Brian Chason lost 28 lbs. and dramatically increased enegy and stamina.

Raw Diet Testimony (Christian)
Diet Change: 70 % raw food.
Weight Loss: 28 lbs.
Healed: increased enegy and stamina.
Location: Oshwa, ON Canada.

For years I had thought about disciplining my eating habits, largely because I gained a few pounds, and inches, from a diet heavy in dairy. Every time I got hungry I drank some milk, right from the container.

To illustrate, I was unemployed during my late twenties and had a fridge in my one room apartment. It was so close at hand I drank sips of milk every 45 minutes or so, which got rid of the hunger pangs; however, it also made me thirstier. Milk does that! I actually started the dairy diet because the doctor recommended it to deal with ulcers caused while driving a truck in Toronto.

The remedy worked, but I put on weight.

Any attempts I made at disciplining myself were defeated: I had no direction and the foods I ate were not healthy.

However, in the summer of ’92 I met a friend who asked me to look at a book he was writing. Because I was trained in journalism, I ended up editing the first draft of Fasting to Freedom.

During the process I learned a few things, some of which I put into practice. for the first three months, I went four days every week on juice alone. In the following two months I slacked to one meal per day and have continued this way.

Some of the changes that have taken place due to my change in diet include clearer sinuses from a reduction in milk; a weight loss of 28 pounds, with eight inches lost from my waist (I really enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now)! I have a real sense of achievement in exercising self-discipline; and I managed to reach more than 600 push-ups, 600 sit-ups, and three twenty-minute workouts (aerobics) per day. In fact, I was more motivated to exercise on the days following a straight juice diet the days I ate solid foods were followed with a heavier, dragging sensation, which discouraged pushing it during workouts.

In December of ’92 I was surprised to learn about my capabilities. It had snowed heavily over two days. Both days I did the push-ups and sit-ups prior to shoveling my driveway and two other driveways in the neighborhood. After the shoveling expedition, I returned to do the workouts. Furthermore, the second day, a Saturday, I volunteered to shovel the church parking lot. After approximately three hours per neighborhood driveway (I’m a perfectionist), and six at the church, I was surprised to find my muscles were not sore the following morning. What’s more, I danced in my church and I enjoyed every minute. My pastor was also surprised because he had joked during the service about those in the congregation who might be experiencing pain from clearing their driveways.

The authors of this book suggested that if I failed in my eating habits now and again, it was all right. No sweat!

That really helped. It also encouraged me to enjoy fast-food joints without guilt about once a week. Nonetheless, I returned to a regular diet of approximately 70 percent fruits and vegetables.

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4 Responses to Brian Chason lost 28 lbs. and dramatically increased enegy and stamina.

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  3. LLLLISA says:

    I weigh 200 pounds and I want to do a 30 day distilled water fast but I don’t want my hair to fall out and I usually burn 600 calories a day at the gym lifting weight. My understanding is that I need to “take it easy” during a water fast. I was wondering if I should add seaweed Nori and a multivitamin (biotin) to my fast to prevent hair loss?

  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Water fasting a lifting heavy weight is not advised. To stop any hair loss take some essential oils. You should do a juice fast first before the water fast.