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Fasting For Asthma

I am currently on the third day of a water/honey/lemon juice fast. I started fasting to make my weigh-ins as a flight attendant.  Now I am fasting because of the health benefits.   A HUGE “thank you” to Tom for this site.  You are a wealth of knowledge and a great inspiration!  Because of the info you have provided regarding a juice fast, I plan to continue my current fast with juices during the course of this week.  I find this time of year, during spring and the season of lent & passover, a spiritually uplifting time for rejuvenation.  My question is as follows:  Do you have any advice regarding fasting and a post fast diet that can help me get off of medication (steroids) for asthma?  I have mild but sporadic asthma and take small daily doses of meds for prevention.  Thank You!

Asthma can be totally healed by fasting.  I have seen total and complete recovery without remission.  You will need a 30 day juice fast. Post fasting diet should be free of wheat and milk products.

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