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Enzymes that Kill Cancer

Enzymes that Kill Cancer have a long historic background in cancer treatment. The concept that enzymes can kill cancer started at the turn of the century.

It has been noted over the years that cancer cells all have low enzyme levels. Enzyme therapy in Europe has shown extremely good results against cancer. The enzymes literally eat the cancer cells. In the 1900s John Beard, a Scotsman working in the University of Edinburgh as an embryology’s discovered a very interesting correlation.

He proposed that the formation of cancer was a part of the body’s normal healing process. He saw how closely cancerous cells resembled the cells surrounding the developing human embryo. He was of course referring to the trophoblast cells and so it is really became known as the trophoblast theory.

He noticed that when in the egg was fertilised, with the corresponding change in the oestrogen, and steroid hormone levels that this triggers the trophoblast cells to multiply rapidly. They then invade the uterus wall and prepare a place to except the placenta or more correctly, this is where the placenta would then form, which is where the umbilical cord comes from to feed the embryo.

He also noticed that suddenly, at the 56 day, this rapid multiplication suddenly stops; it took him some time to work out why it stops.

Also healing. When you receive a physical injury, or there is a cellular injury the trophoblast cells form and this triggers an increase in the levels of oestrogen and hormones, which stimulate cellular repair. In a normal healthy body this whole process ceases once the healing process is well on its way. However, this natural stop mechanism and incidentally, the ability to die, or apoptosis is not present in cancer cells

More and more people are coming to understand that cancer is a disease caused by our lifestyle, our mental stress and toxins in our environment. Our emotional roller coaster lifestyle all triggers imbalances in the chemical makeup of the body, which then triggers Cancers.

Normal reaction to problems in the body, sickness and disease is for white cells to go on the attack, but these cannot stop trophoblast cells. This is because both of these, the white blood cells and the trophoblast cells, are both negatively charged.

Can Enzymes Kill Cancer

So wouldn’t it be wonderful if these pancreatic enzymes that stop the trophoblast cells in the emerging embryonic stage were available, in later life when we have similar problems of cells reproducing out of control. Well, if these pancreatic enzymes are not there in our bodies, because the pancreas is not producing as it should, we need to do something about it.

This is in fact, what John Beard, back in 1902 said we should do. We should supplement our body, with pancreatic enzymes. Indeed in London in 1911 there were over 40 clinics treating cancer patients with pancreatic enzymes.

By the time he died in 1924 pancreatic enzyme theories had also died, this because of a newer and better invention i.e. x-rays. Then another cancer researcher, Ernst T. Krebs came across Beard’s theory in 1942. Dr Krebs confirmed that in fact, John Beard was correct Krebs was also the man who discovered B-17 or Laetrile.

Laetrile is extremely powerful in dealing with cancer, but the powers that be really got exercised, because it works so well. They then used the fact that B-17, Laetrile contains two toxic elements namely, cyanide and benzyldehyde. You and I both know cyanide is dangerous it can kill people but the body seems to be a lot smarter than some of our so-called doctors and scientists. The body has a protective enzyme Rhodanese, this enzyme neutralises these toxins by converting them to healthy byproducts.

On the other hand, if the tissues are cancerous they has an over abundance of the enzyme beta glucosidase and this, rather than protect the cancerous tissue, causes its demise. This enzyme unlocks or frees both these toxic elements. What is so wonderful about these toxic elements is that they contain this combination of cyanide and benzeldehyde which are dangerous and toxic as they are by themselves. However in combination, when they are unlocked by the cancer cells beta glucosidase they are even more toxic. The cancerous cells lack rhodanese, so as this protective enzyme is not present, the cyanide and the benzeldehyde are released to attack the cancerous tissue. Remember, the rhodanese protects the non-cancerous cell, but does not protect the cancerous cell.

The governments of America and Australia have moved to restrict people from getting supplies of Laetrile or B-17, this is because, as explained above, the B-17 is toxic, and indeed has cyanide. They use this as a reason why we should not have supplies of B-17, unfortunately for governments B-17 is abundant in many sources, and in many foods. Sources B-17/ laetrile include the following, the seeds of other fruits, nuts, greens, sprouted seeds and almonds. Meat is also a good source B-17 provided the animals have not been grain fed.

Another Beard, Howard this time, no relative, came along and devised a simple and inexpensive test for cancer. This test uses the fact when a woman is pregnant, and the body excretes CgH, all cancer cells do exactly the same, they excrete CgH. This test can be given to men as well as women; if a man gives a positive test he obviously has cancer. On the other hand if a woman’s test comes back positive and she is not of childbearing age, she has cancer. If she’s within the childbearing age, she is either pregnant or she has cancer, rule out by a different type of test whether or not she is pregnant. If she is not pregnant, she has cancer. It is worth restating here, by the time an individual gets sick enough to go to the doctor and have themselves checked to see what is wrong with them, they usually have had the cancer 18 to 24 months.

In applying this therapy, they thought the pancreatic enzymes had to be injected into the body believing incorrectly that the stomach acids would kill off the enzymes, this was found not to be so, and therefore these enzymes can be taken orally.

Kelly Discovers Enzymes that Kill Cancer

A dentist from Texas, William Donald Kelly cured himself pancreatic cancer in the 1960s using Beard’s theories, and then developed his own “DO-IT-YOURSELF” cancer cure book. It would appear that this has been highly effective in patients who have not been absolutely devastated by chemotherapy, and other allopathic treatment.

Gonzales Discovers Enzymes that Kill Cancer

There was also a doctor, Dr Nicolas Gonzales, who was sent by the establishment. According to Dr Kelly to write, an expose on him and his treatment. Dr Kelly’s account of Dr Gonzales is unflattering, but nevertheless Gonzales spent a great deal of time researching Kelly’s work and apparently was impressed. His study involved thousands of patient’s records.

From these thousands of records Gonzales interviewed over 500 patients who had been diagnosed (not by Dr Kelly as he was a dentist) with advanced cancer. Dr Gonzales worked at this for over five years and as I have said was impressed with the success rate, yet no one has looked seriously at his work. So then, from the 1900s to the 1960s, using Beard’s original ideas, Kelly, following up on those ideas, and producing his own methodology. Still round the same theme then we have Gonzales, taking Kelly’s ideas apart and interviewing these 500 patients.

Dr. Beard, ended up blackballed in the United Kingdom for these ideas and died in obscurity, Dr Kelly gave up the research he was doing, worn down under the endless negative pressure from the medical profession and government bodies. Gonzales on the other hand, set up practice in New York with a view to salvaging Beards/Kelly’s idea of killing cancer. If you would like to see a much more detailed description of Dr Gonzales’s work go to

It would appear Australia and New Zealand; because they have no history of mad cow disease is an excellent place to obtain supplies of animal glandular products, i.e. pancreatic enzymes.

It would appear that the methodology in using these pancreatic enzymes is to use extremely large doses, reminds us of his Linus Pauling, and his use of mega doses of vitamin C. So they were using large doses of enzymes that contained Pancreatin, Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Bromelain and Papain.

There is also another doctor in Europe that single-handedly has changed the way that cancer is treated over there. He is Dr. Wrba. This man has hundreds of publications, in medical journals. So he educated a whole continent in Dr Beard’s ideas and theories.

One of the problems in defeating cancer is that the cancerous cell membrane is much thicker than that of normal cells. Also the protein composition of the membrane of the cancer cell is much different from that of normal cells. It would appear that proteolytic enzymes eat into the cancer cell wall this then makes it easier for the normal immune cells to destroy the cancer cells.

Beard’s description of the effectiveness of pancreatic enzymes on tumors was first explained in 1911. He said the cancerous tumors grew by producing an enzyme called nalignin; this apparently digests the left-handed protein, such as human tissue. As the cancer continues to grow nalignin production increases. This in its turn causes and promotes more cancerous growth. The nalignin is a mirror image of Trypsin. This enzyme breaks down the right-handed living tissue. This of course includes the tumor.

Kelly’s comments were to the effect that if we had large quantities of Trypsin in the bloodstream this would stop the nalignin’s acceleration of tumor growth, because this then stops tumor growth. The bodies natural defence mechanism or antibodies and white blood cells recognize the tumor for what it is and move to attack it.

He was also of the opinion that it is a multiple stage process with Trypsin stopping the production of nalignin he then said other enzymes are required to break down the starch capsule that surrounds a tumor. It is reported that over 90% of the cancer patients using the Kelly metabolic programme and strictly adhering to it went into remission. Dr Kelly also reports in the early days of his treatments it was taking approximately six months see the malignancies disappear. Apparently it now takes 18 months or longer before the patient is free of cancer (this according to Dr Kelly is because the companies responsible for supplying the pancreatic enzymes, had taking out of those preparations the very item that was causing the biggest positive result of the treatment namely Chymotripsin.

Treatment Cautions Using Enzymes that Kill Cancer

For doctors, who would be monitoring your cancers as you start the Kelly programme. Initially you will see a rise in the cancers markers, apparently this is only temporary, and this is because the markers held within the tumours are released into your system and flow into the bloodstream as the cancer cells breaks down. White cells also increase and there is a good chance the tumor may swell as your immune system destroys them.

I have tried to locate some pancreatic enzymes in Australia, and indeed have done so but they are either lacking the two critical ingredients that Kelly said are require, or if they have these ingredients, but the quantity is extremely small.

The following website is for a German company, and you will find there product with a good amount of these two enzymes present.

Note By Tom Coghill of

It is my firm conviction the the Ultimate Cure for Cancer is Bruess and Kelly’s treatments combined. Juice fasting 40 to 50 days (1/2 liter, daily) with one level tablespoon of raw pig pancreas given 10 times per day and a high dosage of vitamin E for its anti angiogenesis properties. I have witnessed the power of both therapies individually doing case studies of holistic treatment on advanced cancer. Both the Kelly and Bruess treatments have limits. Combined they are a powerful effective treatment. If you would like to be guided in this combined cancer treatment protocol. Contact

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  1. R.E.X Tan says:

    I do not have elaborated knowledge on these medical terms/research/methods etc but i certainly am aware of the power of fasting. Of all the numerous reports i find, fasting most definitely do not have any detrimental effect on any disease known to man. Rather it either enhances the conventional treatments or cure the ailment totally.
    Human being are more receptive to vegetables than meat in more ways that you imagine. Look at our digestive system when compared to carnivore and compare it to herbivore.
    Science has even shown that our present teeth (most notifiable our canine teeth) wasn’t really developed til recent history.
    Human are meant to be largely herbivorous.
    “You are what you eat”. Adhere to it and mark the difference.