Fasting Needs Determination to Stay Focused & Succeed!

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If you want determination, you have to build it. If you want to succeed, you need to keep focused on the goal. If you want to be on fire for an idea, you better kindle a flame.

Moving forward with a blurry image of your goals is like driving down a dark, winding, country road with your lights covered in mud. Eventually, you lose your direction. The key to self-discipline is in maintaining a focused state of mind toward a goal. Reading, thinking and talking about your goals get the mind focused.

Create charts to visualize your progress. After waking up, take a few moments to dwell on the things you wish to attain throughout the day.

Think of the commitments you have made to yourself and strengthen them by thinking of all the positive improvements that are now visible in your life.

Before sleeping, create in your mind pictures of yourself marching through the day accomplishing the goals you have set before you.

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4 Responses to “Fasting Needs Determination to Stay Focused & Succeed!”

  • Helen says:

    Iam an asthmatic- is it save to fast. I really want to fast for reasons that I beleive this fasting will turn my life positive..

    Need your advise.

  • Tom Coghill Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Helen,
    You will be amazed at the benefits of fasting for asthma. Even in a few days you will feel a marked difference. And fasting is often life-changing. It was for me.

  • Faith says:

    Hey Tom…
    I’ve lost weight several times with fasting and have loved the experience… However, I havn’t been able to make anything stick ever….I am getting killed with food addiction, seems every time I have a victory the fall gets worse… I know God wants me to be free but I won’t say no to food cravings once my thoughts are on them… It’s like I can’t stop if I wanted too…anyway, I’m scared about this problem….only a few pounds over weight but it’s going to way more than that if I don’t get free from this… I have a desk job and the more food I eat the more I want to hide…. I realize that I eat when I’m bored or because it gives me something to look forward too, just can’t seem to stop making that choice..

    What finally clicked inside your heart when you decided to say no to the cravings for the last time? .. Just can’t seem to make it a life thing… Or maybe I’m scared to let go of the comfort of food – I’m heartbroken over this and most folks I talk too don’t know what to say. Even if I see the root of the self esteem issues what do I do with them? I feel like Paul, doing what I hate and not doing what I want to do (a body of death indeed)… If I had a week to go to a retreat or get away from my job & daily life to fast I think that would do wonders, however.. I don’t have the time off or the money to pay for anything…. God is doing amazing things in my life and the enemy is attacking me full force with this addiction, like never before…. Any pearls of wisdom? encouragement? all thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading,

  • Katie says:

    To everyone who struggles with a food addiction, you can break it with God!
    I have struggled with overeating since I was 7. I remember the first time I did it. I remember how much I used to love eating and eating, and the pleasure it brought. I was a gluttonous selfish person and was miserable.

    The depression brought on by food addiction is so common most people mistake it for clinical depression, so they go see a counselor who tries to place blame on childhood, parents, deep seated fears. The truth is, all of the additives in food are having profound effects on our bodies. We are larger and less healthy than any generation before us.

    As for breaking this cycle of addiction, the best thing I can tell anyone is, Pray. Only you will know when you are ready to break the cycle. Until you are ready, practice as much self restraint as possible. Food isn’t a drug that you can stop cold turkey. It also isn’t an addiction that is as easily treated as another addiction like heroin.

    Prayer will help, where nothing else will. It has helped me and it can help you too.

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