Colon Cleansing Formulas

These are mixtures of several dietary fibers, both soluble and insoluble. They may include various herbs that have a cleansing effect on the colon. These are superior to psyllium husk, but are more expensive and range in prices from $10 to $30.

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3 Responses to Colon Cleansing Formulas

  1. gilberto ortiz says:

    saludos -podria orientarme el nombre comercial -de enemas en mexico y donde comprarlos – gracias

  2. authordiana says:

    My grandmother’s sister who is still alive today in her mid 90’s swears that in her 30’s she had colon cancer, but healed herself partly with juices. I remember when she babysat me as a child and she would insist that I drink juices plus a few nuts also (before) breakfast. My grandmother had the same thing (colon cancer) in her later 60’s. She went to the doctor (instead) and died around 2 years later. My grandmother also ate totally different than her sister. My grandmother is now gone and her sister is still living in her 90’s, 23 years after my grandmother died, and 60+ years after she herself was diagnosed with cancer. Big difference in beliefs, lifestyle, and eating patterns. -Author Diana Neiderhiser.