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Pot Smoking Toxins Can Be Cleansed By Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is one of the most powerful ways and if not, the best way to clean the lungs from built up toxins and tar caused by pot smoking. When I was young I smoked pot for several years heavily. I was addicted and wanted to be high all the time regardless of the price to my health. Yet all the signs were there. I could feel the damage to my lungs. Recently, science has discovered what Cannabis is doing to the body, and it is not good.

If you thought cigarettes are bad for your health, pot is worse. Smoking a joint is equivalent to 20 cigarettes in the risk of lung cancer state, scientists in New Zealand that are warning pot smokers of an “epidemic” of lung cancers linked to cannabis.

Cannabis or Pot Smoking Increases the Incidence of Lung Cancer

Cannabis can cause cancer? There have been very few past studies confirming that claim. However, those few studies have established a clear connection between cannabis use and incidence of lung cancer.

The European Respiratory Journal stated, “Cannabis could be expected to harm the airways more than tobacco as its smoke contained twice the level of carcinogens, such as poly aromatic hydrocarbons, compared with tobacco cigarettes”.

Whereas cigarettes are filtered, joints are typically smoked without a filter and usually to very tip, to increases the amount of smoke inhaled. The cannabis smoker also inhales deeply and holds the smoke in the lungs, increasing the deposition of carcinogens in the airways.

“Cannabis smokers end up with five times more carbon monoxide in their bloodstream (than tobacco smokers),” team leader Richard Beasley, at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, said in a telephone interview.

“There are higher concentrations of carcinogens in cannabis smoke … what is intriguing to us is there is so little work done on cannabis when there is so much done on tobacco.”

The researchers interviewed 79 lung cancer patients and sought to identify the main risk factors for the disease, such as smoking, family history and occupation. The patients were questioned about alcohol and cannabis consumption.

In this high-exposure group, lung cancer risk rose by 5.7 times for patients who smoked more than a joint a day for 10 years, or two joints a day for 5 years, after adjusting for other variables, including cigarette smoking.

“While our study covers a relatively small group, it shows clearly that long-term cannabis smoking increases lung cancer risk,” wrote Beaseley.

“Cannabis use could already be responsible for one in 20 lung cancers diagnosed in New Zealand,” he added.

“In the near future we may see an ‘epidemic’ of lung cancers connected with this new carcinogen. And the future risk probably applies to many other countries, where increasing use of cannabis among young adults and adolescents is becoming a major public health problem.”

If you have damage to your lungs due to smoking cannabis, you will need a longer fast over 20 days as the tar deposits are sticky and do not break down easily and resist the cleansing power of fasting.

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62 Responses to Cannabis Research

  1. agentshags says:

    Juice fasting helps detox ganja, eh? I kind of had an feeling that it could help me kick my habit, but helping my lungs after 20 days? i had no idea! looks like I’m sticking with this juice fast for at least 17 more days!

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi agentshags,
    Cannabis, Smoking Pot, Weed, hash oil is hard to quit if it is a lifestyle. The carving can be bad. Take at least two weeks to get it out of your system. Best of success.

  3. C43 says:

    Cannabis is not that bad of an addiction, coffee is more addicting. But sounds good that fasting can clear out some stuff from lungs =D

  4. agentshags says:

    Up until 5 days ago, I had been smoking cannabis on an almost daily basis as a “lifestyle”. Although not the sole reason I got interested in fasting, the detox aspect appealed to me very much, as my body has been through MUCH abuse through the use of drugs alcohol and a wide variety of very unhealthy food. After reading this article I just had to comment because I felt it related to my life, and now I felt compelled to register for this fine resource of a website! I have made it to day five of my raw juice fast, and with each day that passes I am feeling healthier, more clear headed, and am losing some of my flab I “earned” from being a pothead with a case of the constant munchies. I feel stronger both physically and mentally, and I just wanted to say that this [fasting] was possibly one of the best choices I have made in a LONG time.

    Thanks for the great space here, and I will be around


  5. Pot smoker says:

    That’s complete bullshit.
    There are more recent studies that show it actually REVERSES cancer. Tar is only present in processed tobacco (or at least only to the point where it actually will STICK to your lungs).

    Cannabis is a healthy herb.
    People need to stop believing propaganda.

    Oh an another thing, if you can’t quit, you’re pathetic.

    Addiction is a weak persons excuse.

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hey Pot Smoker,
    I was a hard core pot head for many years. It really fried my lungs. If you think there is no tar in a joint just look at the inside of a water pipe. And what is all the coughing during a joint for if it is not hard on the lungs.
    Yes coffee is addictive but pot has a deeper addiction.

    Reversing cancer…. I would have to see that one. For sure it reduces the effects of chemotherapy and has medical uses.
    “If you can’t quit, you’re pathetic.”
    I found quitting any drug very difficult. Physically and mentally. Maybe you are a rock of discipline. Please teach us how as most regular people have a problem with self-discipline.
    I was hoping to create some heated discussion with this post. Thanks for starting it.
    Enjoying the sparing.

    • GML80 says:

      It actually has been proved to have extreme potential to reverse certain STI’S and can help treat glaucoma for younger people. The reason it’s for younger people is because older people may not tolerate mind effects. Google it. Its been in the news and many many blogs. although i agree it can be real bad for you, it can also help alot of people.

      • awakeningdharma says:

        Glaucoma onset is generally typically late 30′s with the majority of onset at about age 50 or older. This is due to the fact that as we age we have thinner corneal thickness. You would be AMAZED at the number of ‘older people’ that use cannabis to treat their glaucoma symptoms. Many prefer to eat or drink it in tincture as it is easier to conceal from family members, landlords, church folk as the judgment of some people are incredible.

        Just because something is in the news doesn’t necessarily mean its true.

    • awakeningdharma says:

      Cannabis is not a drug and is not addictive. Marijuana does not cause physical dependence. If people experience withdrawal symptoms at all, they are remarkably mild. What can occur is that people will ‘choose’ to become dependent upon it to psychological reasons, avoidance or confronting emotions. Yes, smoking anything has carcinogens, and so does cooking food, toast, the wood fireplace.

      Your article doesn’t speak to the fact that cigarettes can contain up to 4000 chemical additives, not including the chemically treated paper or the minute fibers in the filter that can also be inhaled and become a nesting ground for bacteria.

      Your article also doesn’t speak to the many other things other than smoking that contribute to lung cancer in our very own environment, which include many of the commerical skin products, sunscreens, air fresheners, dish soap and laundry detergent. And let us not forget commercial prepared food that contains a plethora of chemicals and crap that like to live in our organs. The study of 79 people is hardly to base any opinion or judgment – nor who funded the research as most of these released studies that make it mainstream are funded by corporate food companies, the tobacco industry and/or pharmaceutical companies that sell cancer treatment medications. Ironically the are funded by Glaxo Smith Kline It is the world’s third largest pharmaceutical company whose aim is not to cure, but to produce more money majoring in cancer and asthma medications. It being one three largest revenue making pharma industries it is clear to indicate that it operates like any massive corporation – make money. Relying on a measly study and not sharing any other pro-cannabis smoking individuals is not good information sharing.

      Nor did you look at the various unhealthy glues that are used in rolling papers versus natural healthy alternatives. Nor did you mention, for the overall compassionate interest for the betterment of human kind to consider if you are to consume cannabis – the healthier options available, especially to those people in chemotherapy, MS, chronic pain syndromes and countless other health challenges that benefit from use of cannabis.

      Yes, smoking cannibis does create a tar, however, tobacco is tightly packed and the real time ratio is that a cigarette vs. one joint contains 3x as much tar. In addition, smoking cannabis on natural paper, or hemp paper is also less damaging. Where you got your information is myth, hype and bogus.

      As for coughing, take a controlled inhalation, use a water pipe or water bong, use a vaporizer or just eat it. Eating it is far more healthier all way around as you are ingesting the entire plant and therefore the consumption of the full synergy of the plant as way more healing benefits than smoking.

      Your article is one sided and biased. Nor did you share why you were a pothead and what it was the lead to stop smoking it. My hunch is that you moved into an improved overall living existence, and there was a positive shift in your life or less stress. Perhaps you were in counselling and confronted your mental emotionality and did not need to avoid or suppress your chronic use of cannabis. Nor did you mention there is inherently a difference between using cannabis recreationally versus those that use it for its holistic alternative uses other than or in conjunction with western medicine.

      Your ignorance of all the factors and sensational reference to using the word ‘epidemic’ is equal to being in part with creating hysteria and diverting people from seeking alternative health options to include in their healing.

    • faster88 says:

      haha omg I read through this thread and Tom you are hilarious!! “enjoying the sparing” made me giggle.

      Both sides are right. Smoking weed is worse than not smoking but better than coffee and cigarettes. Everybody has their own vices :p

      Vaporizers/volcanoes are fabulous
      Pipes, joints, blunts, bongs will all cause lung damage just by the act of smoking any substance. You could smoke flowers and it would cause some lung damage…

      In terms of weed and addiction, I feel it’s more the person and not the substance. For example some people are addicted to food, but it would be funny to say that food is dangerous. It could be dangerous, but hey, so can water, you can drink too much and drown lol.

      It’s all about balance. Everyone is different so finding your own balance is a good goal to have.
      I don’t think it’s imperative to quit smoking weed while fasting, you’re not eating, therefore the body will still be in ketosis.. Besides, smoking weed and fasting might be good for you in terms of building discipline, endurance and perseverance… you might become a stronger person because you’ve got some crazy will power smoking weed and then ignoring the munchies! haha

      this thread is awesome ^___^

  7. Billigflüge New York says:

    Most people treat it like a lifestyle and don´t think about or diminish the risks of smoking wheat. it can cause psychosis for example or just lead to become a not socialable person.

    • awakeningdharma says:

      The psychosis you speak of is commonly due to the smoking the Sativa strain, which increases appetite and energy. With the increase of cannabis smoking, the numbers of people suffering psychosis would also increase – and this is not the case.

      There is however a theory that individuals predisposed to schizophrenia could possibly be triggered to have an earlier onset. Oddly enough those suffering Schizophrenia and smoke the indica strain of cannabis find it helps balance moods while reducing the symptoms, improved sleep patters and other benefits. Again this is a theory based on a small study that is not conclusive nor does it investigate all the parameters.

  8. Delivered! says:

    Daily devotions, prayer and surrounding myself with the word of God is all I needed…try it! It was a 6 month struggle after 10 years of smoking (every day), pray, go smoke, feel guilty…pray, go smoke, feel guilty. I kept at it, everyday, longing to be closer to Him but this silly, weak flesh was haunting me wanting me to give in. EVERY time I felt the urge, I immediatly start to pray and ask for His strength and now, well, I am totally healed and delivered and on teh right track to minister to other Christians going through this struggle. Praise God! He is merciful and graceful and will not take you to a place without pulling you out of your misery; its hard, but trust in Him and don’t give up, eventually you will have your deliverance, I have. He is the BEST MEDICINE AROUND! :0)

    • peter says:

      hi Delivered, you right, there are too many pple out there who want to justify the benefits off cannabis and there arent many maybe a small one and i was one of those people..the best MEDICINE IS GOD,and the BEST HIGH IS JESUS. AMEN.YOU ARE SURELY BLESSED LET THE WISE TAKE HEED.

  9. prosmoker says:

    Please include facts about vaporizers in the next post. They can reduce potential damage greatly.

  10. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Yes if you are going to smoke pot or hash a vaporizer greatly reduces the damage to lungs.

  11. shonn says:

    what are the effects of eating cannibus. shonn

  12. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Shonn,
    The cannabis high comes on slower when eaten as it takes time to break down the cannabis oils in the stomach. I am not sure if that would be healthier as hash is made by using chemicals in the refining. (but not all) It can take 3 hours to get high and 7 hours to come down so the high is not controllable and most prefer smoking cannabis.

    I smoked for years when I was younger. Although I enjoy the high it is not worth the cost in damage to health and reduction of self-discipline and motivation. It make people more self-centered from what I see. To me it is lesser of two evils when compared to alcohol. A vaporizer is probable the best bet as far as reducing damage to the body. In general, a good diet, exercise and doing something you feel good about will give you a better high.

    • awakeningdharma says:

      Eating cannabis is probably the best way to ingest it, and cooked properly in organic butter. There are various methods. It should be ingested at least 2-3 hours after eating and an hour prior to eating. If take properly and made properly it would take a few times to determine the edible dosage. Ingesting the ‘whole’ plant is the best way as all the properties of the plant work in synergy and are able to effectively contribute to healing properties. However, if just using it recreationally, it could be quit limiting and create that ‘wheelchair’ experience.

      Ingesting cannabis is not for everyone, and several individuals, especially those with a high tolerance don’t feel the ‘high’ but experience the holistic benefits.

      Ingesting hash is risky business unless you know it is organic and processed in the bubble method.

  13. celeb says:


    Tom, it’s something I’d like to move away from, but in ways am afraid my creativity & way I get into that creative space will disappear. It’s strange to hear, but it’s the way I feel.

  14. shonn says:

    smoking or eating weed occassionally during a fast, will it hurt the fast and detoxification

  15. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Through a darkfield microscope doing live blood analysis you can see tar in the blood. It will reduce the detoxification. If you do a creativity test, such as art, guitar or writing both high and straight and compare the results you will clearly see that the creativity is just a feeling of being high and not an increased ability. So if you want output as I need, quit. If you enjoy the feeling of being creative then…

  16. mr. mojo rising says:

    if there is anything you need to know about weed, the one true source you can find is in a book called the Emperor wears no clothes. it’s pretty much THEE pot bible. amazing the many uses!

    only reason you can get cancer from it is smoking. there are so many ways to intake it. if it was legal, im sure it’d be nicely packaged with a filter (or conveniently found in special foods).

    even if we didnt consume it, it could naturaly ( and easily) grow in farms for mass production to extract the oil to fuel cars, make clothes, paper, etc. the list goes on!


    so… why is it illegal?

  17. mr. mojo rising says:

    oh yeah, and addiction should not be blamed on anything we consume. i dont care if you talk about heroin or brownies, addiction is part of being an unconscious human and shows how weak one is.

  18. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi mr. mojo rising,
    Weed… amazing natural oil, better that trees for paper making. The seed at amazing protiens and it has 1000′s of researchers backing it as a cure for cancer and many diseases.
    I have been reseaching it for a week. Hard to ignore the finding. Yea it is our resonsibilty for any addiction.

  19. Gia says:

    A friend of mine was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He was only 19. To get through the pain he smoked cannabis. Unfortunately he ended up passing away, at 19. I don’t believe cannabis is BENEFICIAL to “reversing cancer”.

  20. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    There are countless studies by researchers on cannabis and curing cancer. It may be far more effective with fasting. It is proven for pain and nausea reduction during chemo therapy. And it has to be prepared a certain way and taken orally.

  21. Gia says:

    Hey Tom! Yes I definitely agree that taken orally or any way other than smoking it helps with the nausea and pain, I just don’t believe it has positive affects when smoked because of the carcinogens involved.

  22. Antoinette says:

    I really appreciate this information. Though many people claim smoking pot is not addictive, I have seen many people stuck in a daily pot ritual, that interferes with their life and health. Call it addiction, call it weakness, call it a habit, or whatever you like, but I call it a problem. When it is the first thing you run to in the morning or when you get home from work, rather than your family, this is a problem. When it makes you want to do nothing but eat and sleep, this is a problem. Nothing should control your life in that manner.

    Thanks again for the information.

  23. nat says:

    Being a former pot and cigarette smoker I can tell you from my personal experience that smoking cigarette’s is way worse than smoking pot, they can take thier “scientific research” and stick it. I was coughing and hacking everyday, I would wake up in the morning and I literally could not breath, I was spitting up these little clearish looking balls of something and of course this funky colored phlem. When I woke up one morning and I could not breath at all, it felt like someone was sitting on my chest,I quit smoking cig. that same day and continued to smoke pot, within the first 2 days I could see a remarkable difference, I could breathe again! I continued smoking pot for about 2years more ( I quit for FINANCIAL reasons NOT health), I went to the gym every morning – before having my morning joint and I had NO PROBLEMS with my breathing. Smoking pot is better than the pill form as well, from what I have read, people seem to have more side effects from this man made, synthetic pill form of marijuana. SO to all of you who still believe the 1930′s propoganda, I guess your allowed to live the lie, but isn’t it time for the truth to be told? The body process marijuana much differently than those 3,000 DANGEROUS chemicals or so that are found in cig. Even though I no longer smoke I am a huge supporter of the legalization of marijuana. 420!!!

    • peter says:

      hi nat
      advocate somwthin youdont do yourself is not ideal, would you recommend it to a kid…….no i dont think so….caught up with the love of weed….i was once like that…youll also get to the stage where youll see the ill effects of weed, but bless you for quitting. we can all say Jah bless without puffing on the ses.

  24. Megan says:

    There are many ways to ingest marijuana. In fact, THC can be absorbed through the skin, but you would have to buy a topical spray through a pharmacy (and thus have a “green” card).
    Smoking marijuana in itself isn’t harmful, but there are some factors to consider: quality of strain, smoking devices…
    If you’re smoking good quality stuff with a vaporizer, you shouldn’t suffer any issues at all.
    And, in truth, THC has been shown to increase alpha brain wave activity: creativity.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      I aggree that a vaporizer is the safest way to smoke THC. As to increase creativity that is an illusion. Many years ago when I was a pot smoker. We tried writting straight then high. When we were high we felt creative but when we read it straight it was clear we were stoned. We were going to do the test writting material review while stoned but we lost our motivation. “topical spray” I wish I had that here for cancer therapy. I did not know they even made such a product.

  25. Rhet says:

    Hey Megan,

    Like with so many other mind-altering substances, everyone’s neurochemistry is a little different. For some people, a glass of red wine or two a day is a healthy habit. For some others, it leads to overuse, or gives them headaches or makes them obnoxious.

    Pot turns some people into unmotivated space cadets. Or it makes them paranoid and edgy (that’s me). Others, it knocks down mental barriers and facilitates creativity, or brings deep relaxation and contemplation. You really just have to look at your life as a whole–have your relationships, productivity, overall health, improved or declined with pot use? My sister and brother use a vape and get high maybe once a week, and they are both incredibly productive and socially positive. For me, once a year is too much.

    Pot is against the law because keeping it illegal makes selling it more lucrative, and powerful people in and out of government know that. Like other illegal drugs, it creates an untraceable money source for all manner of nefarious activities. Also, the “War on Drugs” has created its own industry (police, corrections, plant-killing chemicals, intelligence, etc) that now has a lot of inertia and a big lobby.

    Hemp is illegal because legalizing it would make it harder to keep pot illegal (though one is the male and one is the female plant, I believe), and because it competes with huge petroleum, timber and cotton industries for the making of paper, rope, clothing, etc.

    And Tom and others are right–legalizing industrial hemp AND marijuana would help save the economy–certainly California’s, anyway.

  26. MEDICINE MAN 69 says:




  27. MEDICINE MAN 69 says:


  28. georgie says:

    Hi, I am a 50yr old woman who has smoked cigs since I was 14yrs and pot since I was 15yrs. I’ve had a few breaks from the pot in the years since, which was VERY easy to do, but have NEVER been able to have any breaks let alone quit cigs. Yes in my time I have also taken many other so called drugs, both legal and illegal. May I just put my two penneth worth of advice in to this chat. I gave up cocaine and speed VERY easily because I was smart and did not needle anything EVER. I still smoke a minimum of pot each day(although I will take the advice about the vaporiser usage), but I do not rush for it rather than my children at any time, yes it is a good relaxant for fairly stressed out people(I’d rather hear of someone having a smoke or whatever of pot than beat up their spouses or children). I would prefer to eat it but that has nowhere near the same effect and it tastes disgusting. I would also like to see pot legalised but what then would the governments of the world do with it like they have with tobacco. I also FULLY believe that if you do believe in God as yes I do, then you should also believe that everything on this planet and in this and any other universe was put here for a reason. Maybe some of us chose a different way of using some of these plants, but maybe governments should do more research on these illegal things as some of them MAY be able to help in some deseases. By the way do any of you realise that a lot of legal drugs have some illegal drugs in them, all you older people who carry on about DRUGGIES are probably taking the same thing in their legal drugs, which I have also been put on by doctors and gotten addicted to very quickly and have found quite hard to get off. personally I think the whole DRUG thing should be rethought and re-researched. Thankyou for reading, sorry if I babbled a bit. Georgie

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Georgie,
      I am all for cannabis for cancer treatment and pain reduction. The depth and volume of research is incredible. The oil from the seed is the most nutritious on earth. The seed protein of hemp is truly discovered in therapeutic ability. I was a druggie from many years. So most of your points I agree with. Thanks for your comment.

      • awakeningdharma says:

        cocaine, meth, heroine = drugs chemically altered much like pharmaceuticals

        Cannabis and hemp are weeds, natural plants – because you smoked cannabis does not fit being a druggie – there is a massive distinction.

  29. Fergus says:


    Could you recommend juices that are particularly good for the lungs.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Fergus,.
      Here in the philippines we use Sayote. A bright green fruit the seems to help lung conditions when juiced raw but I doubt you could get it in the USA. The best for the lungs is vitamin E, essential oils and and a 20 day juice fast.

      • awakeningdharma says:

        *organic fresh squeezed lemon juice and cayenne rejuvenates
        *organic grapefruit is linked to be a cancer preventative, helps remove dead and dying cell tissue
        *organic ginger, rose hips, ginger and peppermint will also help removing mucous

        If you are going to be recommending essential oils, ensure that they are of Therapeutic Grade vs. common retail shelved oils. Many non-therapeutic oils contain fillers and synthetics that are absorbed into the body, especially when applied on the our second digestive system the skin. Some contain similar liquid plastics and other nasty harmful chemicals that can lodge in our organs and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Many inexpensive ‘essential oils’ may smell wonderful but can actually create more problems as it is carried throughout the entire system through the blood.

        **Sayote ,is available globally. Here in North America it is called Chaoyte and is good source of amino acids and vitamin C. Vitamin A is also referred to as the anti-infective vitamin, since it is critical for immune system health. Vitamin A plays an important role in the development and maintenance of white blood cells, which help support the body’s immune response.

  30. georgie says:

    Fergus, this is the woman just before you, Georgie. I’ve just been diagnosed with COPD and Emphasema(not sure if I got the right spelling there, but you get the idea). My suggestion for you would be to go to your local bookstore and find maybe a book called “The Juice Fasting Bible” by Sandra Cabot M.D. Most decent Juice Fasting Books can give you a lot of ideas. If there’s a juice you don’t like in the book I suggest as you’ll see you can look up another that may or will have the same benefits. My best friend has just been diagnosed with bad Lung Cancer, she has gotten straight into juices, of course with chemo and radiation and she seems to be doing a lot better ,so far. Hope you find what your looking for and that it will help you also, best of luck. Georgie from Australia

  31. Joseph says:

    hey there, ive been smoking cannabis ever since my aunts introduced me to “silver chronic” when i was about 8 years old, ever since them i reaized that itrs all around me, and i had found a way to get some ever day, ive smoked EVERY day for years and years, and now that im getting older its taking its toll on who i am and what i do, i have panic attacks everytime i smoke now, and yet i still smoke all day, i get completly numb, aroudn my head and back of the neck area, lol, but its odd, also somtimes i feel embrassions i gues syou could call them, where if i see a certain pattern i feel this jolt through me, like a flash of light and i spasm, and it happens almost every night when im almost asleep, and it keeps me up. when im out in public i panic, and my heart races unbelievably fast, or seemingly fast, and i cant breathe usually, when i try to do anything i feel disoriented, recently my chets has been hurting and i still constantly smoke, ive been trying very hard to quit, but for somereason i cant seem to stop, no matter how bad it is on me

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      A 30 day fast would elimate most of the problems you state. As to quiting.
      1. Write a list of all the reasons you want to quit and read it when you wake and before you sleep.
      2. Visualize your life free of smoking and feeling good and content without it.
      3, Do not buy it.
      4. Do not hang around other pot smokers.
      5. Start to exercise.
      6. Find something to occupy your mind.
      7. Buy a juicer, and some vitamins and suppliments.
      8. drink 3 tablespoons of essential oil daily.
      If you must get high use a vaporizer or eat it.

  32. ReddO says:

    Well first I would like to say thank you for the info. I think that just like alcohol, pot can effect different people in different ways. Men especially. I have recently quit smoking pot along with my boyfriend and have noticed that it has affected him more than it has me. I am not a doctor and dont know the effects that it has medically, all i know is personal experience. I did not quit for any particular reason, but I have noticed that my habbits have not changed except for my sleeping habbits. I now suffer form insomnia, and have some really off the wall dreams when I actually do get to sleep. I have the same eating habbits, I still like to play my video games and I still go to work, and I am still anit social. As far as being creative, can;t say that I agree with the creative side of Pot, all it creates for me is a calm, mellow, easy going personality, where I normally suffer from high stress levels, anxiety, and constant mood swings. So for me pot actually helps Other people to deal with me, lol, not me deal with the world. I don’t think that it is as addictive to some as it is to others, but you cant say that every person is the same either. I will always support the efforts to leagalizing pot reguardless if I am a pothead, beacuse pot creates peace not war (unless you got jipped on your sack LoL) Thank you for your time.

  33. Jayman says:

    I don’t understand all the crap that’s being spread about pot. It is by no means addictive, I smoked for years, and have no problem taking a break every now and then. I have no cravings for it, I have no physical symptoms by not smoking. I can smoke a joint or go through a small bag for a week or so and then not smoke for a month or so without even trying. Also, it’s crap that one joint is equivalent to 20 cigs. First of all you don’t need to deeply inhale or hold it in, I just casually smoke like a cigarette, and the weed today is strong enough that you only need about 3 hits and you’re good to go. Actually, weed is very calming and excellent for insomnia, also helps create an appetite for those who don’t enjoy food.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Jayman
      You are right. Most pot is so strong the people now only smoke a few puffs so the damage to the lungs will be minimum. Pot has numerous therapeutic qualities that are will documented.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Jayman,
      For some it is not addictive but many people smoke every day and never miss getting high, then say they are not addicted.
      Stimulation of any sort causes and opposite effect when you stop. It may not be measurable but it one of the reasons people continue to smoke.
      Reality can become boring when not high.
      If you think pot does not have lots of tar just take a look in any smoking pipe that clogs with a think heavy tar.
      And yes, there are many medical benefits and like any medication there are down sides, and yes it can increase the quality of life by reducing pain.
      Pot munchies can also make you very fat.
      If the body does not feel hungry the body is saying I want to fast.
      But the weed is so strong that only a few puffs are needed so the damage to the lungs is now minimal.
      The damage to motivation, memory and clarity of mind is a cost of using.

      • awakeningdharma says:

        Dood, I don’t know what you used to smoke – but certain strains will do certain things either increase appetite or supress it. Certain strains are good for some while others, not so good. Cannabis grown in chemical fertilizers are super harmful and can create an additional plethora of health risks.

        I started smoking cannabis medicinally after my stroke, not chronic – but sometimes i would have moments, but i was also educated and did my research prior to smoking it, while ensuring i kept my tolerance levels down, ensuring i had 3 days a week back to back of no ingesting, smoking or vapping cannabis. I use different strains for different ailments. Quite frankly you have no business smoking the stuff if you don’t even know about the strains, the various effects, the difference between organic, non, hydroponic, biodynamic or how they are flushed washed or treated.

        A growing number of dealers in North America, the bad money making ones, are now spraying bud with Crystal and REAL addictive chemical drugs. If you aren’t going to take the time to research the herb, and the sources and how its grown, and the healthiest ways to consume it for holistic or recreational purposes then your just plain ignorant.

        The benefits and pros out weigh the cons mentally, physically, spiritually, holistically, nutritionally, sustainably, body care, paper, fabric, textiles, rope, fuel, plastic alternatives and building materials. Its a weed and requires minimal care.

  34. peter says:

    i read all the comments, its been a fasinating discusssion, and there are truth about cannabis that are hidden from the public, and since it is illegal to have it , is it worth getting a criminal record for and ther arent any directions to smoke weeed, so it is difficult to find the balance when its too much or just about right….have been cannabis free for 4months now and i aint misssing it ….but there was one time where i was really addicted to it , now i dont think it was the weed that was addictive i think it was my mind. it affects people in differnt ways when i first started using it i was very gigglish, hungry and fun..over the years it just made me cope with the things i had to deal with like hurt and also the circle of friends i had , and i was demotivated….which is unlike me i agree it does have a wierd kind creative aspect to it….like wowh…..sometimes it doesnt…..decide whats best for you people and enjoy life with or without canabis. thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Peter,
      Although cannabis is not physically addictive. It becomes a coping mechanism where it is needed to function comfortably. But the trade off is becoming numb to the external world and tuned into the internal world and that makes people selfish and lazy from what I have seen and experienced.

  35. beebop says:

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) tickles the psychoactive cannabinoid receptors in your brain: that paranoid feeling that creeps around the corner some smokers experience is actually one of the plant’s natural defense systems to ward off herbivores. However, cannabis, in the 70′s only had maybe… 1.5% THC on average? Now, plants are being bred to have much higher percentages, usually around 5%, sometimes 6%. THC is used to treat pain. It can induce euphoria, and appetite stimulation. Your perception of time and senses may be altered. It can induce relaxation, but some experience anxiety. Over time, it may cause short-term memory loss.

    Though this is the most infamous of chemicals in cannabis, it is only one of over 80 different kinds on cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD), seems to have many more benefits than THC: relieving anxiety, convulsions, nausea, inflammation, and even inhibits cancer cell growth. There is even research indicating CBD acts as an anti-psychotic and may counteract the potential effects of THC on individuals with latent schizophrenia. ( )

    Now, everyone is different, and some people enjoy smoking marijuana. This lets your body immediately absorb the THC. Some people prefer the high from THC.

    I, however, prefer a more physical high. And through research, observation of peers, and personal experience I’ve found that ingesting cannabis is a much more enjoyable and healthy experience when one is seeking the calm or medicinal effects of marijuana. Tea, treats, and even candies are a great alternative to smoking and are usually available in any medical marijuana dispensary. (Some easy recipes are also available online. ;) ) THC is not absorbed as well when ingested, on the contrary, CBD is, and vice-versa when smoked.

    Marijuana, like any substance composed of chemicals introduced to your body (caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, MSG, et cetera), stimulates particular neurons, the brain’s receptors, and may even effect glia, (though glia’s actual function in relation to neurons is still debated and extensive research is yet to come because technology hasn’t been developed, but I digress…) This receptor, after being stimulated regularly by a chemical, becomes used to having this chemical as a part of its function. If you were to say, smoke cigarettes daily, your brain believes that you need it to function normally. Some chemicals, like nicotine, are much more addictive than others (though this is also debatable, because every brain is different, and studies have shown that people who are more likely to become addicted to cocaine are actually less likely to become addicted to nicotine). It can takes days, even weeks and months for your brain’s receptors to reset themselves to their original state.

    To those of you condemning others for being “weak”, you should not be so quick to judge. Addiction, though battled with your willpower, is a physical disease.

    And cannabis, though not necessarily physically addictive, does get your brain ticking in a different way and it may think that it needs it to function normally. It has been linked to depression, which could be related to your brain craving those feel-good chemicals it gives you.

    But it effects everyone differently: many find it to be an enjoyable social experience, where some only take some to clean the house. In any case, I hope my input did a little good.

  36. Doberman says:

    I have a question about ridding my fat cells of THC b/c I may have a urine test coming up. Can juicing help get the THC out of my cells so I pass the test? Please explain.

  37. Ron says:

    Hi Dobie, There are many opinions and methods but 30 days of abstanence is the real remedy. I suggest going to a “Head Shop”. There is a lot of stuff on the market for “flushing”. Some quite expensive! I’d get a test kit too just to see if you need to flush, or if the method worked. Get the head shop proprietors opinion, I’m sure he has a stream of people doing the same thing. Good luck, Ron

  38. faster88 says:

    do you think having thc in your fat cells make you high while you fast since ur burning your fat cells for fuel? This sounds like a dumb question but I’m just wondering if thats possible. Would it affect your detox at all?

  39. Ron says:

    the short answer? No.

  40. faster88 says:

    would it affect detox?

  41. Ron says:

    No, it would be treated like any other substance in your body.