Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly

Water fasting is tough. Water fasting can have good and bad times. I decided to write this post during a water fast.

Water Fasting The Good

Ending a water fast is always amazing. The first few glasses of fresh juice flooding the blood with nothing but pure nutrition and fructose is like flying and it felt great. I feel so connected to everything. My breathing, skin, and emotions, the way my mind feels, the sense of exhilaration and peace combined to make this wonderful connectivity. There is this upwelling of faith, and confidence; it feels like I can do anything. It is an overall state of well being with my soul, mind and body. Three days of water fasting hell it is worth it. The bad part is enduring it.

Water Fasting The Bad

The weakness gets so bad that a trip to the washroom is a big event. Getting out of bed takes determination. Now, this is the first morning and so everything is normal. I have been juice fasting for about 18 days so I expect low energy by midday and the full impact of water fasting by night.

The days are tedious and go by slowly as if time slows down like everything is slow motion. It is work to think and so all those little worries and fears evaporate as you just do not have the metal energy to entertain them. There is a natural introspection that deepens by the day. Like an automatic function of fasting. The mind sharpen, I can read and think faster, more creative, but my hands are tired just holding the typing position.

Let’s not forget about the strange aches and pains from past injuries that can flair up for a few hours or days.

Water Fasting The Ugly

It never happens on the fist day but day to day two of a water fast that introspection demands a hard look at my life, its purpose, goals, dreams and who I am becoming as a person.

Right now, I am at one of the happiest points of my life, and in a place of contentment health and freedom, but when the rocks of the soul get turned over, there will be something slimy and ugly. Always, there is a revealing of selfish ambition for both the greatest of saints and sinners. During fasting, it becomes ugly and then I realize that is me. Combine that with weakness, aches and pains and a mind state of apathy and you have water fasting.

The photo is of Tom Coghill at the top of the highest peak in Colombia, 6,800 meters above sea level.

Philippine Mountain Fast

May 2006, I was water fasting for direction of the cancer treatment program as seeing stage 4 cancer patients die close up was deeply painful. The successes were beautiful and encouraging but the failures were the loss of people who had become friends with a deep emotional attachment.

I had a beautiful campsite with pine trees and a view of the valley. I had driven my 4×4 van through lots of mud which was great fun. I was in the woods in a hammock fasting and answering posts in a G3 Internet connection running the laptop on car batteries with an inverter.

Lost in cyberspace, I killed two batteries that I thought were good. I was stranded miles from civilization. After 2 days on water I had to walk for 2 hours to my home and 3 hours back carrying another charged battery. A night through the Philippines mountains with mist and drizzle was a night to remember. I could smell every pine tree.

When I started I was so weak, I could barely put my shoes on but as I walked energy keep coming. There were times, I forced myself to plod onward but the body is a strange and amazing machine. It responds to demands and more energy came. Enough to keep plodding on.

Although being stranded at night in the woods sounds bad sounds bad, it became an exhilarating adventure and another lesson on going with the flow during water fasting.

By Tom Coghill of Fasting.ws
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183 Responses to Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Bishop,
    Welcome. 5 days, well done. Day two for me. Feeling good, with few hours of low energy but the second day for me is the day if enter fully into the state of water fasting. It is a zone where I never think of food or want to eat. However, Monday is a work day and water fasting will not supply the energy I need. So this is only a 3 day water fast. If you want to write about some of your fasting experiences, I will post it.

    • johnny says:

      i tried water fasting a days ago back and i started loosing oxygen and hurting and dying feeling. i ate something felt weak and huge amount of cave in spine numbing heat little heavy dying of years off my life. it starts all day then maybe a little releief for minutes. i need to go to the hospital or something. very very bad. dam i shouldnt have tried this a diffrent person i feel like. weaker less ability to feel person or something mmm sh*t dying too much i think mmm weak cant explaing the apothy mmm

      mmm!!! i need to go to the hospital rrrrr maybe eyes wide no oxygen

  2. Syd_DownUnder says:

    Hello Tom,
    how did you go with your three days water fasting?

    6 days ago I started my fasting as well, with three days of pure water only. Now I am on my third day of fresh fruit/vegetable juices. Weakness is coming back. My nose is running (I trust it is a sign of detoxification) and I have got cramps in my legs. My head is suggesting to eat something (I feel like steamed broccoli rather that sugary stuffs! Pretty amazing!!) but my stomach seems ok, no bad rumbling yet. I would like to stick to the fasting at least one more day but my will is getting as week as my body today. Any suggestion?

  3. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Thanks for asking Syd_DownUnder, it was amazing ending it. What an energy surge. I was in the gym pumping iron. 4 day of fruit shakes, with egg white, and hard exercise then 3 on water again for the weekend were I can relax.

    Drink lots of juice or water when hunger cravings come. Or the dreaded enema, kills hunger totally for about 12 hours or more.
    Yea all are detoxing events. Had them all at some time.

  4. Scotty Logan says:

    Get Don Tolman’s F.D.R.(Farmacist Desk Reference)
    Honestly fellas dont waste your time in trying it any other way. He has info in ther that will blow your mind. I have seen him speak 6 times , have his DVDs and just come off a 21 day juice fast (Kabala). Don has fasted 3 times on water for 40 days and is kicking butt. He has insights from anciet and biblical times aand messages from the Cosmos. Trust me on this one. This will help you get the most of it !!!!

  5. Marc reynolds says:

    i have been doing a cleanse for the past 30 days, eating only raw fruits and veggies (no nuts, potatoes). On the firt week, i eat three meals per day, then every week after i cut down a meal. The last week is a water fast.

    I decided to do this cleanse because my body was not feeling right. I also have a very weird condition called a pilnidal cyst that is a very disturbing condition (you should look it up) and can be debilatating, downright repulive, and most of all uncomfortable (you cant even sit right!) and since i dont have insurance, going to the doctor was not an option.

    After two weeks on the raw, my cyst began to subside and my massive headaches also began to get less bad and aching of my body began to stop.

    I am on day four of my water fast and my cyst is almost completely gone, and there is no puss draining from it! the days go by soo slowly compared to normal life that i seem to have too much time to deal with. I am getting soooo much work done that i have been putting off and yesterday got the urge to clean my room completely and get rid of things i didnt need. I have also been taking on issues that have been rising and going back into my mind for some time now and being forced to take them head on

    I prefer a water fast to a juice fast because a juice fast is more about straight detox of the physical body and some of the mind, and also alot of weight loss with as little amount of introspection as possible. i think that juice fasting has gotten a better rap because it is easier and more accepted in mainstream society, it is amazing how many juice fasters have been nocking water fasts, but for me the proof is in the pudding, water fasting challenges the mind and under the surface strugggles that are not brought up in a typical juice fast. Water fasting is a deeper experience that everyone should challenge themselves to do

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Marc,
    That is truly impressive results. If you can continuing this deserves a post to encourage others. Yes water fasting is the hardest but most effective. Do you what a post page dedicated to you journey?

  7. chris stevens says:

    Hi Folks,

    I guess this will be my daily journal. Today is day 1. Actually, I have tonight to get through, but I have done this before. My goal is a 5 day water fast. I did a 4 day fast when I was 26. I’m 37 now but a little more prepared to what will come so I think that will make it easier. I remember how introspective I became and how I was able to cleanse my palet. The first day I was craving a Whopper and by the end I was craving a fresh tomato. It just seemed like the time again to step back, slow down a little and re-set my systems…

  8. chris stevens says:

    I’m back, day 2. I felt better then expected today. Had enough energy for being in the office. I’m lookin forward to tomorrow where I will be halfway through. It was interesting to really get in touch with what my body is doing. I felt little bits of energy and then small bouts of low energy, but nothing out of the ordinary. I plan to take a warm glass of water tomorrow with a little salt to make a saline solution for washing out my track. I did this last time I fasted and it worked great. I think I have accomplished more today then I have in the office in a long while, its seems easy to concentrate. Tomorrow is day 3, I will leave another post…Chris

  9. chris stevens says:

    I’m back, day 3. I think today was no different then yesterday, accept for one thing. I’m not sure If I’m drinking enough water, but when I had a bowl movement, it was all water but it was yellow in color like a bunch of bile. I don’t remember that happening, but the last time I did a fast was 10 years ago.

    I ‘m thinking less and less about food, I think my body is getting used to it. My energy level is back and forth, I notice that if I feel a little slugish, then drink water I feel better. The night is the hardest time so I keep busy with work and finish with my book. I heat the water at night and use a coffee cup…seems extra special water that way…

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow though, and for me first post fast meal on Friday…Chris

  10. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    We can do a real post page for you Chris if you sent us a pic and a back gound. You are doing great keep up.

  11. chris Stevens says:

    I’m back day 4. Today was interesting. I had a lot of dreams relating to food, tossed and turned and had aching muscles. I went to work but felt sluggish. I have a lot to do at work but I figured out a way to do everything else that didn’t need to get done today. I still feel good, but I can tell I’m running into a wall.

    I have decided to end my fast tomorrow morning, instead of tomorrow night. I need a bit of energy tomorrow and have a lot to do and concentrate on. I feel a slight sense of failure because I told myself, 5 days which would be 6pm Friday night. I own my business and don’t want my pride to get in the way of closing an important deal. I’ll start with soup, and move up from there.

    I will post another after a few days to bring this journey to an end and share what I have learned…Chris

  12. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Working and water fasting is indeed difficult. I just lay in bed. If I get some energy I do some stuff until the energy fades then I go back to bed. But if you have a slow metabolism, you can easily water fast and work.
    You are doing great, Chris. Congrats and thanks for sharing your journey.
    Cheers Mate

  13. Peggy says:

    I am on day 3 of a water fast….my goal is 30-days…I started doing juice-fasts a year ago….30-days at a time….loved them….but I felt this time I would begin with just the water….

    My day one I spent entirely in bed….I woke up and took a shower and put clean pajamas on and went right back to bed with 2 bottles of water for sipping….just in case I got thirsty….I slept off and on all day….

    Day 2…I woke up took a shower put clean pajamas on and decided to make the day a pampering day….gave myself a facial….curled my hair…gave myself a pedicure…watched lifetime girly movies…and took a couple of tiny naps….by 6pm my tummy was icky…and it was all yellow bile…I hope that is normal…wasn’t a lot….

    Today is my day 3….I am just doing some things around the house…laundry and vacuuming…and giving my doggie a bath…I was going to do some aerobics….but nope…I think I will walk tonight the 2 mile trail…and do some sit ups and push ups…

    The bad….tummy issues which I expected….and thankfully I am home this week on spring break…my neck muscles hurt really bad…

    The good….my allergies are almost gone….amazing….and I have lost 5 lbs since yesterday….now that is an incredible feeling to know how much good is being done to my body and the bad may come but it is only for a moment….my incredible benefits will be a lifetime!!!

    Good luck everyone!!! Just do it!!! It is hard yes, but being unhealthy and taking meds is worse…

    Thanks to you for putting all this great info on here….I will return tomorrow!!!♥

  14. Kemata says:

    I usually start out trying to to to a 30 day fasts, I actually feel like my body craves it but I am usually defeated by the third or fourth week. My flesh is so weak and the sad part is usually when I submit to the urge to eat I’m not even hungry. Any ideas on how to defeat lack of self control.

  15. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Kemata,
    Deafeat after a few weeks of fasting is common for many fasters. You could get a fasting partner and make a $10 bet on who quits first. But hard to prove if you are online.
    Other than that the only help is continually refeshing the goal mentally.

  16. Anne says:

    I’m on day 8 of a water fast, and the dizziness and loss of breathe has become more extreme. I normally have lowish blood pressure, being a vegan, so this has affected me far more than it has others in my family who also try it. Anyway, I’m continuing until my body tells me to stop – which is when I feel overwhelmingly hungry again. When hunger kicks in and also your tounge and mouth generally clear up, then you are ready to carefully break your fast. Breaking a fast should NEVER be decided by a pre-determined date or goal. It’s about listening to your body, not telling your body what to do. During a fast, your body is the one in control because your body is doing important “fix-up” work.

    Also, I’d like to correct a common mistake I see a lot in other would-be fasters. Fasting IS NOT a weight loss technique, nor should it be used as one! In fact, fasting in the medical world is better known as a Weight Gain Technique for the seriously thin. It cleans and fixes problems in your intestines and cells so when you start eating again, you can ingest nutrients far better than before. The same ingested calorie goes farther. That means if you go back to eating the same way you used to in the old days, you’ll not only gain all the weight back (nearly as quickly as you lost it) but you’ll also gain Additional Weight. I’ve read the medical books on this and also seen it for myself on multiple people’s bodies.

    Anyone who thinks fasting is for dieting is kidding themselves. Fasting is for purifying, improving your health, solving internal organ problems, even helping you think through a major change of life when you are on a personal cusp. However, it’s not for weight loss.

    I fit into my skinniest jeans today… but that doesn’t mean I’ll go out and buy more thin clothing. In fact the reverse, I’ll be healthier and happier in larger sizes in a month or two. :-)

  17. Amy says:

    I just started a 10 day water fast. I have never done anything like this before. I did a 4 day juice fast a couple of months ago and it was great. I have been so burdened by so many different things going on in my life I felt a clear tug from God calling me into a time of prayer and fasting. I am excited and scared. I have a few questions:
    1. I usually drink about 4 cups of coffee in the morning. Any danger in going cold turkey besides a headache?
    2. Herbal teas? Is it still considered a water fast if I drink some hot herbal teas?
    3. Any dangers signs/ symptoms I should be careful about in embarking on a 10 day water fast?
    4. I have always had tummy issues. Should I do anything extra to help this situation along? Constipation?
    Thank You!

  18. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Amy,
    Quiting coffee usually causes headaches for 1 to 3 days. Herbal teas are good during water fasting as they have no calories. If I get weak I sometime have some honey in the tea to make the fast more comfortable. Your colon will work better after a fast. Using an enema is good but replace the intestinal bacteria after the fast and the breaking the fast time is a few days longer.
    I am glad to be of support.

    Hi Anne,
    You said, “Fasting IS NOT a weight loss technique” I know personally that fasting is a very effective in a long term weight loss. I new them for years and they keep the weight off and 20 to 100 lbs of excess fat. Never seen fasting work for weight gain in thin people so I always suggest weight lifting.

    You stated “When hunger kicks in and also your tongue and mouth generally clear up, then you are ready to carefully break your fast.” The body detoxifies in cycles and what you think would be the end of a fast is just the end of a cycle. On a long fast that can happen several times.

  19. Brian Peckinpaugh says:

    Well fasting does help with weight loss, if just how you get off of it that maters. Most people just over eat at the end because its over and thats what makes you gain. I have been fasting for 5 days and i went from 248 to 228 in only 5 days. Which i thought that was really out there because, when i fasted for 3 days about a month before that i lost like 9 pounds. I never gained anything back really just the excess junk i ate. I am not very sluggish but what i am not understand why on the 5th day my hunger is stronger than it was on the second.

  20. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Brian
    Fasting is a process of detoxification cycles. Hunger, energy, feeling badly, … can come and go.

  21. Brittney says:

    Well, for me its only day 1, but I don’t feel hungry yet, cause of all the water, I think Ive had about 72 ounces of somtheing in the last 3 hours………got up late this morning LOL. I did excersise which I dont do, not for long but since I never do it I do feel good. Well see how it goes tomorrow, my biggest problem is that Im an “Im bored eater” Im a Stay at home mom, so I do get bored, and Im as active as I might be at work, but thats life and Im tyring to fix it. I do have a question though, when you lose weight on this fast, where is it from, is it a specific area or all over?

  22. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Brittney,
    Weight loss happens the the opposite way you added it if you are over wieght. For a person that is not over weight that conducts extended fasts like over 20 days on water. The skin gets thin and the muscle size reduces. The body scours for dead, weak or diseased tissues.

    On the first day of a fast your body can be very energetic as it accesses the glycogen reserves in the liver as the is no digestion demanding resources the result is energy. But this glycogen reserve lasts 24 to 36 hours max and after that, you are scouring the body for calories and the scouring releases toxins into the blood cause you to feel badly.
    The bored eating behavior will disappear during the fast but come back with full power at the end of the fast. Please read http://complusive.ws and http://healthrecipes.ws so that you can have healthy snacks in the fridge.

  23. Neshia says:

    Today is Day 2 of my water fast, following a diet of raw fruit and veggies for three days. Yesterday was o.k., I’m doing this while working so that makes it even harder (especially since food was ordered in yesterday). My mood was bad yesterday even with prayer. Today I am unbelievably hungry, but my mood is better. I am having a tough time, but I am bound to make it. Hopefully I will feel better after my enema tonight.

    I haven’t made a definite commitment to a time for this fast, but I know that I will at least do 3 days. I have truly enjoyed reading the journeys of other fasters on this site.

  24. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Fasting that long on water may indeed be difficult especially if you are new to fasting. I just take it one day at a time, and not get too hard on myself if I fail. I always recommended a few short fasts and break them correctly. Long term fasting for a newbie is like trying to run but cannot yet walk. I wish you the best.

  25. Neshia says:

    Yeah day 3 is just about over I’ve made it. Today was tough as well. First thing this morning when I got to work, fresh bagels, from my favorite bakery. But I did not yield to temptation. However, by 6pm I broke my water fast and starting juice fasting. It did make my stomach feel a little funny though. Next time I will shoot for 5 days.

  26. heather says:

    hi tom i found this website along time ago and i wanted to try the water fast so i did lol 2day is day 4 and i feel fine i do get a little dizzy at times but nothing i cant handle i wanted to know if i messed up by drinking a cup of coffee im really doing this fast to loose weight so far i’ve lost 5lbs =) idk if i have a fast or slow motabolizm but maybe u can tell me about how much u think i will loose if i keep doing the water fast for 8 more days?

    thnx alot

  27. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Heather,
    No one cup of coffee will not mess up a fast, continious drinking of 2 or three cups a day will. Get down on one knee if you get dizzy. I am guessing 5-15 lb.

  28. Neshia says:

    I have a question for you Tom. My last fast was a three day water fast preceded by three days of raw fruits and veggies. I would like for my next fast to be the same format but five days of each. How long should I wait before fasting again?

  29. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Neshia,
    It take a day or two to get into the fasting state and a day or to the change back to normal digestion on a shorter fast. It is up to you. One week is good.

  30. Josh says:

    HI, I’m on day two of my fast and I’m shooting for at least three days.

    I’m not feeling really anything yet, I have been drinking a lot of water. The only weird thing about this fast is that I feel really focused but things seem kind of slow.

    I’ve read about all of the detox that the body goes through and I think that it is incredible although I must say that I’m doing this for weight loss. I have already lost 6 pounds and I just started the fast yesterday. I weight 189 at the moment and I’m shooting for 175.

    Thankfully, I work at a call center and working will pretty much be a breeze. But also, my birthday is tomorrow (Saturday) and I’m afraid that my family will take me out to eat. I’ve already decided that if I break the fast before my body tells me to stop, I’m only going to eat a salad with no dressing or anything like that…so hopefully I won’t gain anything.

    I’m also wanting to maybe start fasting once or twice a week until I can make my way to an actual week or two weeks.

  31. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Josh,
    Your brain may start becoming unfocused as you continue the fast. Clarity o mind comes and goes and it can affect performance at work. Short periodic fasts are excellent.

  32. Matt Anderson says:

    I have a question
    Can you fast with anemia??

  33. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Matt,
    Juice fasting can greatly help anemia. I would have some black strap molasses tea with some chlorophyll.

  34. aliesha says:

    well today is my first day and im so hungry. this is pretty hard for me since ive never done anything like this. i think im doing pretty good but my only problem is i dont really know how much water i need to drink.

  35. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Aliesha,
    You can drink as much as you like. You will drink less as the fast progresses. You can even go days without water and it will intensify the cleansing. Just listen to your body. And hunger is the worst on the first day.

  36. Peter Kockelman says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the honest and genuine answers and responses to the people on this post.

    I am on my 5th day of what I hope is a 40-day water fast. The reason I am fasting is for interceding for the Proposition 8 bill in to be passed in California.

    One of the concerned men in my mens group suggested I go to a doctor to make sure I don’t die on this fast. So I got a full physical checkup this morning and took a blood test. Right now I feel fine however my doctor called and told me my electrolytes were low and he suggested I discontinue fasting. I started at 172 pounds and after 5 days I am at 164 pounds. My body mass index when I started was 26.9. That is just in the overweight category. I am muscular and athletic.

    I read that a healthy man (which I was before I began fasting) would start to experience serious health problems after losing 30% of his body fat. I figured that I would fast until my body lost 15% of my body mass. That would be a weight loss of about 26 pounds.

    What would you suggest that I do to keep my vitamins and electrolytes in balance during this time? And are there any other things I should do in regards to intake of nutrients during this fast?

  37. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Peter,
    Your electrolytes should be low; you are not eating. You should not take any supplements during water fasting except some lemon juice and spirulina if you want.
    The doctor has never fasted or has any info on fasting. It is like asking him to fix your car.
    The weight loss limit is news to me. I have been down to 5% body fat and came back to bench 1.5 of my weight in 10 days. So I would ignore that info too.

    Usually there are symptoms if you are close to death. If you experience, rigamortus, stop fasting. :-)

    Live boldly. Fasting is about breaking though misconceptions that steal freedom.
    I am sure the doctor of Jesus said the same before He went off to the desert.

  38. Peter Kockelman says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am on my 7th day of water fasting and feeling fine but I am loosing 2 pounds per day. I know that I can’t complete a 40 day water only fast or I will be a skeleton. I was wondering how anyone could lose 2 pounds per day by not eating? Doesn’t that mean that I would have had to been eating 7000 calories a day before the fast just to keep an even weight? Does this seem normal to you? Thanks.

  39. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Peter,
    2 lb is normal lose. Some of it is water retention from reducing your salt intake. The weight loss will slow the longer you fast. And yes, bone rack after 40 days but the body rebuild incredibly quickly and you can be back to a healthy weight in 2 weeks.

  40. Sam says:

    Evening 6 of the 28 day don tolman cabala fast,
    I have to say that I look amazing but this is the hardest thing I have done. I have a few lumps under my skin, nothing serious just fatty tissue on the back of my shoulder. I am determined to get rid of them after the 28 days. Today is the first day I have had to pull all of my determination togther. I feel clearer emotionally and mentally than I have ever felt before.
    The main raeson I did this fast was that for the previous month I was finding it hard to get motivated, getting out of bed was an effort and I was severly procrastinating like never before. I couldn’t go on like this, the fast has been the turning point. In the last 6 days I have got more done than in a long time.
    I highly recommend it!

  41. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Sam
    Thanks for posting. What are the protocols?????
    More details please. Have you fasted before. What are you taking. Health conditions. Starting weight, weight loss per day. Is that Sam or short for Samantha. Any negative effects? ETC???

  42. Russell says:

    Hi to all,

    I am 19 days into a water fast. I feel better than I have in years. Lost 26 pounds so far. Very little side effects. Did have headaches day 2 & 3 but that appears normal. No longer perspire heavily. Look much better with the weight loss.
    Never had hunger pangs as I was mentally prepared. I even take my wife out to restaurants and have cooked all her other meals. Actually she is complaining that I’m feeding her too much!
    My intention is to start eating on day 22 and start with fruit only, then move to veggies on day 23 with fruit. I’ll do this for four five days before trying any other foods. My goal is a loss of 50lbs and continue forever on a low fat, low sodium diet. I will be 50 next month. I started at 254lbs and intend to reach 175lbs by this time next year. It’s either that or die young! A no brainer really.
    Luck to you all.

  43. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Russell,
    Great! Thanks for posting. Do you have your weight per day. We are trying to establish a rate. Any health conditions? What is your height. A before and after picture would be great if you can take a full body shot at the end of the fast. This would greatly help the research. Keep us posted.

  44. Angela says:

    Hi. I am a lady and i am 5′ 5″ tall weighing 208 pounds today. I started a water fast and today is day 8 for me. My starting weight was 228 pounds and that was the reason for my fast. Days 1-3 felt like i had the flu and I didn’t want to eat. I just drank water and detoxed a lot! I must have had some junk going on because I felt absolutely horrible. I was so thankful day 4 when i felt alive again. I had a mild headache and the major hunger was gone. I have always been a big eater. I have 7 children and am 37 years old and so I am constantly fixing someone something to eat or handling food so I eat all day. I have gone on a 7 day fast before a couple of times and some for 12 and decided that this time i am going for the 40 days. I have back pain constantly from my large breasts and bone spurs on my feet from always being on them and my cholesterol has been quite high but i have brought that down and i just want to be healthy again. I am doing this to cleanse my body physically and mentally and let my body heal in these areas as much as possible. I have been taking medicine for bi-polar disorder for years and since I knew i wanted to fast this 40 day fast, i weined myself off my meds and am doing much better without them. I feel like this fast will help the chemicals in my brain normalize. In the past, mentally i feel better after a fast and each time i go longer, the more clarity i have. I really do believe everything is already in my body to heal itself and so I am giving it a serious whirl.

  45. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Angela,
    I recommend a juice fast instead of water fasting for your condition. Buy a juicer. You can water fast periodically for a few days but you have stress, energy demands and illness so juicing is clearly the best option.

  46. Deeva says:

    I will begin a 30 day fast tomorrow. October 23rd. I hope to focus on water, and occasionally juice, perhaps.

    Any suggestions?

  47. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Deeva,
    Start with 3 days on juice and end with three days on juice.

  48. grace says:

    what is an enema?

  49. nerissa says:

    Hi Tom and everyone,
    I have tried a water fast many times before. I failed most times after the first day but about a month ago I tried it with my boyfriend and I did 4 days. It was really an achievement but this time I really want to shoot for 10days. I have always been the overweight girl and at 23 years I am currently weighing 201lbs. i am hoping that after these 10 days I can reach anywhere below 180lbs. I also hope that this will also bring me closer to God. For me I eat when I am bored and it is easy to say, I will try to do other things but food is on my mind. I hate being controlled by it. I am very motivated by everyone’s comments and I hope that I will be able to successfully complete these 10 days. I will post either everyday or eevry other day about my progress

  50. nerissa says:

    The first day has not been that bad. I wen to class as normal and I got some rest so I haven’t felt hungry as yet. I know that feeling hungry will make it more difficult but I will not give into temptation. So good thus far, no weight loss as yet but I don’t expect any until the third day. Will keep posting my results each day

  51. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi nerissa
    The first 3 days can be the worst. The longer you fast the easier it gets.

  52. Ashley says:

    I have a few questions for my husband. He has completed three 5-day water fasts this year. Right now he is on day #8 of his longest water fast. He plans to go 10-11 days.

    He says he has never reached a place that he isn’t VERY hungry – in fact it seems to get worse the longer he fasts. This suprises me, as I’ve water fasted before and reached ‘that place’ where food isn’t important anymore by day 2 or 3. Is it because he hasn’t used an enema?

    Thank you for your time!

  53. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Ashley,
    Using the enema drastically reduces hunger. The level of hunger changes per person. Some have no hunger. Usually water fasting causes the least amount of hunger.
    The the cost of a few dollars and some minor discomfort it is worth the try.

  54. nerissa says:

    So I sadly report that I failed after the 2nd day last time. I have restarted with a new attitude and a buddy so that we can support each other. I am now on day 2 and although I am somewhat hungry, the fact that I have someone doing it with me and we keep motivating each other is really helping more than me doing it by myself. I am doing this water fast for at least 6 days and at most 10 days. I don’t want to focus too much on a day, but I really hope soon I will start seeing results. I a not checking the scale until the 4th or 5th day. Reading these posts also keep me motivated. Will keep everyone posted. DO you have anymore tops Tom that may make the next few days easier, keep in mind I do have classes this week still.

  55. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Try juice fasting and use an enema. Drink lots of juice for the first few days. You will find that easier.

  56. Lauri says:


    I am curious – to those of you who have been overweight and are losing weight via water fasting, what is the condition of your skin? Is it loose and wrinkly?

    I can’t imagine losing 20 pounds in a short span of time and not having loose skin! I am 37, and desperately want to lose about 30-40, but get nervous b/c I don’t want to end up REALLY hating my body.

    Any input would be deee liiiiigght ful : )


  57. Lauren says:

    Hi everyone, My name is Lauren. This year, I have undergone a lot of stress in the family. Apart from my studies going downhill, I have gained 21kg (42 pounds) in 8 months. That’s right, 8 months. This has been the result of my emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive eating, and also, my night-time eating. All of these eating disorders have crept upon me this year- before this I was very slim.

    Anyway, last year in April (2007), I embarked on an 18 day fast. And boy, did it require a lot of discipline and self-control! The reason for the fast was because I had severe acne, and everthing I had tried, extreme health diets prescibed by naturopaths and all, had not been beneficial for my ance. So I was DETERMINED to do something about it- especially because I was to be a bridesmaid in June, only 2 months away. Although I did not see any major changes to my sking during the fast, I noticed a MAJOR improvement to my skin as the weeks went by after fasting. At the wedding, I was not only slimmer- but had lovely smooth skin- Acne gone and all (only slight scar marks of where my acne had been). Since then, I had a wonderful relionship with food until family problems this year, my skin looked GREAT! and I did not gain 1 pound back. (I lost a few more, infact.)

    Anyway I am now embarking on a 21 day water fast followed by a 14 day juice fast. I know this will help me to stop emotional eating, compulsive eating, and night-eating. I am positive that this fast, as it did last year, will reap tremendous results for my emotional, spiritual, and physical self in the long run. Even though it is one of the toughest things to endure in life- I KNOW I CAN DO IT.

  58. nerissa says:

    Well it’s the end of day 3, and I have a little bit of a headache and am feeling a bit under the weather. I came back from school today about 2 and slept until 9. I think I have been pushing my body hard in addition to being on this water diet. I am surprisingly not that hungry anymore. I can see food on tv and smell food all over and I am not feeling the urge to eat which is a wonderful feeling. Tomorrow I will give an update about how much weight lost. I didn’t want to keep checking everyday but rather after 4 days when i know some weight loss has happened. I hope i can continue to at least make 6 days. I will be very happy, actually happier if I make 7-10days. Once again thanks everyone for your motivating stories. Tom maybe next time I’ll try the Juice fast, but I find the length of a juice fast too arduous. I prefer to feel it more with the water.

  59. nerissa says:

    Lauren, thanks for the encouragement. How much did you lose on the 18day water fast??

  60. theresa geir says:

    I am so glad to have found this site! I am water fasting because I gained 75 pounds while pregnant. I am not nursing because my milk supply has been inadequate. (I was not fasting while attempting to nurse. The lactation consultant said that even women in war-torn countries who are starving can nurse.) I am fasting to lose weight and feel lighter. I am sick of food, of eating and of feeling ugly.

  61. nerissa says:

    Firstly Theresa I really think I understand how you feel. I embarked on my water fast because i let food control me and I have always been the heavy girl and I wanted to lose some of the weight. So the morning of day4 of my fast, I weighed myself and I lost 8 pounds! I was super excited and this just fueled my fire to complete the 6 days and see if I could even accomplish 7-10 days. I watched my boyfriend cook on day 4, helped him cook too, and did not even feel that irritating urge to eat and worse yet over eat. I was so content that finally I was in control. I am now going into day 5 of my fast, 1 day away from my original goal… I’m excited to see how much more weight I will lose in these 2 days

  62. Lauren says:

    Hi Nerissa,
    On the 18 day water fast I lost 8kg (16 pounds)
    During the first week of the water fast, weight loss is the most rapid. After the first week, it gradually slows down, but at a steady pace. I recommend that you continue your fast as long you can endure it to reap the best results and to in the end, feel a great sense of accomplishment.

    As for me, I am now on day 5 of my water fast. Boy, do I have many times of weakness where I just want to give up and EAT! But I know that that will not make me any happier if I do that. By completing this fast properly I will be happier.

    Lauren :-)

  63. rita says:

    hi all,
    i read this blog all the time and i envy you guys for having such self control and the strenght to do water fater fasting. i desperately want to loose weight but i cant go beyond two days even with juice fasting. what can i do?. why can’t i do it?. i need some motivation pleaseeeeee.

  64. Lauren says:

    Hi rita,
    The fact that I have been compulsively eating, binge eating, and night eating during the last 8 months shows that I simply could not exercise self-control; I was ADDICTED TO FOOD. Having gained 21kg (42 pounds) this year, I know that I have two options:

    1) To keep eating without restraint over food and hence, keep gaining weight.

    2) To stick with this fast and know that I will not only lose weight during this time, but also, have a much better relationship with food afterwards. Fasting will make me more easily exercise self-control over food when I begin eating again, and will make me eat healthy and sensibly afterwards. This proloned fast which I am undertaking will decrease my cravings (for sugar; fats; caffeine, ect…) DRASTICALLY to the extent that when I begin eating again, I will not even want a piece of cake if I am around a person who is eating one.

    How can I be this confident in what I just said?

    Because I endured an 18 day water fast last year, and BOY! Was I a changed person!!

    You can do it Rita!

    Lauren. :-)

  65. Renee says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am on day 5 of a 10 day water fast. I am trying to lower my blood pressure readings from a level of 150/90. So far, so good. I have not experienced any hunger, dizziness, or N/V. I have lost about 8 pounds. My only concern is that my heart rate has increased, my pulse is bounding and my blood pressure has slightly increased. My assumption is that this is due to my hypoglycemic state which induced an adrenaline response. I am sure this is a common consequence of water only fasting. My question is how long does this adrenaline response last and would it be wise to drink some juice in order to lessen the work of my heart?


  66. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    I always recommend juice fasting for the first fast with an extractor. Increased blood pressure or a faster pulse rate is not normal during fasting. Toxins can cause some or heart palpitations but that is rare.

  67. Jay says:

    Hi. I am definately new to fasting and have always been curious about the mental aspect. Losing a few pounds would be a great bonus. I am trying to see how long I can last without any set goals. I really just want to find that mental clarity and state of self evaluation. I think I may be an alcoholic and I want to use this as an outlet for my controling / addictive personality. I know that I am too intelligent to allow toxins to control my mind and body. I have four children that all need me as well as my wife that is probably more fed up with my drinking than she shows. I just wanted to post here to get a little bit of this off my chest. LOL. I feel better already. Well I am going to embark on this mental cleansing. Hopefully all of you are doing well and I look toward to reading your posts.

  68. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jay
    Honesty is the first step to emotional healing. You can’t fix a problem unless you know you have one. Juice fasting over 21 days can be a transformational experience the can give you the boost you need to regain control over your life. As you know I was an addict and drank excessively. For my juice fasting was how I rebuild a damaged life.

  69. Lauren says:

    Hi guys,
    I am now on day 9 of my water fast. Only 12 days to go. Water fasting involves a huge amount of self-sacrifice and discipline. It is not easy for anyone.

    During this fast, I:
    - think about, dream about, and chronically crave food day and night.
    - Get angry and depressed often.
    - Get angry with myself for allowing myself to get to this stage (i.e. addicted to food; gained over 40 pounds).

    But I know that fasting will be a huge mental, physical, and spiritual cleansing for me, so I going to endure the whole 21 days.

    Lauren. :-)

  70. claudia says:

    Hello all,

    I’m on day 1 of what I hope is 3 cycles of a 14 day water/juice 2 day odyssey. I’ve fasted many times before, the longest for 21 days, and find that 14 days is my physical limit. I start to get what I call the “whoozies” at days 5-7 and get too ill to continue by day 14.

    I’m very encouraged to read posts on this site that describe lethargy, nausea and low blood pressure form water fasting. I thought I was the only one. I read all about how marvelous water fasting makes one feel – the euphoria, the energy, the clear focus – and have to say, apart from the euphoria, I never see any of that. By day 14, I’m usually too ill to even shower!

    So, I break each fast with vegetable juices and a couple of eggs which, once those cals and carbs kick in, feel alomost re-born. Quite extraordinary feeling of well-being and energy.

    I find that doing the fasting in 14 day cycles means I gain most of the long term benefits of the fast without having to get to ill-feeling. I say “ill-feeling” as opposed to “ill” because I don’t believe I’m ill. I believe the whoozies are just low blood pressure, a symptom of fasting, and not an illness of fasting.

    Most of the fasts I’ve done int he past 3 years have been 2-5 days so these 3 longer ones are something of a departure. I’ve planned for them as best I can – working form home for 7 weeks, minimum number of meetings, limited social events – but I’m a tiny bit scardy-cat about doing such 3 big fasts. Do I have the discipline and motivation to pull this off?

    I’m thrilled to have found this site to keep me drinking water when my head is screaming “eat!”

  71. Demona says:

    I’m on day 4 of a water fast and my mind keeps popping up ideas of food to eat, my hunger isn’t much there any more i have a little rummblin but not much. one of the girls i worked with i had menchend that i was fasting and it has been 4 days and she was floored so she had me test my blood suger and it was 98 normal blood suger reading. I just want to eat some cheese or even vegie tacos but with having no money its kind of hard to get them. I do have shrimp raman and it seems to keep coming to mind making that with an egg but it’s going to apear that my eyes are way to big for my tummy if i haven’t ate anything sence monday actualy sunday night. well anyways im trying day by day.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Demona,
      I have been poor may days. Having junk food in the house is a temptation. You thought can make you break a fast. Dwell on feeling good eating fruits and salads after a successful fast. Enter the moment. Taste the honey dew in you mind. See your body thin and healthy. Count your blessings.

  72. Russell says:

    Hi all,
    I posted back in October that I was on a 21 day water fast. Well I finished it and lost a total of 31 lbs. I could have carried on longer but had met my goal timewise.
    Since then we have had Xmas, New Year and a trip to Vegas and all my good intentions got lost along the way. The upshot is I have gained back 21 lbs. I blame this on beer rather than food as I do love a good dark beer.
    So now I have started a new water fast. Initial goal is 30 days with maybe 40 if my body is not screaming at me. Unfortunately I now know I will not be able to drink too much beer afterwards! (I kind of knew that all along! But it was festivities time.)
    Day 5 today with no side effects. Not even the headaches I suffered last time.
    Statistics are;
    5’10″ 254 lbs in October before 21 day fast. Lost 31 lbs.
    By January 25 ballooned back to 244 lbs due to poor habits.
    Age 50.
    I’m truly looking forward to the good results obtained through water fasting and know that it isn’t easy but the gains are terrific.
    I have read so many testimonials about how good people feel after that it seems a really positive way to gain a better perspective on ones own life. It such a short time period too. It doesn’t get much better than that!
    Good luck to you all.

  73. Thor Cook says:

    My name is Thor Cook, and I am 16 years old.
    I am lazy, indeed, but if someone needs me I’ll help.
    I’m not one to conform.
    I decided to start a fast.
    This will be a water fast, and will be from now(feb 1, 2009) to February 22, 2009. That is my ESTIMATE. The day i run out of body fat is the day I quit, for that’s when your body starts shutting down organs and eating muscle. I will have nothing to stop me, this will take me a month or more if my body can handle it.
    Nothing but water for 3 weeks is my goal and if i fail this i will fail myself. I want to prove something to myself, that I am strong.
    I feel the opposite right now. I eat terrible food, and drink nothing but soda. By now you may think im incredibly obese, but i assure you I am not. I am about 5’11″ and weigh 180-190. I have some fat yes, but i have a good deal of muscle and I can throw my weight.
    I do not care if I am fat or not, this is for me

    I will leave another comment and update you all the day I end

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Thor
      Welcome. Frustration is an excellent motivator. It is good that you want to change your lifestyle at 16 rather than die of a heart attack at 50. You should eat fruits and veggies for 3 days before you start for the soft fibers.

  74. Rhet says:

    Hey Renee,

    I ALWAYS get a racing pulse around day 4 or 5 on a fast. I presume it’s my body panicking with nausea and trying to deal with the acres of toxins flooding into my bloodstream. Lay down and breathe, if you can.

    Also, as I’ve mentioned before, you might be low on electrolytes. Do you have access to Glaceau SmartWater? It’s got potassium, calcium and magnesium, but no flavorings or calories. I alternate it with distilled water, drinking SmartWater when I get that heart-racy thing.

    This morning was my last bit of juice, and tomorrow I move into the water-only phase, on day 5. I get even awful symptom imaginable from the water-fasting. Not looking forward.

    Glad you all are here.

  75. caterpillargirl says:

    Hi all… I’m new to the idea of fasting. My story: for years I’ve been suffering on and off with bouts of depression. Usually mild, low grade syptoms, but also with periods of when the symptoms are much worse.
    I recently read somewhere about a link between fasting and improvement with this particular disorder. I would try anything lately that might help me out, but I do not want to go on antidepressent medication. Detoxifying the body actually makes more sense to me and seems a safer option.
    Only thing I’m not sure about is how to make it though my daily life while doing this… I have a 2 year old and my husband and I both work outside the home. I have a very stressful job, but can’t afford to take off a couple weeks to do a fast. How will a water fast affect my ability to do my job and take care of my family, etc… I can’t imagine doing it all without food.

  76. Russell says:

    Update. Day 10.

    I made a mistake before starting this fast and didn’t eat enough fiber. My stomach was clogged up and I believe it was making me feel tired, sluggish, sick. Without going into details my stomach, intestines, are now completely empty and I feel a whole lot better. I suggest anyone starting a prolonged fast FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES! And eat fruit for a few days before starting.
    Today I feel really good and can now carry on with the fast. I did think I was going to have to stop and do something about my general malaise.
    I am not weighing myself this time until the end, so weight loss is unknown. I do know I’ve shed some though as my “gut” has gone.
    For anyone contemplating starting a fast I really recommend it as a way to feel good about yourself, not to mention the health benefits. But do follow the guidelines and you will not have the side effects I just did.
    Oh, and I had a full body massage on day 5. Partly to reward myself and partly to clear out the lymph system. Felt really good after that too. Normally, when in eating mode, I feel drowsy after a massage but this time I felt more alert and alive.

  77. Russell says:

    To caterpillar girl.

    You will find you have more time and energy if you fast. You gain the time that you would spend eating and I find after a few days your energy level goes up as your body adjusts.

    I dont know about depression, but when I’m fasting a find myself smiling a whole lot more. It’s like you have freed yourself from a bad habit, (true in my case,)And gaining freedom from something gives you a mental boost in lots of different ways.

    Prepare your mind and say this is a positive thing I’m doing for my body and my life. Because it is!
    Good luck

  78. Russell says:

    Day 19 and feel better and better. No real problems to speak of and I’m still not hungry. Went out out Valentine’s night and drank only water. Made people curious at our dinner party. (There were 16 of us. It was a work team dinner, of all nights!)
    I happened to walk past a shop with a weigh scale sitting out front yesterday and my curiousity got the better of me and I had to jump on. Weight; 205lbs in clothes. So that means I’ve lost 39lbs in 18 days at least. Absolutely fantastic!
    Next goal is to get to 21 days. If this passes without hunger pains, and I’m told hunger pains will kick in when my body needs food, then I will carry on to 30 days.
    Also this week I will get a blood test to check everything is okay.
    I hope I’m not putting people off writing on this site? So many struggle with just a few days water fasting but I am trying to illustrate that it can be done and the rewards are amazing. No diet can compare for weight loss and no diet every made me feel this good about myself.

  79. Alex says:

    Greetings. I’m a 29-year-old male. I developed a duodenal ulcer over a year ago, and was succesfully treated for H. Pylori using standard antibiotics. I was worried that the pains that I was feeling might be pancreatic cancer, but after having blood work done and an abdominal ultrasound, no tumors or abnormal growths were to be found, which is good, but the duodenal ulcer pain is still there. My doctor seems to think that it is just a bad case of gastritis and that the ulcer should eventually heal using proton pump inhibitors, but I don’t want to take any more drugs. PPI’s don’t help much anyway.

    I read that gastritis and ulcers can be successfully cured with fasting because it gives the digestive tract time to rest. Any inflammation or sores in the GI tract will be free of both food and digestive juices during a water fast. I’m certain that my doctor wouldn’t support fasting so I’m doing this without his knowledge. I’m currently on day 4, almost 5 of what I hope to be 10 days of water. If successful, I will eat up (only raw foods) for at least another 10 days and try for a 14-day water fast. Literature seems to suggest that curing gastritis and ulcers takes at least 14 days and in some cases a full month, so I’m slowly working my way up. I was 130lbs now down to about 125. Do you think this is enough time to prepare? 10 days of raw food?

    Surprinsingly, I have more energy than I expected. I even forgot that I was fasting and did some yard work yesterday. The only thing is that I am very hungry. Enemas make me feel energized but don’t help with the hunger despite what I’ve heard. Any suggestions?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      You are on the right path. Juice fasting with the addition of potato juice is the best treatment for ulcers. And 10 days in a good prep time. 30 day juice fast should fix the problem permanently.

  80. Jo says:

    Russell? how did you go? Did you break your fast?

  81. ashley says:

    today is my first day fasting for a period of more then 10 days. im going to be fasting for 20 days. the first time i fast for 10 days i lost 20 pounds. pounds as of yesterday….219…i haven’t yet weighted myself, and i do not plan to until Friday. yes, i am hungry, but, i most lose 40 pounds by the 25 of this month. i plan to be 20 pounds lighter by next Friday. i workout Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays twice a day, and will continue to while i am on my fast.

  82. Mike C says:


    I started my water only fast on Monday April 13. 2 days and going strong had a headache the first day from no coffee. I drink it black and strong and a lot. Went to the gym today for about an hour, still have energy. Mood is good and I want this to last for 10 days. I have fasted before many times with the Master Cleanse (lemon diet) several years ago so I know I have the will power. I did that mostly to rid body of toxins. Now I need to lose weight and drinking too much beer does not help. I hope this will jump start me and keep me from eating too many process foods.

  83. Shravan says:

    Hi Tom

    I am a 50 year old male 5’11″ having no ailments.
    I was weighing 105 Kgs a year back as i had a very sedentary life style with no exercise and excessive junk foods intake.
    In the last 1 year i have started exercising and reduced my junk food intake and have come to 92 Kgs weight. I still have a beer belly.

    I have started the water fasting on Sunday night 12th April.
    On Monday i had fever of about 100 for the whole day but it went away on Tuesday Morning .
    Other then that i have had no side effect.
    My weight today is 88 Kgs and i feel no loss of energy.
    I go for a short stroll everyday and some mild stretching exercises. I keep sipping water throughout the day.

    I experience no dizziness or blackout or loss of energy even today when i am in my 3rd day of fast.

    As this is my first real fat routine, how long do you think I should continue with the fast ?
    Also any tips on how to prevent getting the fat back into the body.
    I will keep posting my progress everyday.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Shravan,
      Beer the worst for the beer belly. I drank beer for 1 year and put on 10 lb. So if you can quit you will be much thinner.
      To prevent the fat returning, use the standard weightloss remedies, low cal, high roughage foods, lost of fruits and veggies and exercise.
      Try a 30 day juice fast.

  84. Seyonce says:

    I am on day 1 on my 30-40day water fast, I’ve been diagnosed with Lychen Planus of the scalp (inflammation of the skin)and with my overal health in poor shape I decided this was best. Im hoping to mainly unclog myself spiritually, emotionally and mentally which is the reasons for embarking on this journey. A this point in my life I have nothing to lose, Im 30 and I feel like I’m 90 (with all due respect to my elders) and I figure this is the best time to start and found this site with all its testimonials really encouraging. What I wanted to know was is spending time in the sauna help with the fast by removing toxins out better, etc?

    lb: 204
    hgt: 5’5″

  85. Shravan says:

    Hi Tom

    You misunderstood me.. I meant a pot belly generally which beer drinkers have.
    I don’t drink Beer at all.
    I intend to stop the water fast after 9 days and then slowly start eating in the next 9 days starting with orange juice on the 1st day and then gradually adding 1 item everyday.

    I will try to keep a calories deficit diet full of veggies and fruits with 1 hour of exercise everyday. I hope that will prevent the fat from coming back . Regretfully nobody has made any posts as to what happened to their weight and fat post the fasting period.

    Today is the 4th day and i have no side effects.. Sleeping well..no headache dizziness. loss of energy, blackout or strong hunger. I am now loosing about 300 gms of weight a day. I am still passing some stool naturally in the morning although i have not eaten for 4 days. Is this normal ?

  86. Mike C says:


    on my forth day and going strong. I seemed to have dropped around 12 pounds. I know most of it to be water but it is a start. My beer belly has started to shrink, and I have still been going to the gym for about an hour each day. I am suprised at my energy level and my sleep seems great. I like Shravan had some stool passing this morning but it was mostly liquid, not to be too gross. I was thinking about doing a sea salt flush this saturday the morning of my 6th day just to flush my system. Has anyone else tried this?

  87. Shravan says:

    Hi Tom

    I am on my 5th day of fast.

    No problems except slight heart burn feeling.
    May be because my wife keeps discussing delicious foods to stop my fast.

    Some stool today also but small quantity and pieces but solid only. Must be the feces stuck in the system over the years.

    Mike if you do a sea salt flush please do post your experience so that even i can think of it, if beneficial for you.

  88. Shravan says:

    Hi Tom

    After writing my experience for the 5 day, I had to break my fast
    I started getting hiccups which simply would not go away, no matter what i tried.

    I took this as a sign that my body wanted me to break the fast.

    I took orange juice in very small quantities over the next few hours and after sipping my first juice sip, my hiccups stopped.

    Anyway i am now slowly getting back to normal food, by first adding orange fruit and then boiled vegetables, steamed rice, yogurt etc. to my diet one by one, all in small quantities and still restricting my diet to a few hundred calories a day.

    I will keep posting now every 2-3 days on my weight chart so that everyone can see how much weight i have put back after the diet is over

  89. mike c says:


    I have started day 7 with no ill effects. I did the sea salt on day 6 to help flush my system and it was good. My original idea was to go 7 days when i first started, but after seeing that my strength is still in tact and I can still go to the gym; 3 more days should be no problem. I do have a lunch meeting at work on Thursday which will be on day 11. I figure if I go light I should not make my self sick. I plan to do a juice and water fast again next week for 14 days or more. I want to get a good jump on the 50 pounds I need to loose. I have dropped around 18 pounds but once I start eating I figure half will come back.

    I can say doing just water seems very easy, no real hunger or food cravings.

  90. Shravan says:

    Weight around 87 Kgs I have regained 2 kgs since my minimum weight, the day after last day of fasting. Still having a calorie deficit diet and doing exercises.
    Lets see how the weight regain/loss progresses

  91. NY'KOE says:



    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi nykoe.
      Of the 100′s of people who have posted that they are doing a 40 day water fast for their first fast, none have achieved it. Rather than a desperate attempt to lose weight, slow down and study to develop a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise with fasting occasionally. Do a 5 day juice fast and break it correctly, then we can talk about a longer one on water. Fasting offers so much more than weight loss, it can transform your life permanently. Weight gain is only the symptom.

  92. Mike C says:

    Completed my fast and I am on solid foods. Plan to start again on Sunday with a mix of water and juice.

  93. elka says:

    today is my 5th day of water fasting. how can i tell if my metabolism is slower or faster? also when do you know your body has been fully detoxed? thirdly, what’s thebest way to end a fast?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Elka,
      You will never be fully detoxed as you life on a very toxic planet. If you have lost 1 kilo then you have a slow metabolsim. If you have lost 10 kilos you have a fast metabolsim. End the fast on soft fruits for 2 days, then salads for 2 then add cooked veggies. Read the section breaking the fast. Ending a fast is a decision that is individual. Listen to your body.

  94. Ron says:

    Hi Tom, I’ve been enjoying your site! I’ve been fasting one day a week for years off and on, and wanted to delve deeper. I think I am ready mentally. I’m 53 and about 25-30 lbs overweight. I also have a history of digestive problems. It started with acid reflux several years ago, which I took proton blockers for about the last 2 years. Recently I got off the blockers, started working out and felt pretty good. But, even though I have been eating well, and working out, I think the meds and acid have taken there toll on my stomach and digestive system. I started a water fast to detox intensely, and quickly. I’m ending my second day and feel good and motivated. I have a very slow system. I was going to see how long I can go, then switch to juice. Do you have any suggestions for my situation? Thank you, and God Bless you for helping us with something so helpful to body, mind and spirit. Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ron,
      For most health, conditions juice fasting is more effective for healing. As you have been fasting short fasts for years you did not go through the detox common for first time fasters. If the water fasting is too much have a few glasses of juice occasionally. Acid reflux usually take 20 to 30 days of juice fasting to heal. Keep us posted.

  95. Ron says:

    Hi again Tom, Great! Thank you for answering! I am closing on my 3rd day of water fasting and feel good (hunger wise). I am going to switch to juice as the acid in my stomach hasn’t shutdown completely. It’s not coming up to my esophagus as when I was eating though. I have had about 8 or ten short episodes of burning today and yesterday, but the water has been helping a little.

    Is there a point when the acid will stop altogether during the water fast? If not, I was planning on juicing with the cabbage & carrot mixture. Carrot juice has been a saviour for me over the last few months since I got off the meds! Can you suggest any other juices? Is tea OK to fast with. The green tea seems to give me heartburn, but dandelion, marshmellow and chamomile teas seem ok. Thanks so much, Ron

  96. Ron says:

    Hi Tom, Just an update.

    I am just about into my 7th day of fasting. I switched to juice on my forth day. The heartburn is almost history! I’ve had just one or two very small episodes the last 3 days! I’ve dropped over 10 pounds, and everyone is telling me how good I look! I have “moments” that I feel like superman! Of course, I’ve also been achy, and wobbly at times. I have been working out at the gym a few days a week. I had to cut my program down the first two visits. My last visit to the gym I actually worked harder than I ever have, but got really tired (and hungry!) a short time later. I seem to be feeling a little bit better everyday, besides the aches & pains.

    I’ve been starting the day with organic Aloe Vera juice (1/2 cup), then water with lemon or lime. I have cabbage & carrot juice during the day, with supplements. Then fruit juice before my workouts, water during. Evenings I’ve found vegetable juice more satisfying than fruit. And I finish the day with tea, and or water. I’m drinking approximately 6-7 cups of juice total per day, and about 2-3 liters of water.

    How do you think am I doing so far? Do you have any suggestions on how much, and what kinds of juice to take. And before and after my workouts? Thanks again Tom! Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ron,
      I usually take 1 liter of cantaloupe or carrot mix to the gym. One problem of fasting and working out is you can have the energy but afterward if feels like being hit by a truck and it takes hours to start feeling better. The body can only release calories at a certain rate and blood sugar levels can drop off at the end of a work out. So just drink any juice after and during the workout.

  97. Michael says:


    This is my first post and I’m seeking guidance and/or being directed to the part of this site that offers information about breaking a water-only fast.
    I’m currently at day 27 on only distilled water with about 12 ounces of generic bottled “spring water” every other day.

    No toothpaste, mouthwash or any other substance has passed my lips other than that which resides in the air I breath. Not working during this fast which allows for rest as needed.
    This is a first time effort and I entered the fast with no preparation of any kind.

    I’m 48, was about 60 pounds overweight at the beginning of the fast and subsisted on the standard American diet with a sedentary lifestyle.

    The primary goal is to reset my attitude about how I fuel my body.

    1. Should I end the fast by switching to a juice fast with low acidic content and then ease into fresh berries and vegetables?

    2. How does one reintroduce bateria? Non-dairy yogurt?

    3. How does one restore the balance of electrolytes?

    4. Restore minerals? Liquid trace minerals?

    5. Restore enzymes?

    My apologies for all of the questions but these seem to be important concerns from the material I’ve found on the web?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Michael,
      Wow 25 days of water is indeed an achievement. To break a water fast the best is juice fasting. Low acidic content is also a good idea as the acids will make your blood alkaline and increase the first wave of dumping toxins. Sure,,,,,, then ease into fresh berries , fruits and salads? Minerals, vitamins, trace elements can be restored by juice fasting and a healthy diet. Vitamins are also good. You can feel very toxic or incredible when you eat the first meal after water fasting. The loosened coating on the intestine, gets pushed through and releases toxins. Usually last 24 hours. To replace intestinal bacteria go to your health food store and ask what they have.

  98. Ron says:

    Hi Tom, Ron here again! I just made 14 days, and feel great!! This is the first morning I’ve woke up without a thick, dingy coating on my tongue. Is this a sign of reduced toxicity?

    Also, once or twice a day, I’ve had very small episodes (a minute or 2) of what feels like indigestion or acid bursts in my stomach. It seems to happen more after fruit juice than veggie. Believe me, this is a dramatic improvement over the way I was before the fast. I was in pain constantly. And this is the biggest and foremost motivator for my fasting: To repair my digestive tract.

    I am just fearful that I won’t completely get rid of the reflux when I go back to solids. It didn’t matter what, or “if” I ate, or when. I was an acid making machine!! Can you point me to any guides, or articles dealing with fasting and reflux elimination?

    I also want to say what a spiritual awaking I have had during this fast! I feel empowered with the Holy Spirit! Everything, and everyone, and every moment feels “alive” and full of the Grace of God! It feels like a fog has been lifted from my head, and there’s nothing but a clear path ahead! Thanks Tom! It’s been a heart, mind, soul and body transforming experience for me! And will be a part of my life forever! God Bless you! Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ron,
      Total transformation is truly an amazing event. It is like waking up for the first time. So few actually get it. I guess you have to be ready and spiritually hungry. God respects fasting and many blessings follow.

      Try juicing potatoes with the veggie juice which is standard for stomach treatment. You may want to stick to more veggie juices. A period of water fasting can really help the stomach heal. Try a few days. You can also take calcium with the fruit juices.

  99. Eileen says:

    Hi Tom,
    I bought the FDR (Don Tolman) a few months back as a result of a food intolerant 4 year old son. I am amazed at the info and the more I learn the more I am interested in trying a fast – possibly 1 week. I don’t know yet if I will do a cabala juice fast (I don’t have any disease of the body as far as I am aware) or a water fast. I have read with much interest, some of the posts here on the difference. Don Tolman is against flourinated water and I live in Melbourne where they do add flouride. Do you think I should buy bottled water (I hear Mount Franklin is a good one)?
    I am concerned about the challenge of it as I have 3 children 6 years and under and there is school, kinder, after school activities, during school activites, I run a business from home and I am also doing property investing. I know that I suffer headaches when I have 1 day of veggies only so I am dreading what I will face. Is there some way of countering these headaches as they can get quite severe for me.
    Thanks for listening and look forward to your reply.

  100. Casey says:

    I started that Master Cleanse on Tuesday (19th), however I could not handle the cayenne so I was only able to stomach 3-8oz glasses of the mixture. I took my first glass at 10:45am, again at 2:45pm, again at 4:45pm and that was it. I was not hungry enough to drink it. Since 4:45pm Tuesday I have only drank water and it is 11:36pm Wednesday night. I think I am going to keep drinking water until I feel ready to stop (not sure when that will be). I am 5ft 3in and weigh 225lb right now (I did weigh 250 in April but Ive changed my diet to fruits and veggies and only chicken, maybe a lean steak once a week). I should weigh 132 for my age (29) and height. I have always been overweight and I guess through the years I just “learned to live with it” instead of trying to doing something. I decided I am tired of being fat and do not want to go into my 30′s being fat.
    I debated many weeks, while changing my diet, if I should water fast. Ive asked many people only to receive the same reaction..”that’s not good”…”you need nutrients”…”you’re gonna end up in the hospital”.
    I have to have surgery for carpal tunnel on June 16th and I am terrified. I am hoping that doing a water only fast will either alleviate some or all of the pain and hopefully I will not have to have it.

    Any advice on how long of a water fast to do when needing to lose 100lbs? Heck I think I would settle for losing another 50.
    Any tips or advice would really be appreciated. PLEASE feel free to email me at syndy21@yahoo.com with any regards to water fasting. Thanks!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      It is best to own a juice to start and end a water fast. It is also better for post op recovery and it is a buffer for pain killers. Juicing is more therapeutic than water fasting. Do a site search on weight loss rates. With juice you can take supplements to increase healing.

  101. Casey says:

    Oh I meant do the water fast before the surgery so that hopefully I will not have to even have the surgery.

  102. Christina says:

    Hi Tom,

    It’s me the girl who passed out during the 14 day water fast who had to get stitches; lol. I have to say it has been a nightmare! Not the fasting that is but my ignorant parents have been on my back about fasting like a lot of people who think fasting is a bad thing. Basically, when my dad saw how thin I got he basically had me thrown into a psych ward well my dad’s wife did. Now I am 20 years old, however, I saw a therapist and before the idiots trailed me off to the hospital I made a dumb mistake of telling the therapist I was scared I was going to kill myself if my parents did not leave me alone. Because I said that that costed me going to the psych ward but I was able to get out the next day. Because I am already under weight my parents plus the therapist ordered blood work to be done to make sure my organs were OK. Well just like I knew I would be OK my test results came back completely normal. Not one level was off! That has never happened to me before even when I did eat. So it was quite lovely to throw that info back in their face.

    I did start my 14 day water fast over and I was able to complete it with ease except for the dizzyness that tends to get to me but other than that my mom has been leaving me alone. I completed the water fast yesterday and I ate a little bit throughout the day today. It’s amazing how my body did not crave any sweets whatsoever. It was even hard drinking the vegetable juice but I had promised my mom I would eat after the 14 day fast. On the positive side I am going to start another water fast tomorrow except I’m going to add another week. I enjoy fasting even though I’m under weight and you could pretty much play the zylophone on my chest bones and ribs hahaha they are quite prominant and I’m proud! LOL. I generally don’t have an appitite even when I’m not fasting because I guess that is how my body just is. I’ve been wanting to go longer on the fast and I would have been able to but I’m trying to let my mom know at the same time that fasting is wonderful when it is done for the right reason. I know I generally lose a few pounds a day when I fast but like I tell my mom and most people I don’t pay attention to a scale when I’m fasting. I just wish people understood fasting more. So I am going to start my second water fasting tomorrow, May 22 Friday, except for three weeks instead of two. I can’t wait and I’m very excited…I love how relaxed I am when I fast..it’s beautiful. Just pray I don’t get thrown in a psych ward again LOL, ugh ignorant people.

    On the other hand, I’m going to be moving out into my own apartment so when I do fast I won’t have a negative environment to fast in so it will be a zillion times better and I will be able to fast my little heart out hah. I also have my boyfriends complete support which is really nice.

    Thanks for your wonderful site, willingness and time to help people through fasting

    Thanks Tom.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Christina,
      You do realize there is a limit to this. Fasting uses resources that do run out. Yes fasting is an amazing high, peaceful, and transforming but….. it is like climbing a mountain without supplies. Juicing and eating health between fasting is crucial. 14 day minimum and 30 for a longer fast. Fasting can be good, good, good then bad as you have pushed past your resource limit. How is your self image. Do you feel good about your body. Do you binge eat. Any of these can make long water fasts dangerous. If you get dizzy get down on one knee or breath deep before you get up.

  103. Casey says:

    I need some advice. First, I have read where saltwater flushing and enemas are not needed on a water only fast. Second, I am wondering about pineapple juice. I have water fasted for 3 days and wondering if I can drink pineapple juice and water during the weekend. Is pineapple juice acidic and will it hurt me?

    Thanks, looking forward to your response.

  104. Rachael Young says:

    I would really like some advice, although I eat a healthy diet, I have been drinking lots of alcohol and also taking co-codamol a bit and decided I want to go on a water fast to flush it all out as I started having liver pains, and, although I am ‘underweight’(5ft 10in, 9st 7lb), I have a horrible beer belly.

    I am on day 2 and feel awful, headaches, weakness and lots of cravings! How long should I continue with a water fast for as its my first time, and what should I break the fast with. Please note I cant go on a juice fast as I cant afford all the fruit or a juicer :S

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Rachael,
      Water fasting is a bad idea after that kind of liver abuse. A juicer is $5 in the thrift shop. And carrots are cheap.
      Break the fast on fruits or vegetables. To continue water fasting I would have lemon juice sweetened with a natural sweetener like honey or natural sugar. The negative effects you are experience can increase become a hell trip. I have been there vomiting over the toilet for hours on my first water fast to break free of drugs. It was a lesson in pain.

  105. Donell says:

    I am on Day 9 of the Lemon master cleanse. i’m 6’2. I started @ 215lbs now I’m down 200. First 3 days brought on POWERFUL headaches. I had to cut the Ceyenne pepper out. Just too strong to swallow the pepper. I’m sleeping better than ever. My breathing is better than ever. My nightly snoring has stopped completely. I do not add the maple syrup as stated with the Master clense. I simply juice 6 fresh lemons every day and I drink 9 bottles of 16oz Spring water. I do an enema every 3 days and I’ve taken the herbal-organic Laxative twice.

    So far so good..At times I do feel weak and feel like I want to vomit but all is well..My mind wants FOOD but my stomach says NO..I plan to complete this 40-day cleansing and end it on July 1st. I’ll keep you guys updated as I take this journey.

  106. Ciara says:

    I am on my 3rd day of water fasting, I am less hungry than the first 2 days but still feel the urge to eat… But I have come too far to quit now.. My goal is to do the water fast for 7 days and hopefully shed a few pounds as well and then after that I am gonna just do raw food, fruits and vegetables. My starting weight was 200lbs and I am not checking my weight until the end of the 7th day. I want to know if there are any words of encouragement to help me stick with this fast.

  107. Ciara says:

    Now on day 5…Yesterday was the worst day ever, I was weak and could hardly do anything and i felt extremely hungry. I really thought of just giving up but I told myself let me go to bed and see if I feel better the next day and I did. So i’m glad I made that decision. I’m starting to see a ittle bit of chnages in my face and belly, so that’s motivation for to continue. I just want to say congratulations to those people who made 21 days and more…I hope that some day I can do that. I know I said I wanted to do 7 days but if after the 7 days I feel better and can still continue I will continue to whenever I feel it is time to stop and that my body has reached a desired weight and also feels healthy.

  108. Latisha says:


    I work full time and I catch the bus everyday to and from work, I know I read alot about staying in bed I just cant do that cause of work is this still possible for me to do? Will I feel so bad that I cant walk to the bus stop let alone get up in the morning? On a work schedule do you recommend a water fast or juice fast? I was going to alternate days

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Latisha,
      If you have a slow metabolism water fasting is easy with energy to spare. For the rest of us, butts drag like a bad cold for many days and those days cannot be predicted. I take juice when I work, the more i work the more I juice. Fri afternoon I go to water mostly lie down, and sunday night back to juice. On water going to the bathroom can be a big event. Use juice when you need energy and go to water when you can lie around.

  109. Ty says:

    Hi Tom

    Thank you for all the wonderful and insightful infmormation provided.
    I am 24, turning 25 on the 20th of June 2009
    I will be starting my first water fast 2morrow (06 June 2009).
    I will be praying to the Father almighty for guidance and strengh in my life, I am not sure how long I will be fasting for, but I gather I’ll be reflecting on all my past doings and future goals in my life and aiming to cleanse my mind and body and spirit. I feel I have been guided on the wrong path and I will be praying to the LORD that he return me back to the right path.

    I will be attending work during my fast, will my body have suffient energy during this period??

    Thank you
    God Bless

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ty
      Water fasting and work…. I have tried it… never works. one has to go… the work or the fast. If you are working take some fresh juice extracted with a juicer and on the weekend get time alone and water fast. I have found that I never have to wait long for God to answer when I fast.

  110. Ty says:

    Hi Tom
    Thank you for the advice, I do not want to take any juices on my water fast, I will take your advice and get much rest as possible, I will keep you updated after my first 24hours
    Thank you &
    God Bless

  111. Ty says:

    Hi Tom
    first 24hours is over, on day 2 now, experienced headaches on the first day, today i feel much better
    do feel a bit weak and at times light headed, but otherwise fine!

  112. Ty says:

    Hi Tom

    Day 3 almost over, attended work today, was not so difficult. feeling muscle pain in my upper legs, can I get some exceise? I usually attend kick boxing, more on the aerobic side, nothing to hectic?

    Have been feeling lower back pains, is that the liver or kindney?

    I Have been praying for wisdom and guidance, I feel that the Lord is listening :)

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ty
      Back pain will be from past damage to the spine. Kidneys are 6 ” up from the waist and the liver is not in that area. I suspect the back pain is from an old injury or stress being healed. Sure work out but go easy. OH, yea, if you want the Lord’s attention fasting will do just that.

  113. Liv says:

    I did read somewhere that water fasting get be a challenge emotionally and for the first 3 1/2 days I didn’t feel it, but today I feel irritated about everything. My kids have been so hard for me to deal with today (they are 2 and 4). I am so grateful I only have 24 hours left—I can make it, I can make it…

  114. Brian Llopis says:

    Hi Tom, I was reading your post to get some sort of incouragement to complete this forty day fast that i’m on. I was led to do a forty day fast starting of with a once a day fruit, or vegtable meal with water only. Then after day ten, I felt the Lord leading me to a full water fast. I started of at about 185 now i’m 165, not much compared to what i’ve been reading. Anyway I have seven more day’s left, and I will tell you im filled wiht so much hope, and anticipation on what Father will bring about, through the sacrifice.I won’t get into all of the sufferings for I think that will be taking away from the cause. I will say that who ever else is taking this sort of step, your not alone!! I will keep you posted.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Brian
      Thanks for sharing. Fasting and prayer always releases life transforming changes.

      • tosin oyenuga says:

        hello tom well imnew oviously i tried it today was my first day butunfurtunalya peice ofcke ended it at 8:00 i was very deapointed iwas goin tobe fine but i didnt go tobed ontime i want to start tomorow do u have any tips tok eep me on track??? i can find the god attention in this

        • keith101 says:

          Hi Toisin
          Im sorry but we cannot give you advice on water fasting, as you are only 15 yrs old, your body is still developing and water fasting would not be a good idea for you, however you can ask your parent to give tom a call so that he gan give your guardian advice on the best way for you to go on loosing this weight that is upsetting you.
          I have looked at your story and understand how you feel.

          Exersice and lots of fruits and vegetables would be great for you to do.

          Do you have access to a gym or a swimming pool?
          I can set up a healthy diet for you to take so you can loose this weight that is making your life miserable, but let me know what you are eating per day?…Ask your mother if she can work out what your calorie intake is and let me know.
          Blessings Keith.

        • Tom Coghill says:
          Tom Coghill

          Hi Tosin,
          Fasting requires discipling and disciple require thought control and training.
          1. Build desire.
          2. Keep your mind filled with positive thoughts.
          3. Pray
          4. Use an enema on day 1 and 2 of the fast.
          5. Create a progress report and be clear on why you failed.

  115. tosin oyenuga says:

    hello tom im new and im 15 years old with my parents approval i decided to go on a 50 day water fast inspired by the will of god and also in my old goal to lose 80 lbs i am currently 184lbs and want to b 104 before this summer. i am fed up wih all the rude comments about how i look and also fed up with the crying over it. being a overweight black young teenage girl is hard since the trend is being skinny like the models and although u dont think goals should be inspired by wanting to fit in a bikini and have boys like u and finally being happy as a good goal its what im working at for my 50 day waterfast please ish me luck

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Tosin,
      Being that much overweight at age 15 indicates some big issues. 1 Your family eats a heavy diet of lots of fried food, sugars, and starches.
      2. Genetic Predisposition to weight gain. 3. Compulsive eating issues. 4. Hormonal imbalance or low thyroid activity.
      A long water fast is not a good choice for what you want.
      Can I call you on the phone?

  116. tosin oyenuga says:

    OH and i forgot to include that i am a female, african,15, 5’4 AND CURRENT WEIGHT IS 184, GOAL IS 104

  117. roseshields says:

    Hi. I am thinking of water fasting for 7-10 days. I am a 21 year old female. I am 5’3” and 140 lbs. I look fine though I am around 5-10 lbs overweight. I have been in a cycle of binge eating and starvation for the last few years. I have suffered from this eating disorder for too long and I feel that I have lost control of my own hunger. I have done multiple juice fasts and a 4 day water fast and I lost about 10 lbs. I think a water fast should clear out my system. My main concern is my metabolism. I know at this point I fall into the category of yo-yo dieters but I am young and wonder if I’ll ever be able to eat normally (1600-2000 healthy calories) after this.

  118. ThatGuyJay says:

    Hi guys, love the site. Based on the interviews on the FAQ I started a water fast modified with tea and hand squeezed lemon-aid (with mascavado) no more than twice a day.

    The trouble is I’m on day 8 and I am still constantly hungry. I also have dry heaves and retching periodically. I didn’t prep for this fast, and did it on the spur of the moment. I am a 29 old guy, prior to the fast I was drinking about a 6 pack a night and 2 out of 3 meals was fast food. Is this just “what I get”?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Yea, if your do not prepare, that is exactly what you get. If you juice fasting for a few days before entering into water fasting. Or at least eat raw fruits and veggies for a few days.
      The more toxic the diet the harder water fasting will be.

  119. Chris H says:

    Hello All,

    I a 36 and was 285ish before fasting. I began my fast because of huge family problems. I figured that I would attempt to also reap the other potential rewards also.

    On day 7, I had lost about 13 pounds. I didn’t weigh myself before the fast because the reason for the fast had nothing to do with weight loss. I normally stay at 285, no matter what I eat. 5 years ago, I used to say that about 250! Guess that ole metabolism is slowing down a touch.

    I am on day 8 of, basically, a water fast. On day 3 I was feeling quite loopy and had about 2/3 of a liter of bolthouse farms vanilla chai and blue goodness.

    Since then, it has been all water (and some cayenne periodically) and now I’m feeling a little loopy again and have a dull pressure headache (very annoying).

    If I have some more juice, will I hinder the benefits of a water fast?

    How can I assuage my voracious appetite?

    Also, I am finding prayer (the whole reason for the fast) pretty difficult. I am praying while driving and at other times, but the heartfelt, private times are eluding me, my motivation for prayer is waning, and I swing from feeling indifferent to very emotional.

    Is this normal… or, at least, in the realm of normal?

    I care deeply about the issue that prompted the fast, so I can’t explain the indifference.

    I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.

    Any thoughts?


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Chris,
      Yea brain fog, lack of faith and a blah, unmotivated feeling is very common on water fasting as well as juice fasting. When water fasting gets too difficult I switch to juice fasting. The body continues to cleanse but you will feel a lot better.

      • Jessica says:

        Hi Tom,
        I’m on day 11 of a green juice fast and the fatigue hit big-time as of yesterday. I just want to sleep & all I crave now is HOT beverages (doing hot decaf teas, apple cider vinegar in hot water mostly). This is the only energy I seem to get, even the green juices are making me nauseated. Your thoughts?
        Thanks so much,
        Jessica in Atlanta, GA

        • Tom Coghill says:
          Tom Coghill

          Hi Jessica,
          I think this is your first post. There are a few Jessicas on the site. I would follow your healthy craving and be lazy. Hot apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey is great on a fast. The body goes through many stages of healing. Let it go its course. During on of my first fasts I craved red pepper juice (not hot) for 10 days. I must have bought 5 cases.

  120. A.Odeh says:

    hi Tom
    im on my 5th of a water fast and seriously…im turning into a corpse.

    the last 48 hours i felt a massive downhill in my energy levels…

    on day one i burned 1000 calories on the tread mill.
    on day two i burned 750 cals.
    a while ago i couldn’t make it to 200 cals. guess my body is out of glycogen…

    going up the stairs makes me huff and puff.

    whats your opinion? think ill get my energy back in a few days? any ideas on how i can do something about it for the time being?

    im goin to crash on my bed now.


    ps: i lost 10 pounds so far :)

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      There is only one body type that has energy during the first few weeks of water fasting. “slow metabolism” for the rest of us , no juice or food is to have no energy.
      In a few days you will not make one calorie. If you want energy, juice fast.

  121. bryan7899 says:

    Hey everyone today starts Day 1 of my fast. I’ve decided to do a 7 day raw vegatable detox followed by a 20 water fast. I got back from Iraq about a year ago and fell into a deperssion. I went from a very healthy 220 pounds to 310 pounds. Finally snaped out of it a couple months ago and I thought a fast would help me get back on track mentally and phycially. I’ll post how I’m doing every couple days :-)

  122. StormyDawn66 says:

    I’ve read that MSM helps the skin tighten after losing massive amounts of weight during water fasting. Has anyone had any experience with taking MSM during a fast or would it be best to not take any add’l suppliments while on a long term water fasts of 7-40 days?

    I plan on going on a long term fast 30 to 40 days and then continue with an intermittent fasting plan, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I successfully completed a 20 day water fast about six months ago. I did fine until days 7-10 I started feeling very odd. I started “Cheating” and drinking a little salt in the water and lemon water. I felt so much better after that. I was able to go for another ten days. I Didn’t quit becase I wanted too, quit because family was coming in for the holidays and didn’t want me FASTING.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      MSN is having amazing reviews and for sure great during a juice fast. But during a water fast, it may upset the stomach. My theory is is you are water fasting then stick to water with a bit of lemon juice. I always recommend having a small amount of juice per day as it has the same weight loss rates but the fast is much more therapeutic. I has seen some problems with long water fasts off bad diets.

  123. stellardoor says:

    I am on day 12 of my water only fast. My goal is 40 days. I have done numerous 12-14 day fasts and the longest fast was 17 days. I am feeling great. I do have a little bit of heartburn maybe 4x/day. Getting to sleep is harder than normal and I tend to sleep in much longer. Sometimes I sleep 10-11 hours. The first 4 days are the hardest and I cannot bear to be around food, but after that, I LOVE the smell of food and want to be around it. It makes me soooo happy to smell my friends food! Maybe I am absorbing the energy.

    I saw golden auras, or rather, sparks around our dogs when they were really excited and jumping up and down. It was really cool.

    I am hoping to get over and through this time as this is the time I usually break down and end my fast.

    I spend my time meditating…daydreaming…it feels really good to just sit there and watch the dogs and cats or weather. Tonight was a real treat because we had a lightening storm come through. The smell of the rain was exhilarating!

    I would love to hear from others who have accomplished a 40 day fast. And why 40 days? Is that the magical number? I don’t know but I am compelled to continue to that magic day. I hope I make it!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      A 40 day water fast can be the very limit of the human body before damage under perfect conditions and that from a healthy diet.
      So imagine fasting off the SAD with countless toxins saturating the cells then guess the limit before damage. Much less than 40 days.
      Walk before you run.
      Sure some have done a 40 day fast. But there are risks of damage after 18 days of water fasting. Strict water fasting ?????
      Honey and some lemon drink can keep your electrolytes balanced.

  124. jm1davis says:

    Hi I’m Jasmine I’m 5’6 and 205lbs when I started my fast I was 214. Before that I was 228 I changed the way I ate and was able to lose some by myself. I’m on day 4 of my 10 day water fast. Other than very mild headaches and feeling a bit sluggish I haven’t had any major issues until today.
    I have always had irregular periods where I only have one every 3 or 4 months. I had one last month so I wasn’t expecting one this month but I woke up this morning and there it was!!!! How frustrating! I was wondering during this time should I switch over to juice fasting or just stop all together? I feel fine I didn’t have any of those horrible time of the month feelings I just went to use the bathroom and there it was! Will continue to water fast today unless I feel like I have to stop. Should I just stop now?

  125. Stacy1161 says:

    I love that I have found this site because I need some support & to hear/read other people’s experiences during their water fast. I am currently at the beginning of day 4 of my water fast. ONLY WATER with NO juice, vitamins, etc. NOTHING BUT WATER!!!

    I did this water fast back in March 2010 but only lasted 3 days. This time I have 4 different plans set out but it all depends on how my body feels at the end of each plan that will determin if I should continue.

    My 1st plan is a 2 week water only fast, if I feel that my body can continue my 2nd plan will be to go 22 days on the water fast, after 22 days if I feel that I can continue then I will leap for 30 days, my 4th & final leap will be to go 40 days on a water only fast but I will not exceed 40 days.

    I will break my fast in the correct way this time for I never knew that there was a particular way that I was to break my fast.

    I’m not sure if you’d call it a fast but I have done several liquid only diets. The 1st time I ever did this I just drunk a cup of french vanilla cappuccino or a energy drink when I would feel too hungry which was usually 2x day & the rest of the time I drunk water or diet soda as well as 1 to 2 times a week drinking alcohol considering I work in a night club & I actually did lose quiet a bit of weight doing this on & off with the longest period of time being 15 days but I was rather active as well.

    I did learn through the many times doing the liquid diets that although regular soda (not diet) is a liquid it does not give very good results at all if you drink alot of regular soda for I felt like I just wasted time.

    But… as I said I am currently doing the WATER ONLY fast & hope to achieve my goal of going atleast 14 days but really hope to go the full 40 days. I am not very active at this time & have not been working lately due to a herniated disk that is in my lower back (doc says that it’s huge) & it at times causes extreme pain. The back pain 1st began late January early February with me at 1st only seeing a Chiropractor but after a good 4 months or so & still having pain with it at times being so extreme I finally decided to go see my MD & after what seemed to me to be alot of begging she finally sent me for a MRI which was just done July 16th of 2010 with the results being that I have a huge herniated disk that is pushing my nerves.

    My MD offered to prescribe me narcotics for the pin until I finally get to see the neuro surgeon after a long wait which is set for this Thursday to discuss my options on fixing my problem but I refuse to take a narcotic for my body just doesn’t like them so I usually just endure my pain or take over the counter pain meds if it gets too intense.

    I wanna know???? 1) Is it ok that I do not take vitamins or anything while on this water fast? & if not what kind of vitamin should I take or that is best & doesn’t make me feel nauseous taking it on a empty stomach?

    2) Is it ok that I am not very active at this time?

    3) What are the danger signs that I should look for in determining rather I should break the fast for the safety of my life?

    4) I do currently suffer from tension headaches that I do take over the counter pain meds for when it appears, is that ok?

    5) I currently drink 8 – 10 9oz bottles of water a day, is this enough?

    The only problems that I have had up to date on this water fast is slight dizzy spells, tension headaches daily & of course my hunger pains that come & go.

    The hunger pains I think is the most disturbing to me with it at times making me wanna break my fast but… I know I gotta be strong & stay in control for this is a matter of self control as well as self discipline.

    When my stomach growls I say that it is my body eating it’s fat :) I have not had a bowel movement at all during this fast.

  126. goingcrazy says:

    im 5’6′ and 144 lbs. i want to lose some weight for personal reasons. so im planning to just do a 5 day water fasting. how much weight would i lose from the 5 days?

  127. Ron says:

    Hi goingcrazy, You would be better served by changing your dietary habits. You might lose 5 or 7lbs water fasting. But it will pile back on within a week of ending your fast. Your body will go into panic mode and try to store when you start eating again.

    Try cutting out or down on, one or 2 things that you know are contributing to your weight problems.

    Here is a short list of the usual suspects: Sugar, White Flour, Animal Fats, Dairy products.

    There is nothing wrong with water fasting, but you have to prepare yourself for it metally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Water Fasting is more of a “Spiritual” experience than anything else!

    If you truly want to “fast”, try a 7-10 day juice fast! You will lose weight, help your body heal and detox itself, and feel better than either dieting, or water fasting! Just some ideas…Good Luck, Ron

  128. Blessed92380 says:

    Hello Fellow Fasters : )

    I am fasting for the first time in my life and I have found this website to be very helpful so I would like to share my experience in hopes of possibly helping others also. I never thought anything about fasting until reading about it in Bible study which then led me to study more about it. I have a great desire to fast and become closer to God through prayer but I also have concerns about gaining more weight back after the fast. I have read many different things about people gaining more weight due to slowed metabolism which has me a little worried. I have been working on my eating habits and have lost 21lbs as of the day before my fast. I did not initially want to fast for weight loss but I of course would be ecstatic if I am able to keep the weight off after the fast and continue losing weight like I was before the fast.

    I am on day 2 of my water fast (with lemon juice also) and I have not experienced any hunger yet today. I did experience hunger on day 1 but it was not bad at all but I did often times desire for the taste of food other then that the only thing I noticed is that I was extremely tired yesterday so I did nap. I started fasting yesterday with a weight of 326 lbs and this morning (Day 2) I am at 320 lbs so I have lost 6 lbs in one day. I am a 30 year old woman who is obviously obese which is why I wanted to share my experience because I have not seen stats from other obese fasters. If anyone knows where there is information about obese people fasting please share that with me : )

    I will definitely come back and update on my progress in case anyone is interested.

  129. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Blessed92380
    Weight gain will occur if you go back to the diet that put the weight on. You need to eat raw plant based diet and exercise. There are testimonies in the “stories and testominies” catagory. Sadly many lose lots of weight over 100 lbs but few take the time to write there story. SAD but TRUE. Documentation is a big problem on the web and the reason I prefer working with hospitals when I can.

  130. hydrastas says:

    How bad is Chlorine during water fasting? I’ve seen just how much chlorine is in my tap water and how fast it can be absorbed through the skin not to mention inhaled during a hot shower. I’m on day 2 of a water fast and couldn’t help but wonder if the shower would hinder my fasting progress from the Chlorine?

  131. swe3tlyenticing says:

    I have been on a water fast for 2 weeks now. Lost about 20 pounds. Now it’s been days and my weight has remained the same. Have I hit a plateau? Is this a sign that I should stop the fast? Maybe my body is telling me it’s done? I hope you can help. I’m very confused. Thank you

  132. Lenaria says:

    swe3tlyenticing I am in the same boat as you so to speak. I have been doing the Master Cleanse juice fast for 20 days and have lost 25 pounds, however I have been at the same weight for about 5 days now and I am getting antsy. I know I have more to loose since I am technically considered obese @ 5′ 7″ and 240 pounds. I decided it’s time to change to water fasting and I am thinking about continuing that for the duration of my 30 (or 40 if I am feeling well) day cleanse. Oh, and BTW this is my first time fasting!

  133. Ron says:

    A lull in weight loss during a fast is not unusual. Your body is trying to conserve it’s fat stores. It also not unusual for someone to lose just 25 to 30lbs. during a 30 day fast. For some that is enough weight to lose. If you can hold on to 40 days, you will drop another 8-10 lbs. If you are grossly over-weight it may take several fasts in a row to achieve your goal. Just separate the fasts with one week of raw foods only. You will continue to maintain and possibly lose a few pounds. Exercise is also a compound effect for weight reduction. Ron

  134. chichi says:

    my name is chichi and i need a fasting buddy. i want to start the juice fast and i need tommorow. i need someone to join me so that we can encourage each other. i have tried fasting several times and have failed.

  135. cash says:

    Started a water fast 4 days ago. I have done 7,12, and 22days. Want to do 30 this time after 2 weeks if gets to be to much will change to juice. So how long are you trying for? I will try and post everyday this does help alot. Good Luck!!!!

  136. cash says:

    5th day feeling pretty good. More energy today,the only problem bloating does anyone know how to help the bloating?

  137. Ron says:

    Hi cash, How much water are you using? Just use what you need. No more. Exercise will help with bloating.

  138. cash says:

    Doing the master cleanse about 4 glasses of the leomonaide and 5 of water

  139. Crystal says:

    Today is the second day of my water fast…I’m feeling sort of cotton-headed, not lightheaded, but it feels kind of stuffy up there. I actually have minimal hunger pains, and I think I’ve built tolerance by going into the kitchen and taking deep breaths while my mother is cooking and accepting the fact that I will not eat anything, and telling myself that I’m strong. I’ve been addicted to food and eating late at night before this fast, and I’m hoping that by the end of it I’ll be a new person.

    Currently I weigh about 175lbs, and I’m 5’3, and I’ll be 19 in three weeks. I’m afraid that my parents will take me out to eat or something, will I have the strength to refuse them? But if I get past those 18 days between now and my birthday, most likely I can get through my birthday. I’m hoping to go the full 40 days, because my goal is 117lbs. Is this too ambitious of a goal?

    After the fast, I plan on feasting on raw fruits and veggies for a week, and when my energy gets back up, I will resume swimming at my university’s rec center.

    I admit that I didn’t begin the fast with juice fasting, however I did do the water diet a week prior to this (replacing 1-2 meals a day with water), so as far as I know, my body isn’t going into complete shock. I did notice that I’m growing these pus-filled bumps on parts of my skin (is it okay to pop them? they’re painful…) but other than that, no detox symptoms so far.

    The first day was horrid. My sister had friends over and they ate chinese takeout in my room…I was strong, though, and kept looking at models on the forever21.com website and mentally shopping for when I reach my ideal weight. It works pretty well, actually.

    But I have a question, in order for me to reach my goal, how many days do I have to fast? Right now I’m pretty sedentary, but next week I start school and I’ll be moving around more. Is it safe to play dance games to lose extra calories? Or should I just lay low for as long as I fast, just going to and from school and nothing more? I know I’ll be weak, so perhaps I’ll do my homework in bed? I need to lose all of this excess weight by Halloween, hopefully. Please help me?

  140. Ron says:

    Hi Crystal, You’ve chosen a very hard road. Water fasting will test your resolve. You might want to switch between juice and water. You will get nourishment and still lose weight. You will lose approximately 1-2 lbs., per day depending on your activity. But there are plateaus, where you may not lose for a day or 2, then drop a few all at once.

    I suggest you that you read the blogs here. There is a wealth of info, and many answers to questions that I’m sure you will have. Good Fasting! Ron

  141. JohnRobert says:

    I’m on day 4 of my fast and I feel great. I have been taking some all natural supplements like 20 calories worth of Omega 3 and some AgeLoc Vitality which is in a nano-particalized form in capsules. These are for energy, cell health and heart health, plus I have to work. While I understand this isn’t a total water fast, it is as close as I can get right now. Amazingly enough, taking the supplements does not seem to cause any kind of hunger to set in… in fact, I have not felt hunger one time during this entire experience.

  142. StephanieG36 says:


    I am on day 4 of my water fast. I am doing it for spiritual cleansing and to draw closer to God. I am very tired today and am experiencing a lot of gurgling in my stomach and some diarrhea. What’s that all about?

  143. whitehusky3 says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on water fasting in the past year, and I really want to take the plunge and do one. I’d like to take it one day at a time since it’ll be my first water fast. Each time I thought I’d start one, the hunger on the first day would get the better of me. The problem is, I’m a bored eater and have an unhealthy obsession with food. I also have a lot of physical problems I’d like to fix with my body. I think fasting should fix most of them, but the one I’m unsure about is my heel pain from a heel spur. Will a fast help with that also? Will taking an enema on the first and second day help with the hunger?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Whitehusky,
      Fasting cannot fix a heel spur. But I know a man who hit the spur on a downward ankle on the corner of the stairs and it dissolved.
      The longer the fast the harder it is to be disciplined breaking the fast.