Itchy Skin

I get itchiness either inside my elbow or on forearm usually on just either left or right sometimes on back of hand and it usually comes on after I over-indulge myself like with gobs of cheese or meat but sometimes even just with vegtarian food if I stuff myself with it.

It seems to have a cumulative effect. And it usually comes on after I lay down for the night. I thought I was eating good lately, and last night after exercising, I ate a can of solid white tuna fish with alot of spring mix and spinach in the sandwiches(2) and then I ate some left over spagetti with lentils and mixed in a red pepper raw and corn raw, with healthy things like apple cider vinegar and miso and I was full. That brought on the itch.  I believe I need to fast, NOW.

Answer By Tom Coghill

There are many negative food factors that can cause allergic reaction. A juice fast will reset the cells metabolism and stop the itching. But if you return to the foods that caused the problem the condition will return.  Skin allergy or itching can be due to laundry soaps and softeners.  During your juice fast take 1600 IU of vitamin E and 4 tablespoons of flax and hemp oil.

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One Response to Itchy Skin

  1. Ron says:

    Eczema is also triggered by dairy products. Any topical product will heal it fast as long as the dairy is cut out. My wife and I suffered with eczema in different locations on our bodies until we both cut down on milk/cream, eggs and cheeses.