Battling Cancer With Fasting: Causes of Cancer

Before I start this crucial chapter, please know that I am not a doctor nor have any degrees. What I share with you is my personal theory. Cancer is infinitely complex; to even profess some understanding is to take a risk that everything you know may be wrong. Yet, there is a common consensus amongst natural health practitioners that cancer is caused by these main factors.

Main Cancer Causing Factors

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. High levels of acid in the blood due to excess meat and processed food that require hydrochloric acid for digestion.
  3. Low oxygen from lack of physical activity.
  4. A buildup of toxins in the cellular structure.
  5. Trans-fatty acids (store-bought oils), which can enter the cell membrane and interfere with the information process of the cell.
  6. Stress and lack of sleep, which reduce the body’s regular maintenance procedures.
  7. Lack of antioxidants, which increases free radical damage.
  8. Parasites in the blood that create carcinogens in their metabolic process.
  9. Destructive emotions such as excessive guilt, anger and resentment.

Most of these factors are not only implicated in cancer but all disease known to man. In seeking healing, the most important aspect is the reversal of the causative agents. Modern medicine may offer surgery and chemotherapy but this does nothing to address the cause of the cancer. The best response to cancer is to address every causative factor and support the body in its defense through a combination of juice and water fasting.

Fasting Addresses the Above Cancer-causing Factors

  1. Genetic weakness can be strengthened.
  2. The juices of melons, grapes, oranges and lemons are highly alkaline as they are acidic and require an alkaline digestive substance to digest.
  3. Oxygen increases in the cells as there are no large, sticky, fat molecules in the blood slowing blood circulation and the lungs are being cleaned for greater oxygen absorption.
  4. Toxins are cleansed at a rapid rate.
  5. Toxic fat is used as fuel and the fast can be supplemented with essential oils.
  6. Stress is reduced and the body is given a much-needed rest.
  7. Fresh juice is loaded with antioxidants photochemical and other protective agents.
  8. Fresh ginger can be added to the fruit juices and cayenne pepper, oregano powder and garlic can be added to the veggie juice as well as supplements for parasites cleansing.
  9. Inner reflection afforded by fasting can resolve many emotional issues.

By far, an extended juice fast is the most powerful measure in preventing the factors that cause cancer and disease. A yearly fast in combination with daily exercise and a diet high in raw food is an insurance policy guaranteeing your retirement will not be one of suffering and restriction.

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