Your Fasting Journey

Some find fasting easy and fast for 30 days on juice for their first fast. Others have a hard time getting past two days. Just do your best. Your fasting journey will not be without failures. It is only through failures that you can learn. With each victory, you will discover the joys of fasting.

For those who press on, fasting has rewards. Clear sinuses that can smell a delicate fragrance; sensitive skin that shivers with the caress of a warm breeze; emotions that become a symphony to the soul; and a mind that can capture the profound depths of God and glimpse the joy of Adam and Eve. Instead of becoming old and sick with the coming years, you will age gracefully and be amazed at how young you feel. Hitting forty and fifty years old, life has just begun. A few more wrinkles but feeling like twenty.

To change your life in a powerful way you need to master the art of fasting. In this fast-paced money centered culture, fasting is the reset button that takes you back to who you really are. It gives you time to be at peace and find yourself. It opens doors in the spiritual realm that can free a soul or change a nation. From Christ battling Satan in the desert to the divorced cashier battling breast cancer, fasting has a power to transform the outcome.

fasting journey

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6 Responses to Your Fasting Journey

  1. Fawn says:

    great thoughts for me today. very blessed to live in this big log home and have the beauty of everything around me. certainly need to look at the things given right now and move from there while I am here on earth. fasting day 2 here..

  2. Justin says:

    This is so nice to hear. I’ve been having a hard time getting past day 2. I love this verse in 1st John. Thank you so much for this inspiration. I want to make a single day fast part of every week. I’ve been doing this since the beginning of the year, and am getting ready for a longer fast here soon. It’s exciting, and I know, with God’s help, that I’ll be up to the challenge!

  3. Mikel says:

    I have read Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Fasting book, and I have fasted up to nine days before (master cleanse) plus water fast of three days.

    My problem:
    For the past 5 days, I have suffering from a pilonidal cyst. The surgeon wants to cut it out; I don’t want surgery, if at all possible. I wonder whether a water fast will heal it. I also am concerned because I have been taking cephalexin for the past 2 days. It has a warning to keep taking it till I take all the pills, or trouble will occur. It says on your site not to fast while on medication. I feel stuck. Can you provide some insight? Thanks very much.

  4. SinCera says:

    New here…not sure where to post this, so I’ll do it here 🙂
    1. I’m 22 years old
    2. I’m 6’1″ & 152 lbs
    3. I need advice on the best fast for my lifestyle!
    4. I have done 3 day water fasts & 3 day master cleanses every now & then.
    5. My reasons for wanting to fast vary:
    -Normal weight range for adults my height is 140-189. I’ve lost about 55 lbs in the past 8 months or so. I’ve always had a slender build & tend to feel better at the lower end of the weight spectrum. So I would like to lose about 12 more pounds.
    -The spiritual aspect of fasting is something I feel I could definitely use at this point in my life. I’ve been making a lot of changes without really understanding how I feel about them. I’d like to get more in sync with myself.
    -Recently I changed my lifestyle; I went from being almost sedentary to being highly active. I work out every other day at least, as well I’m participating in roller derby so I train for this full contact sport 3 days a week. My eating habits have gone from eating anything & generally overeating, to a basic low calorie high nutrition diet…lots of fruit & veggies. I’ve been feeling very weighed down & sluggish after I eat, almost depressed even!
    -I’m also seeking some relief of common problems i encounter as well as ailments i have (below).
    6. I have no diagnosed conditions, however I have my problems:
    -I have utterly no appetite until after 7pm or so, & then I tend to overeat.
    -I can’t sleep! It’s impossible for me to fall asleep quickly or stay asleep. I literally lay there for hours exhausted but not being able to sleep. I’ve tried creating a consistent schedule, drinking tea, not watching tv for 2 hours before bed, & nothing is helping.
    -I get very anxious. I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety, but I can tell that something is “amiss” here…it’s spontaneous surges of emotion, generally from stress.
    -I’ve had inexplicable chest pains & heart palpitations a couple times a week since I was about 12. I’ve been to the emergency room twice, but with no luck & no money I don’t know anything about the cause.
    7. Again, my diet has been low-cal high nutrition, lots of veggies.

  5. keith101 says:

    Hi cincera
    Tom would be best to answer your questions, but water fasting gives me peace of mind and spiritual peace,
    Have a look at my water fasting videos on my site i am on dat 8 of a 40 day water fast.
    click on my link
    blessings Keith.