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Ron Harrison lost 40 lbs. Healed sinus problem & weeping ulcers.

Fasting Testimony: Ron Harrison
Water Fasting: 13 days
Weight Loss: 40 lbs.
Healed: Sinus problem, weeping ulcers on my left arm.
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada.

I have been working in the health field for thirty years. In 1962, while growing germs in the laboratory in Ryerson College, I questioned how these germs could combine to attack us. They have no means of communication and no mobility. However, if you wish to work in the health field, you accept the germ theory or work elsewhere. I got married and started building a home. Five years later, this marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce. For advancement, I took additional college courses. One of the options was sociology. This was the first time I had heard the word placebo, and when they came to demonstrate the different cultural expectations of disease, I saw clearly that germs were not the cause. This led me on a quest through health-related literature. Not much change was made in my diet until I met Elaine. This gave me the impetus not just to live a longer life, but to live it at maximum capability. I was 36 when I met Elaine and promised her 50 years, which meant I would have to live to be 86. Now, having seen my mother die at 85 in great shape on a standard diet, I have my sights set on a hundred. Then I will decide where to go from there. With this goal in mind, I started searching for the best diet to ensure high-level wellness. I traveled many blind alleys before finding natural hygiene. When I discovered Fit for Life, I also lost 40 lbs. in the same time period as Elaine. I tried several short fasts, but always went out of control about day five and had to break them. I then decided that I had no option except to have a minimum 14-day supervised water fast. My main concern was that my left biceps felt like a bag of marbles. From day three of the fast til day five, my left arm was in excruciating pain, but on day six the muscle was smooth and as fibrous as it should be.

Since age 14, I have always had acute sinus problems. I stopped the pain with aspirin, and inhibited the symptoms with codeine. This is the only drug of significance I have abused except for nicotine and caffeine, but I can still taste aspirin when I fast, indicating the cells are releasing this chemical garbage. Since that time, my only health concern has been small, weeping ulcers on my left arm and shoulder, which shows me that toxins are still trying to get out that side of my body. Having heard that we now have a Canadian fasting facility, I undertook 13 days of water fasting, preceded by three days of juice to lower my toxic load.

Each of the eight fasts I have undertaken so far have always involved vomiting because the bowels are shut down and the toxic load being sent into the stomach must be ejected. I feel it is a short-term pain for a long-term gain. The sores have closed up and the body has been lowered of its toxic load; and, we hope, they’ll stay a thing of the past. I was very gratified to note no other pain or crises, which proved to me that I have obtained a high level of wellness. It will bea very happy day for me when I can fast free of symptoms, because there is no waste to be removed.

By Tom Coghill of
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