Fasting Progress Report -El

Reasons for Fasting: I want to lose a lot of weight and fasting has so many benefits. I think it would make me so proud of myself when I finally complete a fast.

Intended Length of Fast: 20 days of water fasting. Before it I intend to eat raw fruit for six days.

First Name: El

Site User Name:e_s

City, State and Country:Estonia


Age: Almost 19

Weight: I think I will be able to say it out loud after losing all the weight.

Height:5ft 10in

Proposed Fasting Method:

Past Fasting Experience:Have done water fasting before but couldn’t do more than 5 days at once.

Present Diet:Just trying to eat less carbs.

Relevant Medical History:

Present Medical Problems:Headaches.

State of Mind:Really hopeful. I want it to work this time so bad!


Posted on by Tom Coghill

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