Fasting Progress Report Rose

Reasons for Fasting: I am looking for physical, emotional and spiritual balance and health. (Also see ‘Current Medical Problems’)

Intended Length of Fast: 30-40 days

First Name: Rose

Site User Name: HealthyHappyRose

City, State and Country: Near Atlanta, Georgia

Sex: Female

Age: 42

Weight: 215 (I have gained 40 of these pounds the last two years)

Height: 5”7

Proposed Fasting Method: I believe some kind of water fast might be in order… or a water/juice combo. I feel I should fast at least 30-40 days…??? Suggestions….?

Past Fasting Experience: I have undertook at least several juice fasts: 5 days, 7 days, 17 days (several days of this was a water fast). The last juice fast I did was a little over three years ago because of my female system causing me problems-irregular cycles, spotting between cycles, high-grade pre cancerous lesions on my cervix, new diagnosis of cyst on cervix and new diagnosis of HPV (though I had been exposed years ago by my first husband). After this fast and intravaginal herbal suppositiories/food grade peroxide douches/ apple cider douches, my periods were normal for at least four months and I was rechecked and found to be HPV negative and the high-grade pre cancerous lesions were repairing per pap smear. Yet because I went back to poor eating habits after this initial victory, my periods slowly became more and more irregular once again.

Present Diet: I am a wannabe raw foodist. I have under took a raw food diet for one month a year ago and two months of this year. A raw food diet makes sense to me to promote a healthy body and to prevent the myriad of degenerative food related disease caused by a SAD diet (Standard American Diet). After all wasn’t this a raw diet given to us in the beginning by the Creator of the Universe?

That all being said, I eat well, one week (lotsa fruits, veggies, nuts) and the next I blow it…Typical SAD diet. I have problems with balance. This is one of the reasons, I feel I need to a prolonged fast, to help break certain food addictions (and alcohol addictions). I feel I have been addicted to alcohol the last couple of years (I had a girlfriend who is an alcoholic and I started going out with her once a week for drinks after work… to the one margarita at the beginning of our friendship…. to several crown and cokes a night at least four times a week) I have not had a drink for several weeks now because of some current health issues, knowing alcohol exacerbates them.

Relevant Medical History: I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), fibroid tumors, cyst on cervix (felt to be caused from history of HPV infection), years of irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, overweight.

Present Medical Problems: Periods lasting three weeks at a time, painful ovaries, increased mood swings-(easily angered& irritable) during my cycles, fatigue, depression, overweight. I also believe I had my first outbreak of a genital wart (eeewww) last month, which I treated with black salve & apple cider vinegar. It is presently gone. I also had a reappearance of a wart on my finger which had been gone for over 20 years. I treated this with food grade peroxide and it is presently gone. I feel my body is horribly rundown for me to not be able to keep these viruses in check. I feel I need to do something drastic to let my body heal and let the great Physician do His work in me, hence I feel I need to fast.

State of Mind: Somewhat down & depressed, Irritable, However Optimistic if I complete a fast, healing will follow….

Limitations: I have none right now. I am not working right now. I will be able to rest, relax and heal at home.

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18 Responses to Fasting Progress Report Rose

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Rose,
    You may have a systemic yeast infection that has gone undiagnosed. This could affect hormone balance and the loss of cell integrity and it can even trigger cancer. “candida cancer connection” The team discussed your situation this afternoon and we are going to devise a protocol as soon as we can. Glad to have you with us. Count on us for support. 😉

    • healthyhappyrose says:

      Thank you, Tom I really appreciate your support. I have not started my fast yet, as I thought I might wait and see what you all thought. (I am also mentally preparing for this and still feel very optimistic!)This week I plan on eating a clean diet of raw fruit and veggies and carrot juice, to prepare for my fast.
      P.S. If I have a systemic yeast infection, it has gone undiagnosed… But that makes sense.

  2. healthyhappyrose says:

    I joined this website about a month ago, to start a fast for the multiple reasons which I stated in my original post above. The last month I have been mentally preparing myself for a prolonged fast and trying to change my eating habits for the better.
    August 4th was my birthday. Today I am starting my fast, to let my body begin to heal, so I can enjoy greater health the coming year and many more after that.

    My thoughts and prayers are all who are fasting now.

  3. Marianna says:


    How’s your first day? I hope you’re fine 🙂

  4. Ron says:

    Hi Marianna, & Rose,

    I just had to chime in here about my oldest daughter! Her name is: Marianna Rose!

  5. healthyhappyrose says:

    Day 1 of the Fast

    I did really well yesterday drinking water, until around 5:00 pm when I started feeling sluggish and a little irritable… or did that happen around 5:00pm when I opened the frig to make my husband dinner and saw the cut open wedge of beautiful red watermelon looking at me? It was then I decided I needed to juice a little. So I made some watermelon juice. After sipping on just 4 oz. of the juice, I felt wonderful… It was like I could feel energy moving throughout my body. It was crazy! My husband was looking at me like I was crazy, however…
    As I have stated I have never just water fasted before, I know it can be done, but …..I take my hats off to you all who have done it or who are going to… I am under the impression, I need at least a pint of juice a day, at least initially, until I get this fast going. I also like Mariannas idea of veggie broth, which I might incorporate at some point as well.
    I think the only other thing to note, is before I went to bed last night I had a horrible headache (I rarely get a headache), so I pulled the peppermint oil bottle out and took some deep breaths in, then rubbed a little on my temples, before I crawled into bed to go to sleep.

    I also wanted to post my Day 1 measurements:
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 217 lbs.
    Upper Arms: 15 inches
    Bust: 46 inches
    Waist: 46 inches
    Thigh: 25.5 inches
    Calf: 18 inches

    I also made a video of Day 1. I have never sat and had to speak before a camera before, so it was a little awkward, but I will share my video with you here as well.

    I pray all of my dear fellow fasters are doing well! I will check back on you all tomorrow!


  6. healthyhappyrose says:

    Day 2, 3, 4 & 5 of My Water & Juice Fast

    Day 2: Drank Plenty of Water and Watermelon Juice
    Weight: 213 lbs.
    Medium BM.

    Day 3: Drank Plenty of Water and Watermelon Juice
    Weight: 210.5 lbs.

    Day 4: Drank Plenty of Water and Grapefruit Juice
    Weight 208.8 lbs.
    Medium BM.

    Day 5: Drank Plenty of Water and Grapefruit Juice
    Weight 207.4lbs.
    Two Small BMs.

    The only detox symptoms I have noticed these days are the white coated tongue and bad breath. I have had a good amount of energy, it seems more energy than I usually do! (Strange but true)
    I have been thinking about taking an enema, as I had two small bms today and I feel like an enema, might help clear out my bowels a little (feels a little sluggish down there) I dont think I want to take a stool softner or natural laxative, not that I like enemas, mind you…. I orginally was thinking about letting my bowels rest, as I was reading some literature on how fasting lets the bowel rest, but it seems like mine are trying to cleanse and I think they feel they need a little assistance right now.
    I did have some challenges over the weekend. It seems like I am more tempted than ever by food, than in previous fasts. I decided this is because I am married now and before I was single. If I was fasting back then, I would not be in the grocery store or I would just go to the produce section. I would not have to prepare meals for anyone else. I would not have my spouse ask me if I wanted to go out for dinner… (Don’t you understand, dear, I really am fasting for 30 days? This means no eating for 30 days…)
    Yesterday I was putting away some enchiladas I had made for my husband and company and in doing so, I had this strong urge to just dig right in and eat some… I stopped and thought am I hungry? No, not physically. It was just my mind telling me, oh there is food, it looks good, smells good, you ought to eat some… when my body was not hungry at all. (I stopped at that time however and had my husband put the enchiladas away in the frig. I was not going to break my fast!)
    I am trying to use these challenges to prepare myself to be more attune to my mind and its conditioning to desire certain unhealthy foods or to want to overeat or for emotional eating. I also want to listen to my body and listen to what it really is desiring to eat or not eat. I can see my mind and emotions are impulsive and do not have my health in their best interest. Hopefully I can fine tune this a little more and learn the lessons in this to help me succeed in health and weight loss…

    I pray everyone here is doing well with their fasts and journey to better health.

  7. healthyhappyrose says:

    Day 6 of 30 of My Fast

    I decided to embark on a “modified” Master Cleanse for at least 24 hours. (I am not adding maple syrup to my lemon/cayenne water)
    Weight: 205.4 lbs.
    Small BM after enema this morning.

    Feeling irritable and like crying- to me this is the “hormonal” feeling I have been getting prior to my periods, which has gotten worse over the last 6 months or so… So I am pretty sure I will start my cycle in the next day or two.
    Also feeling fatigued. Slept in this morning.

    Still in good spirits.

    Have a good day friends and may the Great Physician bless you this day.


  8. healthyhappyrose says:

    Day 7:Continued Modified Master Cleanse: Drinking plenty of lemon cayenne water.
    Weight: 204.8 lbs
    Detox symptoms: Light-headedness, muscle aches, white coated tongue, funky breath
    Misc: I officially started my period.

    Day 8:Continuing Modified Master Cleanse
    Weight: 203 lbs
    Detox symptoms:White Coated tongue, funky breath
    Misc: My flow is very scant and spotty.

    I pray everyone is doing well with their fasting and staying strong! You all can do it!~Rose

  9. healthyhappyrose says:

    Day 9 of 30 of my Fast
    Continuing Modified Master Cleanse:Drinking plenty of lemon cayenne water.
    Weight: 201.2 lbs
    Detox symptoms: Fatigue and lightheadedness last evening, FUNKY THICK WHITE coated tongue this morning
    Misc: My period continues with increased flow.

    Blessings & Peace~Rose

  10. healthyhappyrose says:

    Day 12 of 30 of My Fast
    Drinking Grapefruit Juice and Water.
    Weight: 195.8 lbs
    Waist: 43 inches (Down 3 inches!)
    Misc: My period continues.

    I really had a rough weekend. Diarrhea Friday night. Saturday horribly fatigued. I slept most of the day and laid in bed reading the rest. Sunday a little more energy, but still tired, felt a little lightheaded in the evening.
    I ended my 6th day of a modified Master Cleanse last night with 8 oz of grapefruit juice.
    I was just getting low on energy and I was having thinking about food all weekend. I figured I needed to continue with juices for awhile to get my energy back and so I would not break my fast or cheat.

    Tom or Ron or anyone who might have an idea,
    I was wondering is it normal to think about food on a fast. This weekend I was constantly thinking about food… Constantly. Steak, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, salads, avocaodo… A lot of time it was about meat. Physically I did not feel hungry (though sure I would have liked to have eaten). Do you have any ideas about this?

    Thanks ahead of time~Rose
    P.S. I am not being plagued by images of food today.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Rose,
      Be careful of food fantasies as they can lead to breaking the fast and overeating. The solution for Diarrhea is the enema.
      UPDATE ON TOM: I am in Papua New Guinea with a congressman setting up a national program. It is a huge event with growing support by the day.

      • Marianna says:

        Hi Rose,

        I also have some thoughts about food running through my head but surprisingly it happens while I’m sleeping – I dream about food a lot. And in my dreams I know I’m fasting and I start eating anyway, then feel terribly guilty and then I wake up happy it was just a dream. Once I even checked the fridge if I didn’t eat anything while having such a dream and luckily no. I’m wondering if I’m the only person who experience that – my dreams are highly realistic and they sometimes make me feel tired.

        Have a good day,

  11. healthyhappyrose says:

    Thanks Tom for getting back to me.
    Advice noted.
    You take care in New Guinea.

  12. healthyhappyrose says:

    Day 16 of 30 of My Fast
    Water and Grapefruit Juice
    Detox symptoms: Occasional fatigue, white coated tongue
    Misc:Period almost done.

    Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

  13. healthyhappyrose says:

    (wt 192. 8 lbs)

  14. Marianna says:

    How are you girl? 🙂