Elizabeth Davidson healed a raspy throat, drug addiction, cancer of the cervix remission.

Juice Fasting Testimony: Elizabeth Davidson
Juice Fasting: 30 days
Weight Loss 23 Lbs.
Healed: pneumonia, raspy throat, drug addiction, cancer of the cervix remission.
Location: ON, Canada

Elizabeth was suffering her seventh bout of pneumonia. It caused great pain and scarring of the lung tissue. Each movement was agonizing.

At first, she was afraid of fasting. It took a lot of explaining before she was convinced. I offered to fast with her to lend my support. She decided to try one or two days of fasting. She used the enema kit and then drank honey dew, cantaloupe and carrot juice fresh from the juice extractor.

In two days she was out of bed and moving around. On the third day she did light housework. By the fifth day the fasting had overcome the pneumonia. Feeling better, she decided to clean the house from top to bottom, including the windows.

Then in the period of a few days, the sound of her voice changed. It lost its coarse and raspy texture. Before fasting, she had been overweight. Fifteen pounds of excess fatty tissue was also gone. She had also been addicted to Benzedrine (an amphetamine street drug), taking ten pills a day for the last three years. She had used the pills to get through the day. Now she was free of this habit. On the 21st day of fasting, she discovered that her normally severe menstrual cramps were greatly reduced.

To Elizabeth this change was a miracle. She wanted to fast longer. I recommended 30 days. This was the standard fast for juice therapy used in European fasting clinics. I continued to fast with her and 30 days became our goal.

In this period I saw a sick, frail creature become alive with life. On the 24th day of the fast, I showed up at the house to find an entire dump truck full of topsoil on the driveway. She was shoveling it into a wheelbarrow. Her pushing a wheelbarrow, full of dirt, uphill 300 feet, was leveling the garden in her backyard. She refused my offer to help because she was “enjoying the exercise!” Her attractive, 100-pound, body was doing a task difficult for any healthy male. Three truckloads and three days later, the backyard was leveled.

On the 28th day, she reported a feeling of inner joy, contentment, and indescribable mental clarity. She looked radiant. She was drinking a glass of mineral water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Tanned from being in the sun, she looked strikingly beautiful.

The 30-day goal was completed, and the fast was ended with a light vegetarian diet. Later I learned she had had cancer of the cervix and tests showed it had gone into remission. Again, fasting had proven its miraculous abilities to cure.

Here again, serious health problems had incapacitated a life. The use of drugs, combined with a poor diet had devitalized her body’s cleansing system. The ability to remove mucus from the system had diminished, and the mucus had started to congest within her lungs, creating a bed for harmful viral infections. Each new bout of pneumonia had created further scarring of the lungs. The lungs had lost their ability to cleanse themselves of unwanted poisons and mucus.

Elizabeth recovered from the pneumonia in only five days. This was the time needed by her body to remove the mucus. After the mucus was removed, there was nothing for the virus to live on, and the problem was cured. As she continued to fast, the system cleansed itself of drugs, toxins, mucoid matter, and mucus that had caused other physical problems.

By Tom Coghill of Fasting.ws
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