Fasting Progress Report Bella

Reasons for Fasting: Sister’s Wedding

Intended Length of Fast: 21 Days (Not to sure)

First Name:  Bella

Site User Name: bella83

City, State and Country: Texas, USA

Sex: F

Age: 27

Weight: 165

Height: 5 ft 2 in

Proposed Fasting Method: Water Fasting

Past Fasting Experience: 10 days water fast, 1 day fasts,  and intermittent fasting

Present Diet:  Junk Food, and eat whatever I want

Relevant Medical History:  Gallbladder was removed, but don’t think that’s relevant to my current weight problems

Present Medical Problems: None

State of Mind: Depressed, Tired, Cranky, Anxious, Angry

Limitations:  I have to work

This is my second fast, and I am on day one.  I am doing this fast because my sister’s wedding is coming up in about a week, and I want to make sure that I’m going to fit in that dress.  It needs a little room for me to fit in comfortably, but I can squeeze in.   Well let me see…I’ve been feeling very lethargic so far.  I’m in bed and don’t want to get out.  Even though I know I have to wash clothes, and walk atleast a mile.  I’ve heard that exercise is so important during fasting.  It helps to induce bowel movements, which I had a good one this morning, and that’s it. I’m not regular for the most part.  I’ve had my gallbladder removed, so I really became irregular after that.

Lately, I’ve been feeling really depressed and down, and I think that it’s in large part due to my weight.  I wish I could take some time off from work and just fast for a month or so, and try to get my thoughts organized.  I can totally relate to the post of someone on the progress report, that wanted to end their life but realized that there would be alot more torture over there if she did that.  I feel like that sometimes…like is this life really worth all the trouble that we go through day to day?  I want to hurry up and get to God, and be with Him.  However, I realize that it can’t be done on my terms.

I’ve been yo-yo dieting forever, and I don’t know at what point I started losing control of my eating.  Today, I started really optimistic watching videos of the people that have been successful on their fasting.  But right now I just want to go comfort myself with food.  I hate it.  Why can’t I live without food.  I feel gross everytime I look at myself in the mirror.

I want to change, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all.  I wish everybody luck.

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7 Responses to Fasting Progress Report Bella

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Bella,
    Rebuilding your self image is important for your success. Unless you do fasting can deepen the cycle of guilt-failure-indulgence. You also need to fast from toxic negative, self-defeating thinking. For me I spend more time in prayer or just be at peace and appreciate all the blessings of my life. We will help you to the best of our abilities to be successful in the fast and your thinking.

  2. bella83 says:

    Thank You Tom! So far so good.
    Starting Weight was 165.
    Day 1 is 161.2.

  3. amanda123 says:

    hey, good luck on your fast. Stay strong and if you feel tempted to eat just think about all the reason why you are fasting and say to yourself you will eat again. I am trying to figure out away to keep myself busy because being bored is the worst thing about fasting. But I realized that if I do a little bit of exercise it suppresses my hunger.

  4. bella83 says:

    End of Day 2: Still hanging in there. I tell you if it weren’t for this site I would have quit allready, but just thinking of all the encouragement I’ve been getting here, and reading the progress reports of people like Orion and Amanda, I feel motivated to go a little further. I’m even thinking of extending my fast to 40 days if I can. It’s going to take a while for me to fully detox my stinking thinking, like Fly Lady says, and to change my mind set to want healthy foods and not junk food.

    I still haven’t worked my way into exercising, which is bad, I know, because that helps the fasting. For right now, I’m enjoying the nice long naps. I wake up refreshed from the naps, even though I’m not going to be able to sleep at night. I did manage to get Day 4-8 off from work. This will hopefully allow me to rest a little more during the hard first days. I say hopefully, because fiance is off from work days 4 and 5, then I have my sister’s wedding on day 6. There is going to be alot of temptation around on day 6. I read on Orion’s progress report, how he ate a Snickers Bar and continued, would I be able to do that too?

    During my 1st fast, I had an all day sneeze fest on Days 3 or 4. However, since I allready had a semi-cold when I started, I wonder if it will prolong it (the cold). Although, I allready feel like I’m 90% over it. You know how when one is sick, one doesn’t have much of an appetite, I was hoping that the cold would actually help me out.

    I’ve allready tried on the dress that I’m wearing to my sister’s wedding. I’m almost able to zip it up all the way with out any help, which is my goal. My stomach still protrudes to where I can see the outline of my belly button on the outside of my dress. This is what grosses me out. How do people manage to hide that? I can’t.

    I will keep you up to date. Looking for another successful day like this one. God Bless!

  5. bella83 says:

    Day 3 Weigh In in the AM: 159.2 = 5.8 lbs lost

  6. ERobinM says:

    Very nice Bella! congrats!