Joe On Day 2 of Water Fast!

Hello, my name is Joe and I have struggled with food pretty much all my life.  I am 6’4 and weigh 328lbs.  In high school  I weighed  about 220lbs and just ate everything that I wanted to.  Well I find most of my days sitting behind a desk and still eating the way I did in high school so now I have an extra 100lbs on me!  I decided  to pursue a water fast to maybe reset my metabolism and start eating within my means.  Yesterday (day 1), was pretty easy, throughout the day I had hunger pains but last night was crazy.  I woke up this morning several times from 1:00am to 3:00am  with  a pretty bad headache, my back hurt and I felt wired.  I did do a lot of research on water fasting and I water fasted last year for 3 days so I know what to expect as far as detox goes.  My goal is to get past 3 days, I really need healing in my back and knees.  Losing weight will of course help this a whole lot but I have had issues with swelling and soreness in those areas for as long as I can remember.  I am excited for today because I am feeling the soreness from my body cleansing itself and that can only mean the next days will get easier.  My goal is to water fast as long as I can and then switch to juice fasting, hopefully 10 plus days.  I will be looking forward to a new outlook on life, a new body and a much healthier lifestyle.  I will keep you updated on how my days are and I welcome advice and encouragement too!  Thank you,  Joe.

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25 Responses to Joe On Day 2 of Water Fast!

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Joe,
    Fasting transformed my life. May it do the same for you.

    • lynn2010 says:

      Hi Tom,
      how long of a water fast would be ok to go on for my first time? I am desperate. I have to get this extra 108 lbs off me. I am wanting to do a 30 day fast or mabe 40 day. Is this safe?

      • lynn2010 says:

        Hi Tom,
        I was going to do a water fast alone but i am getting really weak and i have a toddler to keep up with so i have switched to juice in the morning and juice at nite will this be enough nourishment?

  2. lynn2010 says:

    Hi Joe,
    I am starting my water fast today. so your not alone in this journey.

  3. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Lynn,
    If this is your first fast I strongly recommend starting out with 3 to 5 days of juice fasting. Water fasting is much easier after a juice fast. It is also good to have a juicer for emergencies. You can go to juice for a few days to get through an emergency or boost energy levels. For slow metabolism water is easy.

    • lynn2010 says:

      Hi Tom,
      Thnks for this informaion. I just bought a Jack La Lanne’s power juicer last week. It seems to be doing a great job. I will juice a few days then get started on this water fast journey. I get so depressed at my weight and I just want to get started on this journey. I am going to do videos of my progress but not sure where to put them so everyone can see my progress? I currently weigh 260 and my goal is 150. I have bought your ebooks and currently reading the fasting one. Its great. I would love to find a fasting buddy but none will respond.

      • Tom Coghill says:

        Hi Lynn2010
        People are shy and that is why many do not get to find a partner. The best way is to create a post, and people will comment and support you. I can help you with the post. With the videos send them to youtuble or google videos and paste the code into the post. Once you post I will set your permissions so that you can keep updating your post with videos and new info. I have been working toward this for months and we now have the capacity. So yea, I would love to see this and you may be the first of many to document a fast with videos and have it layed out correctly.

        • lynn2010 says:

          I am nearly ending my first day and its gone really well. I have a little bit of hunger pains but they pass pretty quickly. I

          • lynn2010 says:

            am going to do my starting video tonight to let everyone know my starting weight and how long the fast will be, and my affects of the first day. I have decided to do a 40 day water fast and juices if i get really weak. The post sounds great I will post every day as well as my videos. going to go to youtube and get an account so i can put my videos there. Thanks tom I am going to need all the help I can get since this is my first fast. I am really excited to do this and have awesome supporters like you. This journey is going to be great. I want to get closer to God, get this weight off me, and get healing for my body. thanks for the help.

  4. Tokyosky says:

    Hi Lynn and Tom,

    i also started my fast today. I remember how it was the first time I fasted. It was about 12 years ago. I fasted for about 14 days, but from a broken heart. I was also not a faithful christian and my life was in a deep hole. I think your mood can affect the way your body tolerates fasting. Now, I am very happy. I found god and a new wonderful partner (who loves me, even with 60lbs more than i should have). So, I will fast, for god, for my fiance and of course for myself.
    (and a little to fit into a nice suit for our wedding).
    Lynn, about your videos, I agree with Tom, or Google videos are really good. I personally share all my videos on, since I can also share photos and links easily and my friends can respond. But you have to share the videos with everyone, so everybody here can see them.

    Well, i wrote too much. But good luck to you Lynn, and thank you for your help and support Tom. God Bless… RENE

  5. Tokyosky says:

    Joe, I guess we have a common journey ahead of us. I wish you all the best and good luck. In Japan, people say “Ganbatte” which roughly means “you can do it”.
    I believe in you, i know you can transform your life.

  6. keith101 says:

    Hi Rene
    Hi Lynn

    “Ganbatte” you can do this to !
    In Scotland we say {FREEDOM}…Freedom from the bondage that holds us back in our lifes. If it is the bondage of food adiction, depression, low self esteme, alcoholism, relationship breakdowns or illness.

    But the most important thing fasting is all about in my opinion is Spiritual guidace?… Fasting is the road to self healing without a doubt.
    Blesings Keith.

  7. Tokyosky says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I am juice fasting for 1 week and then I will switch to water for about 2 or 3 weeks, depending on my development. I will keep up my daily workout, running and rowing. But, slow pace.
    Should I feel weak during the water fast, I will switch to juice for a few days to tank some nutrience.

    Amen to that Keith. You are so right. I think people can fast without spritual guidance, but it is so very much harder. I personally think, fasting means not only to let go of the usual foods we eat, but we have to let go of certain beliefs that could our minds and hearts and poison our bodies. You said it so beautifully ” FREEDOM “. Now that i read your comment, I feel, thats what I am seeking, freedom.

    God Bless


  8. ILoveFasting says:


    Attempting the fast in the first place is a very honorable thing. From past fasting failures I can tell you try to understand and make peace with any insecurities that come up and don’t lust for food!

  9. lynn2010 says:

    Hi everyone,
    I fell off the wagon today I was doing really good was on my 3rd day. Got some not so good news at the doctors today. My doc told me that I have arithmia and polycystic ovarian disease. I ate some food but I am not going to let this one blow out get me down. My doctor said that If i DID not drop some weight that i would eventually have to have a pace maker 🙁 Fasting is not that easy but I have until june 23 to loose this weight thats when i have to report back to my doctor and if I am no better I have to have the surgery. Really wish I could find a fasting buddy it would be so much easier. I am doing a 40 juice fast starting again tomorrow. Tried the water fast but i was rough.

    • Tokyosky says:

      Hi Lynn

      i am really sorry about your news. But, you can use this as a motivation to keep you going. Im doing the juice fast right now, but I am not hungry, nor do I have food cravings. I drink about 1 liter juice and 500ml water a day.
      I also take some extra magnesium, potassium, calcium and taurin, to keep my muscle’s performance up.

      If you feel like, you really want to eat something, you can try drinking warm water or fresh Japanese greentea. I also recommend to go for a walk as soon as cravings set in. And try not to walk past restaurants (^ ^ ).

      You have many fasting buddies, we all are your buddies here. You can email me anytime if you need someone to talk.

      Good Luck


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lynn2010
      The is a testimony of juice fasting and arrhythmia on the front page of this site. Juice fasting is better that water for this condition and it will take a long juice fast of 30 days.

  10. Tokyosky says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Im rooting for you … ! Just remember, you’re not only losing weight, you are cleaning yourself. As the days go by, your skin will become better, your organs detox. But dont forget, as Tom says on this site, breaking the fast is really important. And I personally find it more difficult that fasting itself.
    I have 38 days left to figure that on out…

  11. Tokyosky says:

    So Joe,

    how is your progress? I hope youre doing well

  12. magnaphi says:

    Hi All,
    I am going to start on a 30 day Juice fast. I want to drop some weight and become more present in my daily life. Food has become a distraction, a way to escape by rewarding myself. I need to get back into clean body and mind that i find fasting can only do.

    • FATTY says:

      Hi there,
      I started this Monday and Tuesday with just juice and some fruit and avocado. From Wednesday on I have been water fasting. I want to try to do this until next Tuesday, it is the first time I have ever just had water. My headaches have gone, but my body aches, especially my legs and my lower abdomen, I haven’t slept very well because of that last night. Also, I haven’t had any stools worth mentioning, so I have ordered an enema online to hopefully get rid of it. I am not thinking of food much, which is a surprise as I always think of food. Today I am a bit grumpy with my husband, which is not fair on him, but hopefully my mood will lift the further I go. I am not religious, my fast is purely for health reasons: I am hoping that it will help my migraines and my weight and bring me some serenity. I feel I am giving my body a rest in a way and try to reflect on life. Hopefully after the fast I can change me eating habits around a bit, so that I won’t eat so much rubbish. My diet is not that poor, healthy things combined with rubbish, but it’s not ideal. My husband loves chocolate and cakes and he often brings them home, I find it hard to resist and can eat loads of it. This results in a migraine next day or a few days later, so I am reaching for the Imigran. The side effects of Imigran are not pleasant and I really want to stop the migraines. If I don’t have a migraine I often feel like I have a hangover, headachy and fuzzy. I so much hope that the fast will be a new start. Good luck everyone on the other posts, it is hard, but hopefully we will get there.

  13. keith101 says:

    Hi fatty
    welcome to
    thank you for leaving a responce, we are here to help you.
    Blessings Keith.