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Calf Cramps

Last year I did a 11 day fast and was absolutely impressed with the results. Felt so good. on day seven I swear I looked like i took 10 years off my face. I want to do another long fast but on my 3rd day when i would go on my walk my calves would cramp so bad after about 6 mins into the walk that my daughter had to come pick me up.  i couldn’t walk. so the rest of the fast i was very careful. i did a 4 day fast a few months ago and the same thing happened on day 3. does any one know why this was happening?


Was that a juice or water fast?  Please use capital I instead of i.

Could be triggered by lack of potassium.  Juice fasting is superior to water fasting to heal damaged muscles.  I had cramps that were healed by fasting.

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