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Fasting For Kidney Damage

Hi guys. I’m starting a new juice fast today. I’m trying to heal my damaged kidneys from 23 years of Type 1 diabetes and ten years of drug abuse. My diabetes is pretty well controlled now, but for about 15 years it wasn’t. For about five of those I didn’t even own a blood glucose meter.

I started today off with a cup of tea as I didn’t want caffeine withdrawal headache. I forgot to mention that I’m trying to give smoking too.l I know smoking will hurt my kidneys. I have three left in my pack that I’ll smoke today, then I won’t buy any more for at least until my fast is finished. I know Tom says to fast until I get pain in my kidneys, so that’s what I’ll do. This has usually taken three days before.

I’m sticking to lower juices like tomato and green juice, as fruit causes a spike in blood sugar.


Hi Fiona,

Different ailments have different reactions to fasting.  Sometimes the kidneys may hurt and other times they do not.

The best rule is go slow by drinking about 3 litres of juice per and spacing out the glass to regular intervals. Always take a chromium supplement and get some  parsley for juicing with the other veggies.  If your kidneys start to ache use avocado to slow the fast down.  Take Vitamin E 1200 IU daily, B complex and 4 tablespoons of hemp and flax oil daily. If you can fill in a progress report it keeps things clear.

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3 Responses to Fasting For Kidney Damage

  1. StoneAgeQueen says:

    Thanks Tom. So it’s OK to take the oil and supplements when I’m fasting? Is it OK if I add the oil to my juice?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi StoneAgeQueen,
      Yes you can blend it with the juice or just take essential oils with a tablespoon.

      • ClydeBe says:

        I do NOT recommend juice fasting especially for KIDNEY problems, unless it is very low sugar, vegetable type. Sugar is the biggest toxin today and the major kidney killer. I have had normal patients come in after juice fasting and have been diabetic because of juice fasting.
        If you want to rebuild kidneys, some things to consider:
        Good things for KIDNEY regrowth are spirulina, asparagus, watermelon, parsley, seeds, celery. Avoid chocolate and cow dairy products.
        Good amino acids should be arginine, methionine, vitamin A, Lipioc acid. Eat no unnatural foods.
        Several herbs may be useful, inorder of priority: Gokshura, punanarva, shilajit, ashwaghanda, gotu kola, sarsaparilla, Bhumyamalaki, foti, shatavari, manjista, licorice, guduchi, pipali, turmeric, dandelion, ginger, fennel, hibiscus, burdock, cardamom, schizandra.

        Clyde Be