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I suffer from gout attacks occasionally. The last one has been the worst in ball of right foot. I have juiced fasted for 3o days before but not for gout problems just general detox.

With latest attack was on colcheciene but decided to kick it because it seems like I have to take more colcheciene every time I get the attack. Its my bad eating habits I know. So now to rectify I am on a juice fast all different juices mixed, carrot,apple,beetroot,sweet potato, cabbage….lovely stuff.

Major swelling did go down with colcheciene but slight swelling still remains and painful after two weeks. Very slow metabolism and do not have to drink litres of juice only. Is it ok to drink about litre of juice daily? and will the crystals eventually be broken down. Only on 2nd day now and uric levels have increased I know this is normal. Drinking three glasses lemon juice (one lemon in a glass) daily. Don’t want more medication. Am I on the right track?

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Hi Grant,

Gout is due to crystal compounds that form during a high-protein diet.  The crystals that cause gout are tough to break down by the lymphocytes so improvement is slow and steady. Juice fasting can also trigger a burning sensation in the skin and discomfort if too many crystals are released into the blood too quickly.  In severe gout I recommend controlling the detoxification by taking none acid juices and sticking to mostly vegetable juices.  You will need a 30 to 40 day juice fasting and you can drink under a liter a day and more if you need energy.  I would add 4 tablespoons of essential oils per day to the juice.  After 10 days you can have lots of grapefruits, lemons, oranges, grapes and pineapples.

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  1. Once says:

    A much touted remedy for gout is apple cider vinegar and honey. The malic acid in the vinegar dissolves and helps flush out the uric acid crystals, calms the inflammation, purifies the blood AND aids in weight loss. Like all good medicine, it tastes like hell, hence the honey!