Water Fasting with No Energy

meena - Apr 6th, 2010
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I was trying for 30 day water fast. I already have done 12 hour, 3 days water fast. I was on my normal schedule for this fast, like office & walk after office. But then on 4th day of my water fast I just feel like sleepy all the time as no energy left.

Is it necessary to be in bed all the time for 30 day water fast? As I cant take off from office for a month, what other can I do on water fast only. along with weight loss I want inches loss also. Please suggest, a quick solution to inch loss.

From Tom,

Yes that is normal for water fasting.  Go to juice fasting. You will have more energy and still lose the weight.

After about 10 days of juicing try a day of water.  Water fasting gets easier the longer you juice fast.

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3 Responses to “Water Fasting with No Energy”

  1. meena says:

    Currently I am on 13th day of complete water fasting.Today I have no energy to walk or talk.Along with this I am having lots of vomiting after drinking a single glass of water.I dont have energy to do it any more and wants to quit.
    So for doing this, I am taking a glass of lemon+suger mix water but immediately after 10-25 minutes it vomites.
    My condition is very poor.Please tell me that this vomiting is normal in water fasting or its due to some internal infection.

    Please suggest me how to go back to normal diet and avoid vomiting, urgently.

  2. keith101 keith101 says:

    Hi meena
    This can happen to about 15-20% of fasters.
    It can be a sign of deep detox and will settle down within 7 days, if not you can break your fast with watered down organic fruit/veg every 2 hrs, only take in small amounts, then take small pieces of raw fruit/veg after 2 days, but you should add natural live yoghurt the day you break your fast, it takes 3 days for your intestines to reline itself with healthy bacteria again.

    I broke my 32 day water fast with 4 days of natural yoghart, 100 grams 4 times a day before moving onto juice/veg.
    If you still have probs then let me know, i will give you more advise.
    The more you panic the worse you will get, relax, you will be fine.
    Blessngs Keith.
    Ps I have seen guys vomit after 30 days and they were fine.

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