April 15, 2010

Juice Fast- Urine Acidic, Thick With Bubbles

As of Day 10, I began noticing a thick urine.  Filled with small bubbles (I read this is yeast – is this true?) and thick, filminess to it.  Also, I do pH ion test strips every morning to measure my alkalinity. Before the fast on my usual greens, it was usually in a good range around 7ish.  Since starting my juice fast, all urine tests acidic.  Can you explain?

Jessica in Atlanta

Bubbles in urine can be caused by the presence of excess protein in urine or it may also be something as simple as a forceful flow of urine that could make a foamy type of appearance due to excess trapping of air in urine as it contacts water. You will not be able to tell just by appearance.

This can however be established using a dipstick test for urinary protein or a simple urine analysis. For a more precise measurement, you may need to collect urine for 24 hours (microalbumin study – positive between 30 – 300 mg albumin per day).

Diabetes maybe associated with excess protein in urine.

On the other hand, passing actual air bubbles in the urine, is very rare – a condition known as pneumaturia. It is most often caused by a fistula between the bladder and the colon, usually as a result of a diverticular abscess, Crohn’s disease or cancer of the colon, bladder or female genitalia.

I would recommend a visit to the doctor’s office to evaluate your pain and maybe do a few tests.

Info by Dr. Tamer Fouad

Ketosis releases acetone that may acidify the urine. Excess acetone or ketone bodies in the blood and urine can be a sign of Ketonuria may help signal possible complications during extreme fasting. But I doubt this on a 10 day juice fast. If you feel good I would continue the fast. If you want you can add 5 raw egg whites and 5 tablespoons of essential oils that will slow the detox. As this started with fasting and you are juice fasting which is very safe, I would not be concerned. Urine always goes dark and foamy during heavy detoxification and creates a foam in the toilet. B vitamins increase this effect.
Tom Coghill

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