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Jess’s 40-Day Juice Fast

Juice Fasted: 40 days
Weight Loss: 27lbs

Healed: Sinus Allergies, Migraines, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Back Pain, Food Addiction
Bismarck, ND

I decided to do a fast because I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time. And my feeling of no control around food. A good friend of mine introduced me to it. He had done it for 20 days and told me how great he felt and he thought I would greatly benefit from it. So I decided to do it! I have to say the first 3 days were brutal. But after that I started to feel great. The first thing I noticed were my sinuses clearing up and I could actually breathe through my nose!

I work a job where I can go to work at any hour any day of the week. So it was difficult to have a routine to my diet at all. I found myself always grabbing something quick at fast food place or gas station. Then after felt like crap. I would always catch whatever virus was going around. Seemed like I was always sick with something or other.

About 10 days into my fast I had extreme energy…Like a wave that just came over me! I can’t even explain how great that felt and how I forgot that feeling! I now get more done in one day than I used to in weeks. Every morning I’d wake up and feel rested and felt thinner.

I couldn’t wait to have another day ahead for me. I have had migraines since I can remember I haven’t had one since my fast. This has been an amazing life changing experience for me.

My whole outlook on life is changed, I’m more of a positive person, happier about life, more pleasant person to be around. I have a spring in my step that’s been missing for a long time.

I thank Tom for his help for answering all my questions and for having this website for us to share our experiences. I don’t think I could have done it without this site!

By Tom Coghill of
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Posted on by Tom Coghill

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35 Responses to Jess’s 40-Day Juice Fast

  1. JBerg says:

    What kind of juice did you use? I hear the Acai has enough nutrition to survive for several months on it alone!

  2. Julia says:

    Wow…your story is so motivating! I’ve only completed day 1 of a juice fast. My primary goal is to regain my energy level znd drop some weight (like 15 lbs). I have Relapsing/Remitting MS but have always been in good shape until falling into a depression 2 years ago. I need a “miracle” to bring back my old self. I’m certainly not thinking this will completely take care of everything but I have been resxearching and it feels like the right thing to do….besides, I’ve tried everything else. I’m going to do 5 days on juice then 5 on water then 5 of both alternating every other day.

    Wish me luck!

  3. Jess says:

    Hi Julia

    I am glad to hear this motivates you! I had NO idea how good I would feel doing this for myslef. And that is what exactly hapened to me I felt like my old self again. I went through a depression as well. I did juice and water but had both of them daily.

    I do wish you best of LUCK!!!

    Hi JBerg

    I used organic 100% juice. I didn’t have a Juicer so I bought it in bottles. I was expensive but your not eating so it evens out.

    Good luck to you too!

  4. Isabella says:

    Great job! I’m on my first day and cannot last like you.I’m doing it for family event coming up.

    Today is my first day and I weight currently 127lbs..Is not fat but to me it is..I was 115lbs before I had my child and gain weight during the holidays and work and stress.

    I’m on curvier side..But..I feel like this is my only shot to gain my self worth.

    Is real hard looking at fruit or anything FOOD..I had to NOT cook today and COVER everything so..I won’t be tempeted and put my weight scale by the fridge to remind me..WHY..reading your story made me realized I have been selfish.I have no health issues and here is someone who really wants to lose weight for health reasons.
    The only thing I have is depression issues.I’m taking meds and I have to eat with them..So I decided to not take them today.

    thanks for posting your storie.

  5. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Isabella
    You can take the meds with juice. Cut off over 3 days if you have take the medication for months. Keep us posted.

  6. Rose says:

    It is SO motivating to read your story!! I’ve often considered doing a juice fast and am now sure that I will!! I have a juicer so I won’t have to go get the organic pre-bottled juice. I’ve been needing to shed some weight as well… I currntly weigh 155 and hope to lose 15-20 pounds. In addition, I hope to gain an energy boost. My mother has been doing the juice fast for a few days and says she’s never hungry, has an abundent amount of energy and just feels down right good!! So I’ll take hers and your word for it!! Thanks so much for telling your testimony!! I’m very excited to start the juice fast!!!

    God bless

  7. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Rose,
    You can expect a wonderful life-changing experience. Keep us posted.

  8. Jess says:

    Hi Rose!

    You can do it! It feels so great! My experience was life changing!

    I love to fast! I feel great! renewed …refreshed…its like a new start!!
    best of luck!


  9. sparky4peace says:

    I used to fast when I was in my 20′s and even early 30′s. Back then, people kept telling me that I was ruining my metabolism by fasting. Back then I thought I was fat at 125 pounds, 5’2″, but when I look at pictures, I think I looked curvy and great. I am a little concerned at all you very tiny people obsessing about your weight, especially if you had eating disorders in the past.
    Regardless, I have started my 5 day cleansing, juice fast today. I know I have plenty of reserve fat for my body to feast on as I now weigh … gulp… 170 pounds. I have been trying to lose through normal watching what I eat for several years now, ever since I quit smoking and gained 20 pounds. Since I turned 50 (now 55), it seems ever so much harder to get it off.
    This is my committed pledge. Every day I do not eat, I will have another $5 to give to my local homeless shelter. I love those people who through no fault of their own find themselves in such a scary situation. I want to help more and this is a great way for me to do it. Wish me blessed serenity. Evenings are the worst for me.

  10. r says:

    after losing the weight so quickly did you notice loose skin, sagging breasts, or stretch marks?

  11. Jess says:

    Hello R

    No I did not notice any of that..I think a persons skin elasticity may vary from person to person :)

  12. azzurrissima says:

    Hello there!

    I decided to go on a juice fast for,at least,30 days.

    I’m on antidepressive meds for 3 months now…should I interrup them?


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi azzurrissima
      I just met a man who was cured of depression by fasting. Also Patrick of was healed of depression during fasting. You can post on his site to for support. Yes cut the meds. You can be healed.
      You can be edgy with insomnia for 2 days so you have to prepare for that. If you have been on them for months it can be a rough ride. It get too bad take a 1/2 pill. Make mental statements throughout the day. I am happy. I am free. I am healthy. I am sexy. I am rich. I am….. and burn it into your brain.

  13. healing fasting says:

    Has anyone experienced increased anxiety when fasting? I kind of think of this as a detox reaction to be honest but was wondering if anyone has experienced this and gotten through it?

  14. Jess says:


    I have experienced anxiety at times of diffculty during my fast…I seem more irritable..

  15. Liz Williams says:

    I am on the seventh day of a 40 day fast. Should I be using a juicer with apples and other fruits with pulp? Is it okay to use a blender instead? How should I come off the 40 day fast: what foods should I be eating and for how long?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Liz,
      Read the section on the site called breaking the fast. Also do a site search. Soft fruits for one day then salads. Juice for the first day is the best after water fasting. Three days are better. A juicer gets better results than blending. Too much pulp keeps the digestive system working.

  16. angela says:

    Hi Jess,
    Your story has inspired me! A friend and I are about to fast. I feel God leading me in this direction. I will have the support of my husband also, he just bought me a juicer for Christmas!!! I want to start by juicing for the first 3 days, then H20 3 days, 3 days juice and see how I feel. My eating is out of control since I got the flu in July. I have gained 8 pounds and cannot stop eating junk.
    currently 4’11″, 118lbs 44 yrs old.
    I am mainly veg, but add fish about 1x every 2 weeks.

    Tom feel free to weigh in on this conversation!

    Is this a good way to start?
    How often should I drink juice per day?
    Should I take my antidepressant?
    Can I take my hormones when needed?
    Any suggestions on juices to use the first few days?
    Thanks so much for helping me start my journey.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Angela,
      The program your described it good. The amount of juice depends on how you feel. More juice and the early detox stage goes easily.
      I usually tell people to drink as much as you like for the first 3 days then start cutting down. Try to get lots of different juice ingredients to get a wide spectrum of nutrients.

      • angela says:

        Hi Tom
        thanks for your imput, I left you a reply on line, so when you get a chance check it out. I had a few more questions I hope you can give me some clarity on, or just your opinion, I plan to start tomorrow 12/27/09.
        I will pray on how to handle family meals, and dinner guests.
        Thank you sooooo much

  17. angela says:

    Thanks so much for your reply, what is your advice on
    continuing my anti-depressant?
    20mg celexa 1 year now

    using my estrogen,progresterone as needed?

    Anyone out there peri-menopausal that has done this?
    Also where does Cheyenne pepper fit in?
    I have low BP so I tend to be cold most of the time, will this help keep me warm?

    My goals:
    closer to God
    stop overeating
    health. mind clarity.
    stop fatigue
    Thanks again Tom, or Jess or anyone else who has experience with this.
    In Him

  18. JJ says:

    Hi Angie

    I wish you the best of luck!

    Jess :)

  19. angela says:

    Hi Jess,
    Glad to hear from you! Any suggestions as I start this journey? I actually started today 12/27, I am fighting something anyway, It’s my son’s 5th birthday, the dog is sick, so I thought God, I get what you are telling me.

    Have you fasted since your first fast?
    How long before you felt energized?
    You did 40 days juice, is that correct?
    Did you drink juice just when you felt hungry?
    Did you drink H20 periodically during the day?
    How do you handle dinner at someones home, or dinner guests?

    Thanks so much for your support, maybe we’ll see eachother some day, as my Husband is from Venturia and we will be there in May 10.

  20. keith101 says:

    Hi Angela
    Dont stop taking your hormones, or {HRT}.
    You can however slow down on the anti depressants depending how you feel during your fast, but with your doctors conscent!
    I would sugest you stay on a juice/veg fast if you have low BP, water fasting will make you feel verry faint and may cause you to black out on long bouts of water.
    Juice/veg gives you all the nutrients, your body needs.
    Have a look at my site on carbs/cals on juice/vegies…
    I start my 40 day water fast tomorrow, will keep you all posted on the upps and downs.
    Blessings Keith.

  21. angela says:

    Thanks so much for your input Keith, My BP on 12/15 was 97/58. This is normal for me. Thank you for telling me about the H20 fast,
    do you suggest I even try it at all?

    Please, keep me posted on your fast, especially the spiritual journey! I am hoping to get past some issues on this trip, and cure some physical issues also.
    Thank you again so much for your support and input.
    Blessings to you also
    I am now going to your site!!

  22. keith101 says:

    Hi Angela
    My x girlfriend had LBP.
    You can try a 1-2 day water fast at the weekend, but test the waters , see how you get on, im not saying dont do it, but listen to what your body is telling you.
    After 21 days on water you go into no man’s land fasting lol.
    Blessings Keith.

  23. angela says:

    Thanks for your quick reply, I was busy checking out your site, loved it and added it to favs.
    My plan is 3 days juice/veg juice
    3 days h20 or whatever I can handle and 3 days juice/veg.
    This is my first time, so I will proceed very slowly.
    My husband is home this week and is very supportive of me.
    I loved your info on breaking the fast, same as Tom’s I want to do it right and make this a great experience.
    I know God lead me to it, He will get me through it.
    He has already sent me a few people as guides
    Thanks so much Keith.

  24. keith101 says:

    Hi Angela
    Your welcome.
    My site is still under works, i have a long way to go before i buy a domain name. I will add more vids soon of others, juice/water fasting, inclueding my own 40 day water fasting vids, my cam is set up ready to go to post on youtube.

    You should be fine on your juice/veg fast, look into the vits, mins, carbs, keep an eye on your carb intake. Take slow releasing healthy carbs,
    The best advice i could give you is to stand firm’ and find your inner streanth, and Spirit”
    Blessings Keith

  25. KRUMPLI says:

    Hi ,Im new here I have a bit of anxiety and sinus hayfever every morning and after drinking champagne. What Juice/vegetable can anyone recommend that will heal me or help at least eas the problem. I dont take any drugs/tablets dont believe in it.
    Many Thanks

  26. kats.shru7 says:

    hey jessa good to read u r post ,, what juices did u consume as i am also suffering badly from sinus and migraine fatigue ,tiredness

  27. settethesimple says:

    hi i am on day 6 of my 56 day juice fast and i feel so alive. i wanted to know would a water fast help me lose more weight since i am extremely overweight?