Fasting Cures Cancer

Fasting Is The Most Potent Natural Shield Against Cancer

Fasting will get you healed of cancer if I could say it in a more positive way, but that would be a lie. Yet, no matter what the outcome, fasting is still the most effective natural response to cancer. Fasting speeds healing after surgery, reduces the damage of chemotherapy, and strengthens the immune system. It greatly increases your odds of survival and, in the worst-case scenario, will postpone death.

Fasting and Its Natural Reaction With a Cancer Victims Body

Cancer is caused by an information breakdown within the cell. Like a computer virus, the computer no longer responds to the control from the operator, instead replicates in a destructive fashion. And so, cancer is out of touch with homeostasis and replicates destructively. It becomes greedy and steals the body’s resources. The wasting away seen in cancer is from the cancer consuming the glucose in the blood. As cancer cells increase, the normal cells get less and less nutrition. At this time, caretakers will try to supply extra calories to slow the wasting process, but this is the opposite of what needs to be done. If cancer requires larges amounts of glucose for reproduction, then the first defense needs to be reducing glucose in the blood. Healthy cells can live quite well on small amounts of glucose, while the cancer cells have greater calorie needs and are weakened by the lack of glucose. Fasting reduces glucose in the blood. It works best with a combination of water fasting and juice fasting using 2-5 glasses of juice per day followed by periods of eating small portions of fruits and vegetables. This approach will be the opposite of what doctors recommend, and it may be hard to convince a cancer patient of the wisdom of this. I have watched terminal cancer patients die because they put their faith in modern medicine and gave up any form of natural therapy. One can only respect their decision.

Another fact to consider is that fasting intensifies the scouring action of the immune system. The clean up cells approach the trillions of cells of the body and read the chemical label that tells the state of the cell’s health. If it is dead, diseased or dying, it is removed. On the first stage of cleansing the immune system checks a cancer cell to see its condition and reads it as healthy. Then it moves on looking for another cell to cannibalize. Initiated by low blood glucose levels, this inspection process increases in scrutiny with continued demand for cannibalization. Eventually, fasting will break down tumors. How long into a fast before cannibalization does this is unpredictable.

There is another interesting factor brought in by fasting. Fasting causes an increase of toxins in the blood. The cancer must also endure this barrage. It is sort of like a natural form of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, the immune system is being given every resource it needs and allowed to fully focus on scouring the body.

It is the combination of all these factors mentioned that enable the body to heal.

A juicer is necessary. The key to battling cancer with juice fasting is small amounts of low-calorie, nutrition-packed juice. Thus, you get the maximum scouring action. Make green vegetable juices from kale, spinach, green lettuce, leeks, and lemons, using carrots, beets and apple for the base. Strain the juice. Drink Essiac Tea or water between the juices. If possible use an enema daily. Go to your local health store and buy the herbs and supplements that are recommended. Ask your friends to pray. When faced with the decision for surgery or chemotherapy, get alone and pray until you get peace about the decision. When you have peace, you have reached the right decision. Do not make decisions out of fear and family pressures.

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