Frequency of Fasting Per Year?

I was wondering how many times a year I can fast for 5 days or more. I did a 21-day water/tea/broth fast in January of this year at a clinic. Also daily mini-colonics every day during the fast. I fasted 4 days in April for a medical test, and have been fasting one day a week and doing Fast-5 when I eat. I would like to do another fast June 17 through 21 or possibly longer (ideally just water if I can). Is this too soon/too often? I don’t want to mess up my metabolism.

Also, I was hungry every single day during the 21-day fast in January? Is this normal? I thought hunger was supposed to go away during fasting.



Response By Tom Coghill

Sure you can water fast several times per year.  If if is a juice fasting, you can almost live on juice.  I heard of a guy that did 3 years on juice to protest the Vietnam war.  If you listen to your body it will tell you want if needs.

You will not get the best results with tea and broth as there are no living enzymes to help the body detox.  Hunger and go away of be present, depending on many factors.  Broth can be high in salt and that can stir cravings. If the tea has sugar you get carvings after the sugar peak.

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3 Responses to Frequency of Fasting Per Year?

  1. bkcarlton says:

    Hi Tom,

    thank you for the response. My only concern is messing up my metabolism. I don’t put sugar in my tea and I don’t salt my broth (homemade – just cooking various veggies in water for a long time).

    The hunger is the toughest part. FAsting in itself can be challenging but is easier IMO when hunger is absent. The only possible explanation I have is that it’s from die off. I know many people who have increased hunger when they have candida and/or bacterial die off.

    I may add some green juices. Or what about a coconut oil fast?

    Thanks again…


    • Tom Coghill says:

      For sure on a fast candida is dieing and the breakdown. With a bit of web searching it appears that most people experience die-off as an exaggeration of their existing Candida-related symptoms or as a worsening of chronic health conditions. I cannot find any hunger reactions to candida death. Candida most commonly colonizes the sides of the colon. It typically thrives behind and inside any build-up of fecal waste. Are you using an enema??? For reduction in hunger and killing yeast it is the best. I would add a tea spoon of sea salt to the water. You could even add a drop of tea tree oil to this mix. Bentonite may absorb toxins produced by dying Candida organisms. Did you try liquid Caprol.

  2. bkcarlton says:

    Hi Tom,

    Yes, I use enemas when I fast. Actually, at the clinic in Germany during the 21-day fast I got a 4-gallon colonic every morning yet I was still hungry. It was very strange. The hunger while fasting issues started in 2008. It was never an issue for me up until then.

    I am currently taking chlorella and zeolite to absorb toxins. I have never taken Caprol but am taking Caprylic Acid gelcaps.

    My doctor is doing another stool test (or rather *I* am doing it) this weekend. The last one was two months ago so it will be interesting to see if anything has improved.

    Thanks again Tom!!