of the week I would water fast to cleans the system again. Well the very next day I ate 3 servings of pound cake with a brown sugar crust and make myself ill. I’m not sure why my self control is TOTALLY GONE! I never had this problem before the fast and now after I am distroying eveything i worked so hard for. I need to collect myself and do another juice/water detox, but i can’t seem to find the strength to say no to the sweets. Does anyone out there have ANY suggestions for me…. i need help ASAP

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi KyleiBrook
      I went through what you experienced on many of my first fasts. It is like being possessed by a cake demon and you wake up and there is only crumbs wondering where the cake went. What you think about during a fast can create an obsession. You have to see yourself eating healthy and being repulsed by unhealthy food. Get away from the cake and take a cold shower. LOL (joking). Drinking water can help. Moving can help. Not being around cake and knowing that one bit is to many and a thousand bites is never enough. Take a few deep breathes. Like a drug you have to know your risks, and limits. http://www.compulsive.ws can really help.

  8. iva says:

    Hi Tom, it´s me again :-)

    I am starting fasting 2morrow. Want to get rid of Candida
    for good. I had a bio-resonance check-out last week.
    Apparently I use only 30percent of energy and my organs are very very week :-( (( nothing new.
    I am addicted to food at the moment and have no idea how I am gonna do it, but have to do it…
    Not sure what fasting to do either. I will be on lemon water and coconut oil again I suppose and maybe on some multivitamines?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Iva,
      Candida is always helped with fasting, but it goes dormant and returns when there is sugar in the blood.
      You need a yeast buster, or Candida herbal remedy to that cayenne pepper.
      Water fasting is better but that is hard to do as the body can be toxic due to the byproducts of Candida.
      Lemon is good. Coconut oil is good. Essential oils are good. Same with the multivites. You could make a low calorie veggie juice mix with cucumber, lemon etc to take with the supplements. You also need to learn to deal with your compulsive eating issues.
      Go to http://compulsive.ws

  9. claire t says:

    Hi Tom

    I’ve been trying to complete a fast every summer for the last 4 years, but I just can’t do it. At first-it was the hunger. I still have to prepare meals for the kids. I HATE dinner time. Then I gradually became accustomed to hunger, and what it means-that it’s mostly psychological cravings, because meals are the landmarks of my day. Good coffee, first thing in the a.m.-couldn’t give that up either. When I finally tried it-the headache, stiff neck, and nausea went on and on for two horrible days and into a third-I just couldn’t take day number three. So I made a compromise-keep to 1 cup per day. This year-it was taste. I can’t do juice-my digestion is too bad. So I tried the master cleanse. Love the lemonade-but when I tried just water, I craved taste. It got worse and worse the more I tried not to think about it-until I was making the kids chocolate milk and inadvertently dipped my tongue into some of the cocoa powder-there went my fast!! Why am I so bloody WEAK? What am I going to do? Last night I blew my latest attempt after sitting in the movie theater next to a woman who was enjoying a bucket of popcorn for two hours. I don’t even like popcorn that much-it REALLY hurts my stomach-I just wanted to taste it. I ended up going out to dinner and ending my suffering once again. My stomach gets so confused-it has shut itself down very happily-and now finds a load of unexpected food in it. I’m afraid that now since I’ve failed every single attempt-that beginning a fast will always end 12-72 hours later in failure. I would like to try again. I’m not ill, and I know the 10 extra lbs I’m carrying would respond very quickly to some running-I’d just like to heal my gut problems-cronic IBS and now SIBO infections, and I’m chronically bloated and miserable when I’m not trying to fast. Healing on a fast might take a while. And there’s no guarantee that it would be permanent. Do you have any personal insight for me?


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Claire
      Some have to get away from there regular environment to be able to fast. For you any trigger is a temptation and your will is not strong enough. Some times I go camping to get away from all the food and eating with my family. It has been harder for me to fast lately as there is a house full of food. When I was single is was easier. Moving, seats away from the popcorn, would be good. Discipline is an art that need to be developed over time. Exercise would be a good way to rebuild before fasting.

  10. claire t says:


    You CAN’T be right-I have a very strong will! Right-that did it! I’m back on this rotten horse. 5 days on the MC, and then some water fasting-an unspecified length. I’m taking my flabby measurements right now, and beginning a journal. Gonna do it right this time. The kids can get their own darn dinners for a while!

    -claire t

  11. claire t says:

    Yes, Tom – I know they will! LOL! They love to “cook”. They each insist on cooking something different though, as none of them will eat the others’ cooking. The messes they make are unequaled for creativity, thoroughness, and distance covered! Teaching them to cook is fun – teaching them to clean up a mess worthy of a New Years Eve party for five hundred is only slightly more difficult than teaching a horse to sharpshoot. I just don’t possess the stamina on a fast…

    -claire t

  12. claire t says:

    oh-just one more thing. I sleep badly on a fast, and I’ve read that that can be a common complaint-but the last few nights were really punishing because of the disturbing realistic nightmares that seemed to go on all night, and I staggered up at 5:30 this morning to make my husband’s juice for work actually expecting a television news crew to arrive to interview me for something horrible & violent I’d done to my son in my nightmare-it’s that real! My head aches, my neck is stiff, a nerve is pinched and my whole right arm aches. I’m sure this is all part of the “cleansing” process, but is this a lengthy process in your experience? I am fighting the temptation to take a sleeping pill tonight (one would go a looong way on a fast!) just to get one relaxed dreamless night – I’m exhausted!

    -claire t

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Claire T
      Bad and amazing dreams are normal and usually change from bad to amazing as the fast progresses. Usually do not last more that 3 days. Can you take a sleeping pilll? It will not hurt the fast but sleeping pils usually faze you out during the day and that can make discipline difficult

  13. claire t says:

    Hi Tom

    Brief update-I’m sticking with it. So far, so good, I’m into day 3 of the Master Cleanse (no cheating) with mineral broth except for one thing. The coffee. The fuzzy headaches and low grade fevery feeling gets too much, so I have a few sips of espresso-which is the smoothest least irritating form of the stuff-and just a few sips is enough-better than breaking the fast, isn’t it? I’ve had coffee every day of my life since I was 17. Maybe I have an extremely high tolerance.

    Anyway-I’ve been using “aversion therapy” in my spare time to avoid missing food. I’ve watched some real horror flicks: “Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Theat”…”Food, Inc.”…”Secrets of the Supermarkets”-(UGH!!) and “The Future of Food”…now I really don’t want to eat anything, nor feed it to anyone else!!!

    claire t

  14. Tanner says:

    So I start my first cleanse in two days. I’m a HUGE over eater. I was told that after a cleanse I would look at food differently….not as something to stuff my face with, but as nourishment for my body. But after reading all of these horror stories, I’m having second thoughts! So should I expect an overeating episode once I finish my cleanse?

  15. keith101 says:

    Hi Tanner
    Fasting is the start of your new healthy lifestyle, i always say once you feel better, and have more confidence then you should join a gym, you are what you put into your body.
    Regards Keith

  16. Jamie95er says:

    Once I started eating 1/2 fresh, 1/2 cooked foods, some time after one of my fasts, I noticed that I was retaining water and my face and body blew up like a blow fish! Perhaps it was because after I had broke my fast, I wasn’t drinking enough water. Any thoughts? Also, does anyone know what types of foods ( fruits or veggies ) help to eliminate water retention the best?


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Jamie,
      That is strange. That is the first I have head of that. Was the cooked food salty?
      You may want to avoid the cooked foods and stick to raw for a bit.
      It could have been an allergic reaction. Was there any food that is new to your diet?

      • Jamie95er says:

        Hi Tom,

        Yes, this is also a first for me too, which is why I was a bit puzzled. I think that I got into the cooked foods too fast after breaking my fast at that time. The cooked foods were beans rather than cooked veggies, so that may attest for the salty intake which my body was probably not prepared for. However, making the beans myself, I make sure that the salt is decreased by rinsing before cooking, so I can only assume that even the low amount of salt, it was still too much for me, and then not drinking as much water, contributed to the retention. I don’t normally get right into the beans stuff too soon afterward, so it was a misjudgment on my part. It may also have been an allergic reaction, like you suggested. I’ve read that sometimes, people can develop an allergy later on with foods they have eaten before. This may be one of those cases. I hope it’s not the beans that I am allergic too, because that would be a good part of my staple. I can handle staying away from wheat, but beans…ouch! However, I will do what it takes to make the necessary changes that is best for my metabolism.

        I agree about staying with raw foods for a while longer after a fast, whether it be a water fast or a juice fast. I am going to try a juice fast starting this weekend. I plan on going for at least 2 weeks. If all goes well with my energy level, I will continue for a bit longer, like a month. I am looking forward to this juice fast! I really want to flush my system out of any excess toxins, but keep my energy at a level where I can work, also. We’ll see how it goes. I bought a journal to log my days on the fast, as well as after I break it, so that I can chart my progress and/or any modifications I may need to apply.

        Thanks Tom, for your concern and suggestions! Btw, you are lucky to be living in beautiful tropical surroundings, where juicing with fruits are probably second nature to everyone and fruit abundant as well. I live in a snowbelt area, and in the winter months ‘insulation’ seems to be the instinct for survival around my neck of the woods. Meaning, warming foods are the usual staple during the cold months. Luckily, I love fruit and veggies more than I do foods such as bread and grains, but managing a good balance can be a challenge in the winter. OR, maybe that’s just my excuse, LOL!!!

  17. keith101 says:

    Hi Jamie95er
    Here is a little bit of info for you on water retention.

    Drink at least 8 glasses of fluids, per day. Mineral water, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and herbal teas (eg. nettle and dandelion) are good choices. Paradoxically, the more hydrated the body, the less water it retains.
    Aim to eat six small meals/snacks a day. Do not go longer than 3 hours without eating.
    Enjoy plenty of good diuretic fruits in your regular diet. The best are melons and citrus fruits. They are rich in potassium which balances sodium and helps to eliminate fluid.
    Include lots of good diuretic vegetables in your daily diet. Choose leafy green, celery, cucumber, watercress, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and onions. Like fruit, most vegetables are rich in potassium which helps to maintain a healthy fluid balance.
    Include regular amounts of starchy wholegrain carbs in your daily diet. Some people find they do better on rice, pasta, couscous and potatoes, rather than wheat.
    Include unsalted nuts, seeds, bananas, wholegrain unsalted crackers in your snacks.
    Aim to take in 1200-1350 milligrams of calcium, per day, until your water retention eases. Two 8oz glasses of 1 percent milk (600 milligrams of calcium) plus one cup of low-fat yogurt (415 milligrams of calcium) will give you most of what you need.
    Substitute salmon, tuna, sardines or any other oily fish for red meat, at least twice a week. Oily fish has numerous health benefits, especially for women who suffer from PMS.
    Hope this helps you.
    Blessings Keith.

  18. Jamie95er says:

    Hi Keith! Thanks for the hello and welcome in another thread:-)

    Hi Tanner! I agree with Keith as far as a new lifestyle goes. After breaking the fast, it can be quite a challenge to keep from going back to the ‘old’ way of eating. Even though I have remained a vegan since I first started fasting, the temptation of overeating can still arise. My last water fast, I was not as successful breaking it, as I usually am. I must have been craving ‘salty’ foods because that is what I ended up consuming more of. The odd thing is that I haven’t used salt for anything since I was in my teens and I am well beyond that.

    While I am fasting, I read books, articles, studies, and the like that focus around healthier eating habits. I have found many excellent ‘recipes’ that compliment my vegan way of eating. Not to say that anyone who fast will become vegan, but since I became vegan, I never realized how much my old way of eating contributed heavily to many old ‘ailments’ I once had, like headaches and irritability. Basically, my whole system was out of whack and off balance. Now-a-days, I steer away from any kind of processed foods more and more. I started looking up every ingredient that I wasn’t sure about and finding many that turned out to be very incompatible to my system.

    The ebooks offered on this site may prove to be very useful to those who are fasting. All four for less than 20 bucks! What a deal:-D! I’ll be looking into that myself!


  19. Jamie95er says:

    Hi Keith,

    I’m glad you finished the post! I thought it kind of funny but cute that when I first read it, it just said “Hi Jamie95er”, lol!

    Thank you for this very sound advice on the water retention!! I am definitely going to pick up the fruits and herbal teas. You are very right as far as the retention goes and I should know better about keeping myself hydrated, especially after a fast!

    I also think you are very correct, at least in my case, regarding the ‘wheat’. I thought perhaps I might be allergic, but I think it’s like you said, I may find that couscous ( love it! ) and potatoes are more to my body’s preference. I will be trying that route instead and see what happens.

    I don’t eat dairy or fish being a vegan, but yes, the calcium intake is very important. I love bok choy and it is very high in calcium:-D. Thanks for the reminder and the great advice!!


    • keith101 says:

      Remember that the fruit/veg i have listed are an eg… of foods to reduce water retention, to much salt in the diet after fasting can cause water retention, so watch your salt intake?
      Blessings Keith.

  20. JocelynSousa says:

    Hey Keith I was wondering if u could help me… I just finished a 14 day juice fast n the first day I ate too much n was stuck in the bathroom all night… The 2nd day I ate a little less n felt better so today ( the 3rd day) I managed to eat everything in sight and I can’t use the restroom at all. I feel like I have worse discipline than I had before? And I feel like crap do u think I should see a doctor? I need to get this pound of food out of me and i know I can’t take a laxative so I’m stuck. Please help me!!! Could I have possibly done permanent damage to my stomach? I hope not but I feel really bad! :( please get back to me asap I really don’t know whar to do!

  21. keith101 says:

    Hi joycelynSousa
    overloading the digestive system causes feelings of apathy, depression or sluggishness. However, if you do overeat, the effect can be remedied by fasting until hunger returns, and then continue to break the fast. One of the tricks I have learned on breaking a fast is to pretend I am still fasting but eat the occasional fruit.

    For six days, gradually increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. To break a fast and gorge on meat, bread or junk food will be a disaster. Jarring the system this intensely, when the digestive system is re-awakening, can cause stomach cramps, nausea and weakness, negating some of the benefits of a fast.
    Hope this helps you, any other probs, leave me a message, also line your gut with natural youghurt when breaking the fast, small amounts should surfice for the first 3 days, you should be fine
    Blessings Keith.

  22. xpclfx says:

    Hi Tom. I just finished a 40 day fast, (just water), when I came off I had potato soup, home made wheat flat bread drenched in honey. Don’t forget the soy milk!. In the morning I had some oatmeal, and a hard boiled egg! Then I had an urge to use the restroom- what happen next, was the most unbearable PAIN I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! IT ALMOST BROUGHT THIS 46 YR. OLD MAN TO TEARS! So I thought, well, guts must be awake now, no more pain! That day I stuck to chicken noodle soup, 2 cans, until the evening when I had just a little more potato soup right before a tasty salmon steak on top of spinach lettuce and a side of Spanish rice! The next day, oatmeal and two hard-boiled eggs in the morning, then cottage cheese ’bout 1030, then at 1230, big sliced turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mustard sandwich. At 330, protein shake. Oh by the way, something different today- no bowel movement!, its gets better! I know, I’ll push it out! I went to a buffet! PAIN, PRESSURE! Finally I got a double shot espresso latte, caffeine caused some flow, a breakthrough, diarrhea of course. Thought it was over. Continued to eat as day before, and you guessed it, another buffet, oh but this time, w/a huge piece of German chocolate cake, cherries jubilee, chocolate cheese cake, reeses peanut butter cup. Both buffets were Chinese, have to get my MSG’s ya know. Both buffets were not in the plan. One was a birthday, the other was a Valentines dinner. that all started Tues. night at 2pm. Now its Saturday, and me and my wife are celebrating our 14th anniversary. Oatmeal in the morning, two hard-boiled eggs. Got the worst Heartburn I ever had! Took two tablets of Pepcid AD, wasn’t sufficient, so I took some Pepto Bismol. Then to a Chinese restaurant for dim sum. After that, a trip to the herb store,where I purchased some Pshylimn husks to make a tea to hopefully get my bowels moving. But it was to no avail. Still I have yet to see any input of food I’ve eaten become output! My wife surfed and found your site. I’m now going to start doing what you prescribed in your column. Is this enough to rectify my problem of constipation, ( no pun intended ). I thought about getting that salt solution from my doctor to cleanse my colon, or will doing your 10 day fast breaking process be enough for the 40 day fast I did ? Signed Scared and feeling stupid . P.S. I wish I would have seen your article before I broke the fast. I feel stupid, cause I ignored what I now know was God telling me to research breaking a fast of such a length. Am I in serious danger?

  23. TOBEWITHYOU says:

    Hi every1,
    I’m new here but this water fasting sounds so interesting to me that I can’t wait to start it right now…!
    Anyway, I understand those feelings of emotional eating you’re suffering…as I’ve been anorexic n bulimic 4 almost a year…Although I’m not overweight (110 pounds 5’3 n i’m 18 ) but really have a huge problem with food n body image… But then when I decided to start the atkins diet few months ago, my relationship with food changed a lot. I’m no longer obsessed about it anymore since my hunger and appetite is reduced so much… So far so gud.The low carb diet really works for me n I think it would do same thing for those of you who often has sweet craving too….^^
    Till now, I feels like don’t wanna eat any more n take a step 4ward to this fasting cuz i’m having my holiday now (good time to avoid temptation:D)…However, I still have a question that if I finish this fast n return to normal eating could I keep going with my low carb style or change to everything-veggie and fruits at the first few weeks? Cuz I found myself being so good without carb n sugar in my diet…I’m just afraid once I started to reintroduced it again, my body will go back to the craving and unstable blood sugar which I tried so hard to avoid so far…
    Would u plz give me some advice ’bout this? Thanx so much :)

  24. GML80 says:

    Ive tried dozens of other types of diets and excersices. The ONE thing that kept them not working… was my eating habbits. This is why I am trying fasting. If I can do some sort of fasting for a time period itll become clear i have COMPLETE control, not my fear. Most of my diets last 2 days… if… that. this is about day 8 going on, 9 soon. Im pretty proud of myself because so far i am able to control my thought process what Im ACTUALLY thinking. I can differenciate now, between bored and hungry lol. something that was difficult before. But even now, my hunger doesnt really bother me all that much. its the worry of it all. thanks. Im really hoping i can last atleast 20 days fasting, 30 is my overrall goal though.

  25. Moji says:

    I just ended a 3days dry fast (no water/food) following a 26days regular 6am-6pm fast. Before breaking the fast, i had ordered for my favourite icecream and had loads of stuff to eat, pasta, spring rollls, samosa and all the junk i longed missed. Little did i know i was gaming for destruction. After breaking with pasta, spring rollls, samosa & glass of juice, i waited a few more minutes and took oat meal. At the end of these food savage, i got nauseated with stomach upset that i never had all through the fast. In no time, i started gasping heavily for breath with sharp chest pain. Oh my God! am i dying or something, everyone around me paniced, so did my children and i asked all to vacate the room. I started feeling numbness in my leg and arms and almost speechless. This fast was purposeful & spiritual and this was the last reaction i expected. While my husband stormed out of the house in total confusion to get something to relieve me, i wondered if he would meet me back alive. I however laid calm and almost motionless while i prayed in the spirit for strength, d next sound of life was when i heard someone hitting my chest and calling out my name. I was glad to have responded since i didnt realize i was asleep. I slept through the night with continous pains on my arm and leg but reflected on what had happened and why it happened. I perhaps did somethinf wrong, because God had given me the grace from start to finish, and i blew it all up. Please advise.

  26. chunny says:

    Hi, I broke fast incorrectly and now my stomach is so bloated and I gained back weight too. Now, my stomach still so bloated, will it be ok again? I just broke fast like a week ago. I ate apple, dairy products and meats.

  27. chunny says:

    Hi, I broke fast incorrectly and now my stomach is so bloated and I gained back weight too. Now, my stomach still so bloated, will it be ok again?