Motivation, Motivation to Fast Needed.

jcriswell - Apr 6th, 2010
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Hi, I am starting my water fast today, my goal is 3 days and if I can hold out longer I will do so.  I am 6′4 and over 300lbs, I have fasted 3 days before but it was really tuff.  I need motivation, is there any ideas on how to keep me going?  I would welcome any comments or questions, thank you.

From Tom

1. Write our your fasting goals and read it daily.

2. Pray

3. Read my fasting book when you get down.

4. Listen to the mp3’s

5. Support others who are fasting.

6. Do 3 days of juice fasting before water fasting to make the initial detox less difficult.

7. The enema can reduce hunger.

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Quote From the Books

I have lost over 30 lbs. to date, and have a new look as well as a new outlook on life. Not only did the fasting help me with my physical self, but my spiritual self will never be the same. The books were a total support and read them several times, especially when detoxing and feeling apathetic. I heard you have a new book coming out. Save my email, I want it. — Debbie Ried

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  1. annayuen says:

    I agree with Tom. Start with juice fasting is much easier. Though I have been doing intermittent fasting over the past four years, I always go for juice fasting on my fasting day as I would like to give myself some kind of sweetness to my life. Will power is also needed. Try to do something you enjoy doing and avoid thinking of food. Hope this will help. You may also want to view my blog and share my experience.

  2. JenC JenC says:

    It sounds like you are fasting with the sole intention of losing weight and that concerns me. I began juice-fasting a couple of years back and took really baby steps – 5 days the 1st time, 6 days the second time and 7 days the 3rd! Every single time is challenging and I always took it one day at a time. I personally find the idea of water-only fasting is rather intense and not for everyone. Fasting is not a quick-fix for losing weight and I feel it brings a risk of “rebound” eating.

  3. keith101 keith101 says:

    Hi Anna
    I agree with with most of what you have said about {IF}, but when I viewed your blog It seemed to me that your mind was one track?

    Most of your focus was on the book, Eat Stop Eat by the Author Brad Pilon.

    This site is” and will always be open minded on the views of others on fasting. {IF} will never be able to move into the realms of Spiritual awareness.
    Short term fasts do not allow the mind, body, and Spirit to cleanse
    Blessings and I welcome your feedback.

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