Oral Hygiene During Fasting

Can I still use my regular everyday toothpaste while juicing?

Yes, you need to brush your teeth more during fasting for several reasons. The breath gets bad and the tongue gets coated and there is a build up of bacteria and also a bad taste in the mouth.  Regular toothpaste is fine and waterpiks and floss are even better. Brushing your teeth several times per day can ward of cankers that are so common during fasting.  Mouthwash is also good between brushing.  Also brush the tongue to remove the yellow scum. If bad breath is affecting your work you can chew on some parsley.

All the major organs start to pass toxins and the tongue also does the same.  This is my claim and it would be great to find some science to back it.

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2 Responses to Oral Hygiene During Fasting

  1. Sean says:

    I have a question about undergoing dental surgery while fasting. I am currently on day 19 of a 40 day juice fast. (Well, mostly home-made vegetable potassium broth and home-made chicken broth – all liquid.) In about 2 weeks I am having all my remaining teeth pulled along with a surgery where they prepare the jaw-bone for dentures. The gums will have stitches in them for a week and then I go back for a followup. Is there any reason for concern having this procedure done while fasting? How about switching to water during the week after the procedure as I will be off work and can get plenty of rest? Can the local anesthetic and pain medications be a problem while fasting? Thanks

  2. ClydeBe says:

    Alternative doctors have been saying flouride is dangerous for 20 years, now finally regular docs are advising not to use flouride under the age of 2 due to neurotoxicity. So do you still want to use flouride as an adult – I don’t think so. Use any variety of natural toothpastes like “auromere”. Before you brush, use a tongue scraper, you can check your progress during a fast by seeing what your tongue looks like in the morning which is when you should use the tongue scraper.

    Clyde Be