Fasting Testimony Robert D Johnston

Juice and water fasting 40 days.
Weight loss 100lbs.

Roughly four years ago I was 60 pounds overweight and very sick from intestinal toxicity and a liver condition that was getting worse.

Also suffered from deep depression and spent most of my time in isolation and bitterness. One day I started fasting basically out of desperation, but was consumed by horrible withdrawal symptoms before I could finish even eight hours without solid food.

I was puzzled by the bad breath, white-sticky tongue, metallic taste and dizziness that I experienced. Research later led me to the realization that the symptoms were a reflection of just how toxic my body and digestive system had become.

In an ultimate low, I received the grace, strength and resolve to launch a 40-day water fast. It was very hard and painful – especially during the first 11 days of cleansing and detoxification. But I was reborn.

Fasting for weight loss, health and fitness has changed my life. It worked when traditional diets did not. I realized that, as long as I kept putting food in my body, I was not giving it the opportunity to cleanse from all the toxicity that had built up over the years.

My complete lack of control with food was a problem that only fasting was able to break. It forced me to navigate through the pains and discomfort of cleansing and detoxification.

Only then did the chains of food slavery break and I was led to freedom.

Once the fasting was over, I found – to my astonishment- that I was no longer willing to just put anything in my mouth. The sacrifice of fasting and cleansing gave me a new perspective on food.

This new perspective, in turn, gave me a fresh sense of discipline that had otherwise eluded me. In short, for me diets did not work because, in reality, what I needed was to stop eating altogether for a season so my body could clean itself.

I tried all the diets, believe me. Yet I only grew fatter and more frustrated. Each failure usually restored me to the previous undesired weight and added another 10 to 20 pounds to boot.

Later I realized that, at least for me, fasting and cleansing had to come BEFORE or could expect to stick to any particular diet – no matter how good it was.

Having lost nearly 100 pounds through juice and water fasting, I now dedicate myself to helping others interested in improving their health through this amazing, life-giving discipline. I am here to be of service in any way I can!

Best Regards,
Robert D Johnston
Owner of

If I can be of service or help you in your fasting and detoxification path, do not hesitate to visit my site.

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8 Responses to Fasting Testimony Robert D Johnston

  1. O'shay says:

    Wow. I am very engcouraged by, and very thakful for, your inspiring and instructive testimony. I will certainly refer to it in the future.

  2. maria nilza says:

    Im very engcuraged by fasting.I would like to know more about it,sometimes i do morning fasting i feel this is is correct way to do.

  3. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi maria,
    Although the common belief is to eat a big high protien breafast I believe the morning fast is more beneficial especially if you add some fresh juice. It is called break fast as it is ending the nightly fast during sleep and continueing the period increases detoxification. You can also try stopping eating at 5 pm and only drinking water. as most digestion happens in 3 hours the body will have 18 hours of detoxification if you eat at noon the next day.

  4. JBerg says:

    What kind of juice do you drink? I, too, usually, fast in the morning because I am simply not hungry until around 1pm or so.

  5. Jackie says:

    This is wonderful!

    I have completed several 10 day water fasts, and am currently preparing to start a 30 day water fast with day one tomorrow. For the past week I have ate only raw, lots of vegetables and fruits, deleted sugars and whites from my diet, and am very very excited to attempt my first 30 day total water fast.

    I am currently about 180 pounds, and would like to see at least a 40 pound loss. Before I found fasting, I was obese at 265 pounds, sick, tired, non energetic, and just at my wits end.

    I am so glad to find web sites like these that help to educate us, and give us the facts.

    If anyone reads this and would like to converse via email, I would love the support!

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jackie,
    If you have a healing testimony please send it in.

  7. Shelby M says:
    Shelby M

    This really gives me hope..i started my Water fasting today DAY 1!! i really have faith im going to have the strength to complete 30 days…i just have a question Tom, should i eat or jucie a banana every other day to make sure my patassium does’nt get to low?
    Thanx Shelby

  8. keith101 says:

    Hi Shelby
    You dont eat anything on a water fast, you only drink distilled or spring water. Im on day 8 of a 40 day water fast.If this is your first fast then i would recomend a juice/veg fast, water fasting is very hard to do if its the first fast.
    What is your weight, hight, and age?
    Blessings Keith
    Click on my link and you see my videos i have dragged off you tube to get some idea about water fasting.
    click on