Fasting Progress Report- Bobby

Reasons for Fasting: Spiritual upliftment; Better health; Back pain and joint pains from excessive sport (knees); weight loss will be nice. Weigh 87kg and would like to be under 80kg. Sorry I don’t understand pounds.

Intended Length of Fast: 21 days

First Name: Bobby

Site User Name: Rob664

City, State and Country: Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

Sex: Male

Age: 37

Weight: 87kg

Height: 1.68m

Proposed Fasting Method: Juice for 5 days. then 2 days water. And on and on.

Past Fasting Experience: 48hrs dry fast a number of times

Present Diet: Orange juice from 7pm till midnight. Fizzy Vit C at 7am. Mint Green Tea between 3pm and 6pm

Relevant Medical History: Nerves are weak on the left side.

Present Medical Problems: knees are letting me down, injured my back from a terrible fall at soccer.

State of Mind: Pretty good. Did about 12 days of the muslim style of fasting during which my weight never shifted (lol) and decided to upgrade to a proper fast yesterday 24th of Aug. I am pretty high spirited.

Limitations: have to work. run my own business so its difficult to switch off properly. not entering the spiritual zone i want. Also have my wife to pay attention. what to do. i love her.

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