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Whey Protein and Fasting

Has anyone ever taken (Whey) protein during a fast? If so, why, and what were your experiences with it? Last week I fasted three days on water. It was challenging but I wanted to do it and am very pleased with myself for doing it. I lost about 8 ..

Breatharian Hoax or Truth

The man says he hasn’t "eaten or drunk for 70 years." By Tom Rawstorne There are few people, however busy their lives, unable to remember the last meal that they consumed. But Prahlad Jani is one of them. And the reason is that the last mor..

Flying and Fasting

I am getting ready to do a long flight (2 days of travel) and I will be on day 20 of a juice fast. Any ideas about how to make do in airports when we can't bring liquids? I was thinking of bringing this berry powder and veggie powder (organic) I have..

Fasting Progress Report -Inez Lazaro

Reasons for Fasting: , Good health , Weight Loss, Boost Immune system Intended Length of Fast: You recommended 30 days juice fast First Name:Inez Lazaro Site User Name:Inez Lazaro City, State and Country:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India ..

Urine Therapy

Urine therapy has no know factors that can positively impact health. Why would the body dump something with the capacity to heal? Sure if you are dieing of thirst in the desert drinking urine may keep you alive for a few extra days but other than t..

Fasting Progress Report – (User: RopinC)

Age   33 Weight and Height  259   5'10" Type of Fast  Water Fast Any past experience with fasting.  None Reason for the Fast  I have had a lot of stress and would like to clear my body of toxins and start fresh eating right. Health Issue..

Itchy Skin

I get itchiness either inside my elbow or on forearm usually on just either left or right sometimes on back of hand and it usually comes on after I over-indulge myself like with gobs of cheese or meat but sometimes even just with vegtarian food if I ..

Brown Rice Miso soup- Too salty for water fasting.

Hi Tom, Would Brown Rice Miso (unpasteurized) interrupt my water fast? if so for how long would it effect my process? Can cause increased hunger or thirst. This is really a comment rather than a post...

Water Fasting Diminished Water Needs

I have been water fasting for just 8 days now but the last few days I find it is difficult for me to drink the 120-150 oz of water I drank in the beginning.  Day 6 only 32 oz. Day 7 58 oz. and so far day 8 under 30 oz.  No other new symptoms.  Cou..

Frequency of Fasting Per Year?

I was wondering how many times a year I can fast for 5 days or more. I did a 21-day water/tea/broth fast in January of this year at a clinic. Also daily mini-colonics every day during the fast. I fasted 4 days in April for a medical test, and have be..

Intermittent Fasting- Eating Alternate Days

I am doing an overall cleanse "fast", by eating just organic brown rice, miso paste, and nori. And of course, a lot of water.  I intend on doing 1 day rice, 1 day water fast, but have never done a water fast. I'm a little bit unsure of what to expe..

Natural Cure For Vaginal Yeast Infections

I would like to post a great remedy for vaginal yeast infection - for those who are have tried drug prescriptions that failed. I found that one year when I was plagued with yeast infections that had to response to the drugs and creams - ugh.. I d..

I Can’t Getting Started Fasting

I am 39 years old and I am about 185lbs at 5'-1".  My baby is 15 months old and I developed hypertension during pregnancy that has not gone away.  Neither has the 25lbs I gained.  Also, I suffer from intense migraines that accompanies my periods...

Motivation, Motivation to Fast Needed.

Hi, I am starting my water fast today, my goal is 3 days and if I can hold out longer I will do so.  I am 6'4 and over 300lbs, I have fasted 3 days before but it was really tuff.  I need motivation, is there any ideas on how to keep me going?  I w..

Water Fasting with No Energy

I was trying for 30 day water fast. I already have done 12 hour, 3 days water fast. I was on my normal schedule for this fast, like office & walk after office. But then on 4th day of my water fast I just feel like sleepy all the time as no energy..

Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse History The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemon Cleanse and the Maple Syrup Diet, is a body and mind detoxification program created by alternative medicine performer Stanley Burroughs in 1941. In the mid-nineties it was made popul..

Fasting FAQ


If you are getting ready for your first fast you need the simplified version of how to fast. Fasting basics to get you started. This fasting FAQ was written at St. Theordore's Hospital of  Sagada.  The results of therapeutic fasting have been a..

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Fasting- How Much Liquid Per Day


Daily Water Intake For Fasting Drink according to the needs of your body. It is common to drink only 2-3 glasses of water per day. The concept of drinking large amounts of water to flush out toxins is not valid. During water fasting, digestion is ..

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Fasting & Detoxification Methods


Fasting is the best method for detoxification but even eating fruit in the morning will have a detoxifying effect. I recommend juice fasting but there are many alternatives that can suit your lifestyle and personal preferences. Detoxification Me..

Dry Fasting


Dry fasting is the most difficult and powerful detoxification possible. Dry fasting is not for beginner fasters. Dry fasting need a preparation of a few days on juice then water fasting at least one day to be fully effective. Dry Fasting and Deh..

Fasting for Blood Work


Blood work needs to have the bloodstream as clean as possible to get an accurate reading. Sip the smallest amounts of water possible just to wet your mouth and nothing else. For an operation you cannot even drink any liquids for hours before the o..

Fasting Principles


The perfect location to fast is a beach with fresh ocean air, tropical temperatures and peaceful seclusion, but life is not like that. Fasting is usually a response to illness and crisis, often at the hardest times of our lives. I have fasted in ..

Natural Face Scrub


You can look ten years younger in 20 days by using natural face scrubs. It is easy to have smooth skin without paying a fortune to buy expensive skin creams. So why spend money when you can do it in the natural way. Using natural coffee or sugar s..

Starting & Persevering on a Fast


I can’t count the number of fasts I blew when I first tried fasting. It was like trying to get on a slippery surfboard. As soon as I felt confident, something bad would happen and I would eat and break the fast. Failing was never easy for me, ..

Detoxification for Athletes and Bodybuilders


Fasting with Raw Egg Whites will increase energy, decrease muscle loss and detoxify the body. I discovered an amazing trick to muscle up and thin down. I was in a chin up competition with my friend bill but I also wanted to fast. So I took 10 ..