Fasting Progress Report – Michelle

Reasons for Fasting: Break binge eating and cravings. Weightloss and Control of my mind and body I also have a lot of dry patches of skin on my face I would like to see gone.
Intended Length of Fast: 30 days

First Name: Michelle
Site User Name: mommyof2

City, State and Country: Whitby, Ont. canada
Sex: female
Age: 32
Weight: 209 last I check will update later
Height: 5’ 2
Proposed Fasting Method: juice, am, noon, and evening the rest water fasting
Past Fasting Experience: I did 2 three day water fasting
Present Diet: let just say I eat way to much chocolate and junk
Relevant Medical History: gall bladder removed after a vlcd due to going back to my bad eating habits, I have a benin growth on my left kidney,
Present Medical Problems: I was lacking vitamin D so I’m on a supplement for that and I am seeing a rheumatologist since Jan.2010 and he’s testing my ANA thinking I may have lupus but not confirmed yet.
State of Mind: determined as of right now
Limitations: feeding my family daily temps me to want to break my fast but right now I’m determined to see what I get from this experience

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31 Responses to Fasting Progress Report – Michelle

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Michelle,
    Great to have you with us. I discovered that compulsive eating is rooted in childhood fear. You should read my post “obesity protocol”

  2. mommyof2 says:

    Tom Thanks so much for posting this progress report so quickly. I am in the process of reading what you recommended and I don’t know how but you hit the nail right on the head with me. I’m shocked if you want to know the truth, truely shocked.

    So Day one of juice/water fasting..
    weight is 209(I’m pmsing) don’t know if that will make a difference or not.
    I have not been hungry but have been fighting with my mind that’s telling me to eat. Just eat one bite want hurt, you can just eat a salad there’s not alot of calories in that. This is defiantely what I’m trying to break ,my mind from telling me to eat even when I’m not hungry. So I have had 3 cups of juice I don’t have a juicer so I’m using 100% real pureed, mango orange juice I know it’s not the same but I have to start some where right.

    Symptoms head ache and muscle aches (don’t know if that due to them trying to tell me I have fibromyalgia)
    Dry mouth even though I’m drinking tons of water
    hunger pains are starting now at 8pm
    Extremely sleepy
    Excited to start my 2nd day tomorrow.

  3. mommyof2 says:

    Ok so Day 2

    Weight 204.5 that’s mostly water weight I’m sure.
    Didn’t sleep all that well but felt well rested when I woke this AM I was dreaming crazy dreams and waking alot to pee.

    Arms feel heavy like I can’t hardly lift them,
    Head aches, muscle aches, and craving chocolate like crazy but I have not given in.
    I have had energy though to do all my housework and am not to hungry mostly just dealing with my brain telling me I want something I don’t.

  4. Auds says:

    Hi Michelle. I am wishing you the best of positive energy on your fast. I started a few times last week to embark on a fast but broke down after a day each time. Well I have now fasted 24 hours and I feel great I went for a walk and i could feel my body paining a bit. But I plan to exercise a little during my fast as I am obese. I weigh 266 pound and am drinking green and rooibos tea without milk and sugar and that seems to help with the boredom of drinking water. you go girl!!!!! Audrey, CAPE TOWN South Africa

  5. mommyof2 says:

    Thanks Audrey for your support. Lets keep each other motivated to continue WE can do this for the benefits of healing and weightloss.

    Day 3
    I’m 202.8 so almost another 2lbs,
    Lower back pain which I normally have but it’s worse
    headaches are pretty much gone
    I’ve been having pain in my chest since starting don’t know what that is.
    Hunger pains start at night all day I’m ok but when 8pm rolls around I’m hungry. Still fighting with myself that I don’t know how long this will go on but I can say this I’m beating it so far.
    Energy is still there I’m guessing from the 3 cups of juice I drink a day.

    One down side normally when I am on complete water fast the 2 times I’ve done it I’ve always had excessive bowel movements but since this fast I’ve only had one. Does anyone know if that’s due to the Juice or just the bad food I packed my self with on my one month vacation. I ate horrible the whole month and packed on 10lbs b/c I was at 199 with exercise and eating right. Anyway Here’s to happy fasting and healthy living..

  6. mommyof2 says:

    I have a question Tom can I continue to take my Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements that I’ve been put on due to lack of vitamin D? I have been so I don’t know if that will mess my fast up or not.

  7. Ron says:

    Hi Michelle, You would probably respond well to a “swf” (salt water flush), and periodic enemas during your fast. It will clean you out and make the detox a little more bearable. As well as stopping the hunger pangs. There is info here on the site for this.

    Vitamins are fine during a juice fast. But not recommended when water fasting. Try to use power caps and liquid vitamins. They are absorbed better into the body. Ron

  8. mommyof2 says:

    Thanks Ron since my post this morning it’s been on like donkey Kong so I don’t know if I will need to do a flush or not. Also thanks for the info on the Vit. D I assume since I am doing both it would be ok.

    So I am having muscle aches in my arms and also stinging like feelings in my face and stuff is this a normal symptom. It’s like a bee is stinging me.. Also alot of mucus in my throat.

  9. Ron says:

    Hi Michelle, You can have strange symptoms when detoxing the body through fasting but that seems quite different. You may be getting an environmental reaction. Remember during a fast your body will be more sensitive to things like soaps, detergents shampoos, toothpaste, mouthwash, dryer sheets…etc.

    You may be having a reaction to the vitamins. Sometimes additives in vitamins have allergic reactions. We use Shaklee almost exclusively. Try not using any supplements for a few days.

    Let me know what juices you are using. Strawberry’s as well as others can have an allergic reaction too. Try using one juice at a time to see if there is a problem. Ron

  10. mommyof2 says:

    Ron I am not using a juicer b/c I don’t have on I am use 100% pureed, mango and orange juice but today is day 4 so I plan on going to just water today and I haven’t taken my supplement today.

    So Day 4
    — 200.4 is my weight for today. I’m not sure if this constitues as water weight lose or not.
    — My dry patches around my nose is very itchy and getting drier which I suppose they would before they healed.
    — extreme lower back pain almost like I am full of fecal matter but yet I used the bathroom alot yesterday
    — Arms are still heavy and achey feeling.
    — Sleep well I’m sleeping better it just takes me a while to fall asleep, but instead of going to bed late I’m going about an hour earlier now.
    — Head aches are gone

  11. Ron says:

    Hi Michelle, Try to find a juicer. The live enzymes in the fresh fruits and veggies are what heals and sustains your body during detox.

    Back and muscle aches are normal. The dry skin is not. But as I said it may be an allergic reaction to your juices, vitamins or environment.

    Water for a few days might clear up your skin. But, expect some aches and pains. Any kind of fast will produce pain for a few weeks, or more while the body is cleaning itself up.

    Again, please make an effort to get some “fresh” juices in you. And stay away from the acidic kind like, Orange & Tomato juice. Veggie juice is a safe bet while trying to find a culprit for your reactions. Ron

  12. mommyof2 says:

    Day 5
    Weight still 200.4
    feel constipated again
    I get extrememly hunger in the night and I want to eat but refrain from it.
    I get extrememly tired around 3pm or so
    I went for a 30 min stroll yesterday I don’t know if that has anything to do with not loosing anymore weight or if it’s the feeling of constipation. I think I will do a salt water flush today and see how that works.

    Ron I think I will just continue water only and leave the juice out b/c I’m not sure if I want to purchase a juicer at this moment in time..

  13. Ron says:

    Michelle, Try some herbal teas in the evening to stave off hunger. I use Senna for the “clean sweep” when needed. I use a little honey, grated ginger and a touch of lemon. It’s a great night cap. The enemas help with hunger too.

    Try to find a juicer at a second hand store, or on the local trader site. I hear a hint of discouragement in your voice. Come on gal…YOU CAN DO IT!! I’ll keep you in my prayers. God Bless, Ron

  14. mommyof2 says:

    Ron would you suggest the Senna tea instead of the saltwater flush. I’ve been reading and I’ve ready you have to use probotics or something to restore the good bacteria in your intestines after using the saltwater flush. I will defiantely use an enema tonite I decided not to use the salt water today as I had a busy day with getting myself back into school. Thanks for you informations by the way..

  15. Ron says:

    Hi Michelle, Sure use the Senna! The swf is good if your diet was very bad for years. It cleans the caked on stuff that is hard to dislodge.

    I use the Senna every 2-3 days during a fast. It’s a great cleanser, and gentle too. Watch how long you steep the bag. The longer the steep, the bigger the effect! I usually steep it for 5 minutes tops, and it works in about 6-10 hours. I have a slow system. My wife on the other hand runs to the bathroom in about 2-3 hours.

    You only need the probiotics after you start eating again. They help with digestion, and ward off germs and disease. But, it is very important to replenish them immediately after your fast. You can use “plain” yogurt with fruit, which is a great way to end your fast. And also capsules, which contain millions of “pros” for a quick start!

  16. mommyof2 says:

    Ron thanks for you quick response. I will do the Senna today and in the morning I will do a saltwater flush as I’ve had a horrible eating habit all my life.

  17. mommyof2 says:

    Ok Day 6
    Wight 200.2 so slowing going on the weight loss the past few days
    Couging up some mucus, Hunger was almost nonexistent last night.
    I had a cup of Senna tea before bedtime woke up at 4am with cramping but nothing in the turns of a bowel movement. I did the salt water flush this AM I could only stomach 32oz of it before I started to vomit and after I laided on my side for 15mins I was ready to use the was room all was solid not water so could that be stuff left there for a while? I am still feeling sick from the salt water flush. I think I will stick with enema’s for sure.
    All in all I’m feeling great as far as no food but will not do a salt water flush again.. I can’t stand to vomit and stay sick feeling even after no thank you.

  18. Ron says:

    Sorry about your bad experience w/ swf. It is not a pleasant experience…all the way around. The Senna should still work though. The mucus is probably your detoxing continued, since you are not taking in any dairy or wheat.

    Hang in there Michelle!

  19. mommyof2 says:

    Day 7
    Weight up 1.2 lbs to 201.4 I was kind of figuring I would retain some water due to the swt. I could hardly bend my fingers this AM.

    Not many symptoms to report but I am happy to say my lower back pain is barely there my pre menstrual symptoms I normally get achey legs, broken back and irritability is not there which is a change from other months

    SWf so I did it in the AM yesterday made me sick however it made me use the washroom around 9 times which it did it’s job but in the evening I don’t know if it was an effect from the swf but I had horrible heart burn and burning in my stomache almost a cramping experience it did pass as this AM I’m ok. Just alot of swelling which I had read on the internet that it would not cause swelling b/c it doesn’t absorb into the skin like regular salt..

    All in all this fast is going really well I was thinking I would lose more weight but I guess 8lbs in 7 days is good I am hoping I will lose below 200 by monday I still have a long ways to go until my 30 days is finished. I would have to say at the rate I’m losing weight I have a slow metabolism.

    • Ron says:

      One pound a day is about normal. Exercise will increase that to another 3-5 lbs. a week. I noticed when exercising the weight loss was periodic rather than daily. In other words, I would go days without losing anything. But then I would lose 5 lbs, or 3 inches to my waist! I think it has to do with fat and muscle transformation. Muscle is heavier than fat, but takes up less area.

      Exercising will also speed up your metabolic rate. I look forwad to my workouts while fasting. Even though I get tired fast, it is a very invigorating experience. I feel great after!!

      You will experience a lot of different aches, pains and discomforts during the detox period. But they will get less frequent, less intense, and shorter as time passes. I’ve never had any “aches & pains” that showed up while fasting last more than 3 days!

  20. WillPower25 says:

    Hey Michelle, I hope your day 8 went well. You’re doing a great job, look forward to reading more of your progress.

  21. mommyof2 says:

    Day *
    Weight 199.8 Finally under 200 I’m very happy about that.
    So when on a family day today and boy am I exhausted it really takes it out of you when you’ve had nothing but water and are walking for hours.

    All in all good day hunger was intense today for some reason, but I didn’t get my normal amount of water in today. I have notices the inches melting away on my arms, and my face is looking pretty good as well the dry patches are healing.

    Ron thanks for the informations

    Willpower thanks for the encouragement it means alot. I thought to myself 22 more day but my goal is 180 during this fast and I will continue till that goal is met or exceeded so I am very much determined to jump start my weight loss and healthy life style. I plan on doing the fast 5 after this water fast is broken..

  22. mommyof2 says:

    The above post is day 8 don’t know why I hit the shift button.

    Day 9
    Weight 198.6 I am happy to see the numbers dropping.

    Headache today, slight back ache but I do have my monthly. I will say this I should water fast for 10days during it b/c my symptoms are hardly there this month which I love b/c I can’t hardly stand myself on this days.
    I was craving pizza and chocolate well at least my brain was I’m not hungry but I over come that craving and still have my mind on the prize in 30days. I’m so happy I’ve made it 9 days so far and am certain I will make it 20 more..

  23. mommyof2 says:

    Day 10

    weight 198.4 so .2lbs down which is ok.. I am happy to see day 10 20 more days to go.. Nothing to report really as far as symptoms go but I am doing well and happy with my progess so far and look forward to my 20 days being up to see the results and start eating healthier..

  24. mommyof2 says:

    Day 11
    weight 198.2

    ok so last night sucked.. I seriously got so angry that I couldn’t eat everyone was feeling the wrath of Moma.. I’m not sure why it bothered me so much last night but it was horrible, I wanted everything in site.. I was so made everyone else could eat but me. Had a little right arm pain in my shoulder area, I had bad back pain, and extreme cravings again..I’m getting a little agrrivated with my weight slowly climbing down but I do know it’s going down but I wish it was at a fast pace anyway I don’t know if I’m retaining water from my monthly or what but this morning I woke up all swollen.. I think I’ve had it with this water fasting but I’m determined to not give up. I want to eat so bad it’s not even funny however I’m not hungry. I know it’s my mind playing games on me but wow what a power struggle it is for me to compete with my brain.. I won last night and hopefully today will be a better day.

    Ron or anyone for that matter what do you think about the fast 5 as I am thinking of doig it when I’m done with the water fasting.. Any experience with this.

  25. Ron says:

    Hi Michelle, Yeah! I get moody too from time to time when fasting. Just let your family know it’s happening so they can go hide! 😉

    Yup, I’m familiar with the Fast 5. A few here have tried it. I don’t know anyone who said it works. It seems like a diet to me. With all the restrictions, why not just eat 3 small, healthful meals a day? It will do the same thing without torturing yourself. Personally, I believe a fast should be a fast. Why complicated it with food windows?

    When not fasting…I usually have fruit and yogurt, or fruit and oatmeal in the morning. A big, variety salad at lunch, and an average portion of whatever the wife cooks at night.

    I stay away from, or limit: dairy products, wheat products, red meat, sugar and alcohol. And I treat me and the wife to a night out once a month, to whatever we want! Works great!! After eating the right things for a long time, even the “night out” turns into a natural food event! You just don’t crave the crap anymore!!

    Everything you’re feeling, and experiencing during your fast is natural. If you want to channel your anger, do it towards the “foods” that made you fast in the first place!

    You ate it all a million times!

    It was there long before your fast.

    It will be there long after your fast.

    But, your fast is only a very, very short eye blink in comparison!

    Cheer up! You’ll thank yourself when it’s over. And you will want to fast again soon after! God Bless! Ron

    P.S. Here is some inspiration for you:

  26. mommyof2 says:

    Day 12
    weight 197.4
    OMGoodness was I depressed last night. I am figuring out that all the emotions I eat away I am having to face them during this water fast. It sucks but it’s good. My hubby is being really supportive and listening and encouraging me to continue b/c last night I told him I’m going to end this on Eid day(day 20) We are muslim and I’m suppose to be fasting for Ramadan right now but I suck I couldn’t hack the no water all day during 18hrs so I chose to do this water fasting thur the month of Ramadan and then when the hours are shorter making up my ramadan fast.

    Ron thanks for the information I have seen that lady on youtube she’s very inspiring to make 3 40 day water fast wow how God blessed her no doubt. As far as the fast 5 I noticed if I eat first thing I’m snacking all day but if I eat later I just eat that b/c my mind set is don’t eat after 7pm you know so I will most likely try it and let you guys know how it works.

  27. mommyof2 says:

    weight 196.8

    Wow it’s already day 13 almost 1/2 way over. I have tons of mucus that’s coming out these past few days and a bit of a headache again but all in all I’m good..

  28. mommyof2 says:

    Day 14
    up .2lbs 197.0

    I assume it’s due to the exercise*running* I did yesterday I always swell after an exercise for some reason. Anyway doing well almost 1/2 way over. Just posting this to keep myself on track.. Happy fasting everyone.

  29. mommyof2 says:

    Day 15& 16 196.4

    not much to report.. I will say that my weightloss has slowed down now I know I should just check once a week but of course I’m impatient but my goal for this water fast is 180 so I hope I can make that in the next 14 days not sure though.. Anyway still I’m cool with what I’ve lost so far. I have had a headache for the past two days

  30. Physick says:

    You sound like you’re doing very well Michelle- it’s really inspirational to read about your progress. Hang in there!