Fasting For Hypertention

Fasting cures hypertension.

Dear Tom,
I really am in trouble I suffer from raised blood pressure and an ever increasing tired-ness which is making it difficult for me to do a days work!
I am a 55yrs old male, 25 pounds over weight and have never smoked or drank alcohol. I take moderate exercise if the form of cycling to work
I take some medication for my hypertension …
So I was thinking of a water fast for a week would you recommend that for someone like me?

Will it be a real fast if I still take the medication I know if is forget on occasion my BP goes HIGH.
But fasting makes BP drop is that right?
Should I book time off from work to do the fast or do people usually manage to soldier on with the regular routine?
Many thanks Steven

Hi Steven,
Juice fasting 15 to 30 days usually cures hypertension. Fast lower blood pressure so you have to cut the meds on the first day of the fast but that depends on what medication and the degree.  We did not develop and exact protocol  but in general you can wait till it stabilized below 120 for a day then cut the medications.  If you juice fast you can make a thermos and take it to work.  I worked during the fast that healed my body. After the fast you have to cut out fried foods from your diet.

Tom Coghill

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3 Responses to Fasting For Hypertention

  1. stevenross says:

    Dear Tom,
    Thank-you for your response.
    I will take your advice and undertake a ‘JUICE’ fast for the 15-30 days you recommend.
    Are there any particular veg or fruits to avoid or to include in the juice, should there be a particular dilution to the juice or should I just ‘ad lib’ what takes my fancy!
    Are there any testimonials available, known to you from any folks that have received help with their Hypertension through fasting?
    Very many Thanks Steven, Herefordshire England

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Steve,
      During test of juice fasting therapy at the hospital, we had consistent healing response of high blood pressure that was usually permanent. There is one on the front page of rev Tugany. I always spell it badly. I have never seen it fail to lower blood pressure.

  2. ClydeBe says:

    Fasting should help hypertension. Beets and garlic could be used as they are food cures for hypertension.

    Clyde Be