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Chris here from NZ. I’ve been having a number of health issues for over two years now, fatigue, joint pain, abdominal pain, headaches, memory loss, weakness etc. Have tried a number of alternative and western treatments to no avail. Just wanted to check if there were any opinions/suggestions regarding conducting a juice fast with a 4cm cyst in the head of the pancreas? Have felt intuitively for some time that this may be the way to go, but want to make sure it’s a safe option. Anything I should do differently or keep an eye out for? I’m a non-smoker, non-drinker and eat a good balanced diet so the on-going symptoms are causing the medical teams some head scratching…not to mention myself. Thanks for your help.



Answer By Tom Coghill
Many pancreatic cysts are benign and produce no symptoms, but some cysts are cancerous or precancerous. So you have to take this very seriously and pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadliest of cancers that is almost unstoppable with modern medicine. But I am sure your doctor has made you fully aware. After treating terminal cancer patients with the Bruess Protocol and the Kelly Protocol separably, I came to a very clear understanding that the combination of the two protocols are the most effective cancer treatment on earth. Simple cheap and easy to do. You are looking at a 40 day juice fast with mostly green juices. Pepper, tomato, celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach, with radish, lemon, apple, and using garlic or ginger to spice the flavor, at 1/2 liter per day. That is the Bruess treatment and can be very effective against cancer if detected early. But I would not “depend” on it for cancer treatment.

The Kelly Protocol, uses pancreatic enzyme. The best is fresh pig pancreas, cut very small and soaked in salt water to kill any bacteria.
10 level tablespoons mixed with some mango daily. You can buy pancreatic enzyme but it is more expensive and less effective.
Also 1600 IU or natural vitamin E per day.
At the end of the treatment get a second diagnostic to determine effectiveness of the treatment.
There is lots on this site on Bruess and Kelly’s treatments.

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3 Responses to Pancreas Cyst Treatment

  1. Chris B says:

    Thanks so much Tom.
    The doctors here have dismissed the cyst and in their opinion it has nothing to do with any of my symptoms, which has been frustrating. They believe a virus or multiple viruses and ‘something else’ is at play in addition. Interestingly when they aspirated the cyst last year it and confirmed fluid was benign, it was 2.2cm and after aspiration I had temporary relief of symptoms, it has since grown to over 4cm and ‘coincidentally’ all the symptoms are back! My blood work is all considered ‘normal’ although naturopath indicates that something ‘is definitely up’…we just can’t seem to pinpoint the ‘something’.
    I’m looking forward to trying this out. I don’t need answers, just results! :)
    Thank you!!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Chris,
      Mona posted a link that I checked out and it gave much light to my past cancer treatments. Did a post on the front page right sidebar on “Is cancer a fungus”. The are treating it with bicarbonate of soda and having great results if the concentration and application is direct. I am considering if using bi carbonate of soda in an enema would be a possible adjunct the Kelly/Bruess treatment. It may also explain why we had low success rate with the Bruess as we could not get the black radish and the blood alkalizing factor may have been a the most important part of the treatment. I would try a Candida busting formula with a salt water flush, and a juice fast. I am researching my idea of a baking soda enema.

  2. Chris B says:

    Just to clarify above comment – “I don’t need answers, just results!” – I meant that from the standpoint of from the doctors here…i.e. I’m not waiting for them to come up with an answer… I’m very happy with any answers that come from this site! :)