Water Fasting Question!!!

Okay, so today would be day five of my water fast… however, yesterday I began to feel great chest tightness and pains along with dizziness and an extremely low energy level almost to the point of delusion.. Not to say that I didn’t experience some fasting highs emotionally, physically the pain was beginning to worry me.

So I ate a quarter slice of a banana and drank a half gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice. Way too much, I know. But my body was thanking me as I drank. That was over the course of a day in the sun at work while also drinking water.

Today I feel fantastic and would like to continue on the water fast, but I want to know if I undid all of my efforts by eating and juicing. I am going to continue until “hunger returns” and hopefully have some responses soon. I hope that I have only slowed my detox and not halted it completely.

I am still getting plenty of rest and fresh air and sunshine and being somewhat productive, however I didn’t prepare for the water fast properly and went from eating bacon and eggs and whatnot straight to just water. I work part time but at a nursery so I don’t have many demanding tasks. In fact my job supplies me with much fresh air sunshine and rest, however it may have even still been too much activity.

I have juice fasted before with success but I broke it incorrectly, that was a few months ago. I gained a small amount of weight compared to my previous weight so I wasn’t so much concerned about that, but last year I was very active and eating healthfully but after the holidays came around I fell into a sedentary lifestyle and stopped controlling my eating, and my health has somewhat deteriorated. I have more acne than I did last year, which as any of you who have ever struggled with it know, is quite a dilemma.

But! I have been giving a lot of thought to my health lately and I am pursuing this water fast with the intention of converting my diet to one of mostly raw foods, to improve my health, my acne, and my life in general. I eagerly await your advice.

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33 Responses to Water Fasting Question!!!

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    I think that water fasting in the sun is asking for trouble. Drink too much orange juice quickly can also cause stomach ache. If you do have to work take juice and water fast when you can relax.

    • With_Teeth says:

      I was done fasting for 5 days 2 days ago and I have been doing soups and fruits and water I only have small portions though. I did a water fast by the way when an I eligible to Water fast again.

  2. vab0914 says:

    So, would my fast ever reach ketosis? Would I be able to tell when I’m truly hungry again or will I just feel the hunger pangs caused by the juice? I basically work every other day so my water fast should essentially be a juice fast with a few days of water?
    And should I continue fasting until my body tells me it’s over or stop at a predetermined amount of days?

  3. Orion says:

    Somewhat related to the above question:

    After my successful 50 day water-fast around June, I ate for a while, then kept trying to start another fast, this time to lose the remaining excess body fat. Food always managed to sneak itself back in, sometimes in the form of a really good movie that would be lessened without a snack, sometimes in my supermarket having a great 3 for 2 deal etc.
    Near the end of October I was doing my finances, and I decided it would look neat to spend an entire month without spending a single cent on anything related to food and groceries. So, November 1st, I stopped eating. It’s excruciating, with the holidays and a chain of birthdays coming up, but so far so good. Lost 10 pounds already. I do feel a bit weaker than I did last time, maybe to do with the chill in the air.

    I’m aiming to hit the single digits body fat %, to give me something to start building muscle on in the new year. However, single digits body fat % is a tricky area. 9% is hot, less than 7% is starvation response. So, finally my question:

    What does REAL hunger feel like? What warning signal am I going to get from my body when I’m taking it a step too far?

    • faster88 says:

      out of curiosity, after the quick weight loss how much excess skin did you have? I’m going on a 30 day water plus 30 day juice to lose hopefully 50 lbs, but would losing that much in 2 months cause me to lose fat and grow wings?

      • Ron says:

        If you go on a 30 day water fast…there won’t be much left of you! Your body will consume any fat that you have.
        Stretch marks would probably be more likely. I suggest starting with a juice fast to help heal the skin and the body as you lose weight. After you’ve been successful at juice fasting give water fasting a try. Water fasting for 30 days is the hardest thing you will ever do.

        I can’t count how many people have come here wanting to do extended water fasts, only to fail. Do some research on this site. Answers to these questions and most others have been listed here over the years.

  4. ccarmen says:

    Hi, go with what you know (7% being starvation) but i believe you know when you have to eat. Most times its your mind playing with you saying you have to eat,but you have control over you mind!

    • Orion says:

      Thanks, I was starting to wonder where everybody was. According to my calculations I’m about 16% body fat, although it ‘looks’ less. My problem is that I’ve learned how to acknowledge what my mind tells me and move on. Much like my father, he once had a minor heart attack in the middle of the night, rolled over, and went back to sleep. I’m half expecting to feel actual physical hunger, acknowledge it, and go on with my life. The only way I’d notice is when my muscles start to shrink at an alarming rate.

      It’s strange though. In May I was about 110kg/242lbs. Fasted for 60 days. Ate a lot of the wrong things just to see how they tasted post-fast. Tried for several months to start fasting again. Now I’ve been fasting since November 1st, and weigh about 80kg/176lbs. A year ago, I did not see it to be possible.

      After some extensive Googling I did find out what it is supposed to feel like though. Apparently, watering mouth, sensation in the throat, and a need (not a craving, but a NEED) to eat.
      Someone once told me about people during the Hunger Winter. When it was over, and food became more widely available, there were people that ate anything they could get their hands on. Some ate an entire box of butter, then died soon after because of it. I wonder if I’ll feel a need to eat anything against better judgment.

      (I’ve been fasting for nearly a month now, I’m becoming retrospective and philosophical)

  5. Sonya says:

    Uhmmm sorry I know how you feel BUT however I feel you did break the fast:)

  6. Ron says:

    Hi wf1, NO! Your water fast will never get off the ground when eating daily. That would be intermittent fasting. You won’t get the full benefits of water fasting by eating. Your digestive system will never stop completely. And it will need to stop for your body to cleanse itself effectively! Ron

    • waterfasting1 says:

      help…2day is my 3rd day of water fast but i have not lost a pound ?? y is it so?? i have been drinking water only when m thirsty.i weight 150 pounds and my height is 5 feet 4 inches.all the time i feel my stomach is full.i dont feel hungry at all.these 3 days i have been feeling energetic dont feel weak at all.i feel as tho i jus had food.i dont have body pains or weakness or headaches nothing at all.since 3 days i have been having only water when thirsty and been drinking one tropicana 250ml orange juice one same bottle for 3 days which i completed 2day.lol..

  7. Ron says:

    Hi wf1, Your body is trying to conserve fat during a short fast.

    Exercise. Also an enema or 2 would dislodge 5-10 lbs of waste. Fasting alone will only get you maybe a pound a day. If you are looking to fast only 3 days and lose a lot of weight? Forget it. It won’t happen.

    Juice fast for a few weeks and you’ll take off 10-15 pounds.

    • waterfasting1 says:

      i am on 21 days of water fast of which i completed 4days.2day is my 5th day but still da weight is same 150pounds.i am so worried and depressed.y is it that every one lose atleast a pound a day but thats not the case with me.i have been taking very little water .i have water only when i feel dehydrated.should i increase on my water intake? on my 3rd and on my 4th day i have done a sea salt water flush.i dont understand where am i goin wrong.y am i not loosing weight?will i eva loose weight on water fast?y is it that i dont feel hungry .plss help…when will i start loosing weight.??

  8. Ron says:

    21 days with no food and no weight loss is impossible. I don’t know what to say? Complete your fast. Get a new weight scale.

  9. Belinda says:

    Hello Ron,
    My start weight of the water fast was 257 and this is my 5th day on the water fast and I weighed myself today and I am at 249.5. My question is I plan to continue the fast for an additional 15 days. Am I losing weigh to fast? I have not been working out or any exercise. I have been drinking coffee and hot chocolate in the mornings. I did habe a protein drink this morning. Would that affect my water fasting in anyway by having the protein drink?

    I was feeling really bad on my 3rd day and just prayed through it and ask for the strength to help me through it. This is my first time ever doing a fast and I was shocked at myself that I had enough willpower to go 1 day let alone I have now been on for 5. I am looking forward to this lifestyle change. I want to totally change all aspects of my life and fasting and getting my weight undercontrol is phase I of phase X. What is the total amount of time a person should be on a water fast? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

  10. Belinda says:

    One more thing. Is it okay to perform a water fast for 30 days?

  11. Ron says:

    Hi Belinda, You are not water fasting. Water fasting is just that. You couldn’t be drinking anything worse for you than: hot chocolate, coffee, and protein drinks during a fast. Switch to raw juices. Then mix in a day or 2 of JUST WATER! You need to learn the basics of fasting. It isn’t something you turn on in a day. It’s a process that can hurt you as well as help you.

    I would suggest reading a little more about fasting. We have a wealth of info here. And many who have had success sharing their stories. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I want to help you. If you want to start a “Progress Report”, and give all your stats, I’ll help you get on the right path. But please, get more informed before you try fasting for any length of time. I’ll pray for guidance. God Bless, Ron

  12. arimchris says:

    I am taking high blood pressure medicines, magnesium,calcium supplements and coq10 daily. Do I have to stop taking these when I start my 7 day water or juice fast. I really want to be free from all my
    Hypertension medicines. Is it safe not to take them while water or juice fasting. Pls help.

  13. christopher says:

    Hi, love the site and its wealth of infromation. I’m currently on day 41 of a water fast. I had planned on breaking it on day 40 but I don’t feel like breaking it. I have fasted atleast a dozen times before for the last 10 years, previous to this fast the longest was 24 days on water only. My question is how long can I fast for? I am still not hungry and still have excess weight, 6′ 3″ 270, started around 300. Also, I speant many hours looking for a optimal veggie/fruit juice combo to break it with but have found dozens of conflicting answers. Would 50% water 50% oj be ok? Do you reccomend mono juice or combos? I will be on a trip at 9000 elevation skiing for 3-4 days in 21 days so I do need to break it somewhat soon. Thanks chris

  14. kiki says:

    Hello. I’ve battled depression since I was in middle school but as I got older it only became worse. Most recently I have been using food as a coping mechanism and have developed a binge eating disorder. I have been overeating for about 2 years now. Because I am young I have managed to keep a healthy weight but I am not healthy and I do not feel healthy. To make matters more challenging I had an appendectomy about 2 1/2 years ago and my digestion has never been the same. I have always had a sensitive stomach but now I have constant stomachaches, bloating, and painful bowel movements. I am sure that the condition is made worse by my disorder but I think some of it can be attributed to my surgery. The only thing that made me feel better both physically and mentally was a water fast. This past September I fasted for 28 days and my whole world changed. However, four weeks after the fast everything spun out of control again and I fell back into my old habits. Since then I’ve gone to see a doctor about both my physical and mental health and she has suggested that I fast again but this time we’ll make sure I don’t make the same mistakes. I’m all for it but for some reason I just can’t stay on track. The first time I fasted it was a breeze. I didn’t have any trouble starting out. This time, I have started and failed about a dozen times and I’m nearly at the end of my rope. I have a relatively stressful life with work, school, and raising tuition costs. I need support. I can’t do this on my own. Please hear me and support me. I need to turn my life around. Tomorrow, I’m starting the first day of my water fast yet again. Please don’t let me fail.

    PS On the third day of my most recent fast attempt I experience horrible abdominal pain, diarrhea, sweating, and chills. This has never happened to me so early in a fast before. Should I be worried? Is it just the detoxification?

  15. Ron says:

    Hi Chris, Congrats on the 41 days of water! Holy smokes…you’ve made quite an accomplishment!! You might want to consider a week of juice fasting before continuing on water. You can juice fast indefinitely, but water is tricky. after 40 days you are playing with fire. Tom. I’m sure would have a better perspective on the length of time you can go before you will make yourself sick. I know of several individuals that went 48 days with no troubles. But, everyone is different.

    As long as you are getting vital nutrients, and some calories, you should be fine on the slopes. Try and work in some calcium when you begin juicing or eating. It will help avoid leg cramps! Don’t try skiing w/o some form of quick energy, calories in you! You are asking for trouble. And you may hurt someone else in the process.

    Start with green leafy veggie juices, cantaloupe, carrots and some flax seed oil. Avocado and bananas are fine in moderation for calories. Add fruit to the veggies for flavor, and increase over the next several days. Stay away from proteins like whey and soy until your digestive system is in full gear. Probiotics are recommended too! Remember to start slow. Only sip for the first day. Mixing water with juice is fine, but not necessary. 60-80% of juice is water!

    You can use supplements after a few days, but in smaller doses than recommended. And make sure they are either liquid or very soluble. If they don’t dissolve in lukewarm water, in 20 minutes pitch em! Raw eggs are good too, but only after a good juice start.

  16. christopher says:

    Thanks for the reply, my legs have been cramping, specifically my Calfs which started right around day 40 so that is probably a sign that my body needs calcium. I think I will break the fast today. However, I think I came down with the flu which has really drained my energy and will to juice at all. I have a fever and get very nauseous when I drink water. I’m under a lot of stress also because my mom has just been hospitalized with advanced cancer and its untreatable. Once again thanks for your reply I will head out and get some yummy produce to juice as soon as I can.

  17. Ron says:

    Hi Chris, Yes, cramping is a big one for me also when fasting. The leafy greens have a lot of calcium in them, and they get to the problem areas real promptly. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my mom recently and I know what you are going through. Keep your faith and try to be strong for her. Our moms need to know we will be OK. I’ll pray for strength and peace for you, and your mom. God Bless and keep you. Ron

  18. Sarah. says:

    Hi, i am planning to start my water fast tomorow ,for round about 14 to 21 days. Currently weighing around 130 lb (female) at 5’7 .I am mainly doing this fast for weight loss and to get over bad eating habits. I was just wondering how much weight i may loss by average (minimum /maximum) and any way i can speed it up. Should i be taking a natural laxative pill to speed up the weight loss, or maybe “microlax” enema?.
    Thank you very much.

  19. GirlyEmmie says:

    I am on day 19 of my 30 day water fast and have become a little discouraged. Each day I have been loosing about a pound but for some reason over the last 3 days I have lost almost nothing. I exercised yesterday by doing some light cycling in hope that the scale would budge today but nothing. Is there anything I can do to get my weight loss back on track? I’m around 11lb off my goal weight and hoping to have reached after the 30 days are over.

  20. AJFred says:

    Hi there!
    I have a week to go to complete a 21 day water fast. I actually started drinking vitamin water (Eco) made with stevia when the taste in my mouth became bad. I also have been keeping up with a daily regimen of Thyroid pills, Juice plus capsules and Vit D3. Today I woke up with acid reflux that is rather painful. I read that carot juice can help, but I really do not want to finish my fast early. Do you have any remedies? Should I not take the vitamin water? Oh…I’ve also been sucking breath mints. Thanks for your help. Anita

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Unwise to take vitamins during a water fast as there is nothing to buffer or digestive for aiding assimilation. Water soluble vitamins usually do not cause issues. Best is have some cucumber juice daily 1 glass , no calories and loads of nutrients. Tastes better with an apple added.

  21. keith101 says:

    Hi AJFred
    As Tom mentiioned vitimins are a no on a water fast, try adding some squezed lemon juice into your water to break the manotiney of the water.
    I to have an under active thyroid and was shocked after my last 32 day water fast when i went to the doctors for bloods, and told to reduce my level-thyroxin from 200 micro grams, to 150 micro grams. I had been on 200 for about 6 yrs. I am on day 7 of a 40 day water fast, so i will be interested if i have to reduce my meds again.

    Tom… i will let you know if i have to reduce my meds again after this fast, good news for thyroid sufferers if i do, and interesting !!!

  22. keith101 says:

    Hi AJFred
    Yes i stayed on my meds when i water fasted. I had bloods taken every 2 weeks as the doctors knew i was fasting.