Natural Cure For Vaginal Yeast Infections

Azulyra - May 21st, 2010
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I would like to post a great remedy for vaginal yeast infection – for those who are have tried drug prescriptions that failed. I found that one year when I was plagued with yeast infections that had to response to the drugs and creams – ugh..

I did some research and found that products that can be found at Whole Foods and online that are probiotics – help immensely. I know this will sound raw – but as a woman, you need to reach up in there (while in the shower) and pull out what has built up in there – that you can. After your shower you will feel incredibly refreshed. Also, I took some of the probiotics and put them up in there as well as taking them orally. Believe me, within days, you will be cured. But will feel immediately better after that shower suggestion. I have done this – by natural force – and i was glad I figured that out! I had one bad year of battling this but once i figured this out – I only once had a spout of it about a year later – and quickly tackled it with my methods – and never again have I suffered from these yeasty beasties! :)

THe Whole Foods Section or any Herb/Vitamin Store usually has a section on probiotics or even now labeled, “Yeast” – and I recommend based on what you can afford – to try them all – for what might work best with your body.
Threelac – Highly recommend – while pricey online, this is by far an absolute treatment that worked for me..

Good luck,
Azulyra )*

Response By Tom Coghill
This is great. It makes sense. If you try this please post your comment.

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  1. bkcarlton says:

    Another great remedy is using a clove of garlic like a tampon. Just run use a needle and thread to run a string of thread through a clove of garlic that you cut in half. Insert at night before going to bed. Retrieve in the morning and repeat as often as necessary. It can burn a little. Do a Google search on it and you’ll get a ton of more detailed info.

  2. StoneAgeQueen StoneAgeQueen says:

    This sounds great, but how do you pull it out and what is it?

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